7 programs for defragmenting a hard drive in Russian (HDD optimization)

Disk defragmentation is an important procedure that allows you to speed up the speed of reading data from a disk drive (HDD) and thereby speed up the operation of the operating system, programs and games.

The defragmentation process is a combination of fragments of files. In other words, those files that were recorded on different parts of the disc are collected together and recorded in one place. This allows the head of the hard drive to perform less physical actions when reading them, thereby speeding up the process of reading information from disks.

When using an SSD, defragmentation is not necessary, since the device reads data from any part at the same speed. In addition, SSDs have a limit on the number of rewrite cycles. Therefore, their defragmentation will not only not bring any acceleration, but will also reduce the disk resource.

Below you will find several defragmentation programs that you can use on your computer.

If you are a Windows 7-10 user and have not yet decided which defragmenter to choose, then I recommend that you pay attention to the article "The Best Disk Defragmenter", which will help you figure out if you need a third-party defragmenter.

Defragmentation is an important process for the operation of the disk and the operating system, because it can significantly reduce the number of movements of the head of the hard disk, which means that it is faster to read data from it. Thanks to special methods for sorting data, it is also possible to achieve the most efficient file location, which allows you to get the most frequently used files in the fastest zone of the disk, and the rest to be placed in another zone - slow. Smart Defrag is one of the leaders in the market of defragmenters, which is used by more than 30 million users around the world.

As you know, the defragmentation process is very important for ordinary magnetic hard disks (HDD), as it allows you to reduce the number of unnecessary movements of the disk head and thereby increase the speed of reading data. That is why for many years, developers from various companies have come up with more and more efficient algorithms for sorting files on disk with their defragmentation. Auslogics Disk Defrag is no exception, it also uses its sorting and defragmentation algorithm to make our Windows PC more comfortable. Today a new version is released, fully compatible with the new Windows 10 and a number of other improvements.

Defraggler is a free defragmenter from Piriform, the authors of such well-known products as Recuva and CCleaner. The utility is a simple compact program that can defragment both the entire disk and individual files on it. Fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and absolutely free.

The best utilities for defragmenting HDD

IObit Smart Defrag

A very powerful disk defragmenter, which, thanks to its unique algorithms, is able to maximize the performance of your disk subsystem!

The program not only defragments the files themselves, but also distributes them on the disk in a special way: by how often they are used. All operations can be configured to perform them in automatic mode (which means you will not be distracted and lose time each time to optimize the system).

Smart Defrag - the main program window: there are options for cleaning the disk, optimizing games, etc.

  1. unique defragmentation algorithms (according to the assurances of the developers - one of the best in the world),
  2. You can defragment individual folders or files,
  3. game optimization
  4. there is the possibility of working on a schedule
  5. high safety at work (if suddenly during the defragmentation the electricity goes out - everything will be ok with your data),
  6. there is an option to defragment the disk before booting the system,
  7. thoughtful and user-friendly interface,
  8. the utility is free, and completely in Russian (even the most "distant" menus with high-quality translation).


Defraggler is a simple free program for quick evaluation and defragmentation of hard drives. In the arsenal of the utility there is everything you need: an assessment of the state of the disk, analysis, defragmentation of individual files (it is convenient to optimize folders with games), etc.

By the way, the utility automatically determines the type of media (HDD, SSD), which is very convenient if you have several media connected - it will not be necessary to remember which one is “which” (note: since it is not recommended to defragment SSD disks).

Defraggler - the main program window

  1. defragmentation of individual files (many similar programs can optimize only the entire disk as a whole),
  2. there is a portable version that does not need to be installed (the program can be copied to a USB flash drive / external HDD and used on any PC),
  3. the utility supports all the most modern versions of Windows (including Windows 10),
  4. NTFS and FAT32 file systems are supported,
  5. automatic disc type detection
  6. utility after analysis shows a list of fragmented files (convenient when you do not want to defragment the entire disk).

Auslogics disk defrag

This defragmenter differs from others in its compactness and high speed. The program is rightfully considered one of the best in the world - more than 11 million users have recognized this product!

Auslogics Disk Defrag - defrag system disk

  1. it is possible to defragment individual files / folders as well as free space,
  2. allows you to defragment Windows system files (which affects overall performance),
  3. it is possible to work in the background, as invisible as possible to the user (that is, your system will always be in optimal condition),
  4. the program is free for home users,
  5. It is supported by all popular OS Windows 7/8/10 (32, 64 bits).

Disk speedup

This utility is from the famous Glary Soft PC Optimization Suite. The utility optimizes disks for their maximum system performance. Disk SpeedUp can work in automatic mode and on schedule, without distracting the user (by the way, you can specify under what CPU loads to disable the background defragmenter. There is no such option in most other utilities of this kind).

Disk SpeedUp - the main program window

  1. automatic mode and work according to a predetermined schedule,
  2. there are options to turn off the PC after defragmentation is completed,
  3. setting the load level of the PC (CPU and hard disk) to disable background defragmentation,
  4. support for all the most popular file systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS EFS,
  5. The program has pre-configured templates for work (suitable in most cases),
  6. regular updates and refinement of the program,
  7. Support for all versions of Windows 7/8/10.

MyDefrag (old name: JkDefrag)

MyDefrag - utility optimizes disk

Despite the fact that this program was created not by any company, but by a single programmer, it is rightfully considered the leader in its segment.

Judge for yourself: it can work both in simple mode (for ordinary users) and provide complex and detailed settings for advanced users. MyDefrag supports various scripts, you can create or edit them yourself), can work according to a pre-configured schedule, analyze the HDD and defragment not only the occupied space, but also free space.

There are silence settings - they are suitable for those users who do not want to deal with all this multifunctionality of the utility. By the way, it works in all versions of Windows (XP / 7/8/10), fully supports the Russian language.

O&O Defrag

Very powerful and feature-rich utility for optimizing hard drives. It can work with many file systems (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5), Volume / Stripe Sets arrays, supports background mode, scheduled work, etc.

O&O Defrag - the main window of the defragmenter

  1. There are 5 defrag modes: STEALTH (note: imperceptible in the background), SPACE (note: free space), COMPLETE / Name, COMPLETE / Date and COMPLETE / Access,
  2. there is an option to start defragmentation to achieve a certain percentage level of fragmentation,
  3. the ability to defragment system files that affect the performance of your system (swap file, registry, MFT, etc.),
  4. schedule availability
  5. nice and intuitive interface (even very novice users will understand it)
  6. support for all Windows file systems: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5,
  7. Support for Russian and all modern OS Windows 7/8/10.

Puran defrag

Free Defragmenter of India. It is distinguished primarily by its high-speed operation (using its own unique PIOZR algorithm). As for defragmentation, Puran Defrag can defragment the entire drive as well as individual folders and files (including setting the schedule, with the ability to limit the work during CPU loading by extraneous tasks, prioritizing system files).

Puran Defrag - the main program window

It will save those users who have little time for system maintenance (or for those who constantly forget about it). So to speak, once configured Puran Defrag - and your system will always be responsive and fast. Conveniently!

  1. own unique algorithm (high-speed and high-quality work),
  2. separate priority for defragmenting system files,
  3. command line support,
  4. the ability to turn off the PC after completing the HDD optimization process,
  5. it is possible to set a schedule for automatic and background defragmentation,
  6. directory compression in order to increase the system boot speed,
  7. You can defragment individual folders / files from the Explorer context menu,
  8. Support for all popular versions of Windows XP / 7/8/10 (32 and 64 bits).

For additions on the topic - a separate Merci!

Defragmenters for Windows

In the process, users create, copy and delete a huge number of files. After a few months, and sometimes earlier, the OS slows down. To cope with the problem, it is recommended to pay attention to the following programs:

Whatever defragmenter is used, it is worth noting that it is not recommended for SSD drives. Otherwise, serious problems may arise.

Defrag pro

This is the best program for high-quality defragmentation of the hard drive. Compared to many analogs, the utility is able to work with the file system:

The program works fine on Windows XP, as well as more modern versions of the OS. The application is able to replace the standard defragmenter. At the same time, Defrag Pro can be launched on a schedule, as well as work in the background.

It is important to note that the defragmentation utility has not only the client version, but also the server version. In addition to defragmenting hard drives, the program is able to work with the registry and swap file.


The program was developed by IOBit. The software product allows you to quickly, and most importantly, qualitatively perform system optimization by defragmentation. It is noteworthy that the application is perfect for Windows 10 and earlier versions. Even an inexperienced user can manage the program.

It is important to note that the program for fast disk defragmentation is able to work in manual and automatic mode. You can change the way you work in the settings. It’s best to use manual mode. In addition to the standard defragmentation procedure, the application is able to:

  • Perform data movement at the time of loading the operating system. Thanks to the “Boot Time Defrag” technology, even those files that cannot be moved while the OS is running will be optimized,
  • It is possible to run the utility on a schedule,
  • Disk analysis is performed only at certain points. This reduces the load on the system.

It should be noted that it is difficult to find this program better. In addition, the application is distributed in Russian.

Diskeeper (paid)

Like PerfectDisk, Diskeeper is equipped with additional features, usually for which you will have to pay. In addition to the basic functions of defragmentation, Diskeeper can perform quick defragmentation of system files at boot, not load the operating system. Diskeeper, like PerfectDisk, has a system of continuous file defragmentation and optimization of new files for disk memory during operation. When defragmenting multiple hard drives, Diskeeper chooses various disk-based algorithms, for example, optimizes the operating system in other ways than for storing information.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Free

This is a free program with an integrated S.M.A.R.T data monitor. allows you to decide whether a defragmentation process is needed for the computer. After downloading and installing the application, you can use the function of generating a preliminary report, which will contain information about the fragmentation status of the hard disk.

On this basis, it turns out which elements require optimization and which still can be left for a while. Auslogics Disk Defrag Free is offered in a portable version that does not require installation and can be run directly from an external USB drive.

What is defragmentation?

Thousands of files are stored on each hard drive for each computer user and the same number is deleted. Again, thousands of files are installed in their place, then they are deleted with that number.

Let’s try now to explain this process. hard disk defragmentation in understandable human language.

Suppose you have bookshelves in your room. On each shelf, all books are sorted by name i.e. from A to Z.

In the same state is a hard disk without fragments. But in one day, all the books were mixed, the sort order was violated and, ultimately, a complete house. Around this condition is a hard disk containing fragments.

The newly purchased computer runs at high speed and performance. During use, the computer starts to slow down over time. In such situations, if you observe that the hard drive begins to crack and noisy, this signals one thing, it is time to defragment it (reverse fragmentation)

File systems:

Advanced SystemCare Free installed on 150 million computers worldwide. The numbers are impressive, just like the capabilities of the software package. The application can defragment hard drives, registry, delete unnecessary files and garbage from all partitions, facilitate the work of PCs with large amounts of data, speed up network connections and protect your computer’s hard drive from malicious objects.

Features of the Advanced SystemCare Free application:

  • Easy-to-use complex of defragmentation and optimization utilities,
  • Well thought-out program interface,
  • Guaranteed startup acceleration, system performance optimization,
  • The ability to delete individual files that take up resources,
  • Real time work
  • The presence of a fully functional free version on the official website.

«Computer Accelerator"Recommended for those who are wise to the issue of optimizing the operating system. The defragmentation program is only part of the utility’s functionality that can speed up PC loading, free up resources and tune the machine for maximum performance. It works in automatic mode, without displaying unnecessary information on the screen. The user sees the result, and this is important.

Features of the application "Accelerator Computer":

  • Easy, intuitive interface,
  • High speed
  • Comprehensive PC optimization in the background,
  • Noticeably faster Windows startup
  • Built-in functionality for removing unnecessary files,
  • Affordable price of the full version of the utility.
Full review »

There are several dozens of useful utilities in the Advanced SystemCare Free package, but if you do not need them, the developers offer to download Smart defrag Is a free program for defragmenting hard drives with optimization features at startup. Iobit Smart Defrag also implements compression of large files, free space, folders with games.

Features Smart Defrag:

  • Quality free defragmenter,
  • Works with the whole disk, single files, unallocated space,
  • Several algorithms for the program to choose from,
  • Integration into the context menu of the operating system,
  • It is easier to use than most analogues.
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Auslogics disk defrag with integrated elements, Boot Speed ​​will surely make your computer run faster. It processes individual files, folders, disks, has a special algorithm for optimizing solid-state drives, wipes free space (irrevocable cleaning). Also, the application is able to analyze the status of the disk and display complete information. The task scheduler, of course, will help you spend less time dealing with the program, but get a consistently good result.

Features Auslogics Disk Defrag:

  • Implements file defragmentation using several methods,
  • Has a special mode of operation with SSD,
  • On the interface - a simple program without unnecessary elements,
  • High degree of process automation,
  • It analyzes the computer’s hard drive to help prevent damage,
  • The offline defragmentation mode is thought out - the process starts when the PC is not in use.
Full review »

Creators Perfectdisk They knew exactly how to make disk defragmentation an easy task for the average user. All you need is a minimum knowledge of the English language - the program will work clearly, will give all the necessary information about fragmentation, as well as the physical condition of the drive in the format of graphs and charts. It offers manual and automatic optimization mode, free space manager, task scheduler, etc. FROM Perfectdisk You don’t have to think about how long it takes to defragment your hard drive - the application will spend it in the background without noticeable slowdowns.

Features of PerfectDisk:

  • Fine-tuning all aspects of the utility,
  • Analysis of the state of physical and local drives,
  • The presence of a special profile for SSD,
  • Free space consolidation mode,
  • Full automation of actions at the request of the user,
  • Stylish menu design,
  • The ability to track system behavior over time.

O&O Defrag Pro - A powerful professional hard disk defragmenter. Often used by network administrators, PC repair and maintenance specialists, as has several unique features. In the user segment, less demand is due to the overloaded English menu and the high cost of the license.

Features of the O&O Defrag Pro utility:

  • Five operating modes to choose from,
  • Setting automatic operation upon reaching% fragmentation,
  • Server installation option
  • Network drives, swap files, system directories, etc. are supported.,
  • Embedding in the console OS management, task planning,
  • The ability to optimize the operating system at the launch stage.
  • You can download Defraggler for free for Windows.

Popular program Defraggler takes not the last place in our rating. Its free version gives the user access to a full-featured tool for reading and writing data to neighboring sectors. In the days of Windows XP, Vista, there was no equal to this solution, but today one of the most popular utilities is losing ground. can not boast a long list of necessary functions.

Features Defraggler:

  • Two defrag tools - fast and complete,
  • The interface is clear - it resembles a utility built into the OS,
  • Support for NTFS, FAT32 file systems on internal and external media,
  • Search for file placement by size and other characteristics,
  • Actions upon completion of the process are configured,
  • You can download Defraggler for free for Windows.
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So is among the utilities considered the best program for defragmenting your hard drive? What unique can developers offer us? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to these questions, so let's briefly characterize the applications once again.

Computer Accelerator -solution for those who do not want to know what disk defragmentation is, but wants to immediately get a positive result. The all-in-one complex will perform optimization in automatic mode, and the system will work flawlessly.

Advanced SystemCare Free interacts more with the user. Provides access to fine-tuning and extensive functionality. Cleaning and speeding up the computer are tasks that the application copes with a bang.

Utility Smart defrag included in the set Advanced systemcarebut can also be installed separately. The program interface is pleasant, the opportunities are enviable. In short, the thing is great for both beginners and pros.

AuslogicsDisk defrag - A popular program that does its job efficiently. Based on proprietary algorithms. Like experienced users, owners of modern cars.

DefragglerOn the contrary, it feels great in working with outdated hardware and XP-7 OS. By features and even appearance, the utility resembles a stripped-down version Auslogics disk defrag. It is made soundly, but does not functionally meet modern requirements.

O&O Defrag Pro created for those who know firsthand what disk defragmentation on a hundred or two machines on the network. The program will be highly appreciated by system administrators, computer technicians.

Perfectdisk is a cross between O&O Defrag Pro and Smart defrag from the kit Advanced SystemCare Free. Here you have a convenient interface, and advanced algorithms, and analytics tools, but the cost is not cheap, and even without Russian localization. However, experienced users will appreciate the application.


Free Defragger Defraggler speeds up your computer by collecting fragmented files and organizing them more efficiently. It has the ability to defragment free disk space and selected partitions, folders, and even individual files.

In addition, a graphical and simple interface means that even those who are not very experienced in this process should not have big problems navigating the program. Additional Defraggler features include the ability to display a hard drive map and perform defragmentation on Windows startup.

A distinctive feature of the program from competitors is the ability to defragment free disk space, and not just selected files. This is a kind of preventative solution that helps prevent fragmentation.

Defragmenting a hard drive on windows 7 is done in two ways:

  • Firmware
  • Defragment your hard drive with Auslogics Disk Defrag Free

Consider the first way to use the firmware. This method has significant disadvantages. The process does not defragment some system files and the process itself takes a very long time.

We go start open all programs, then move on standard choose official. Selected in the list Disk Defragmenter

Next, the program will open, in the list, select the section that will be defragmented.

Basically, in all cases, this section is the system (the section where the windows operating system is installed).

After selection, click analyze disk. At the end of the analysis, click disk defragmentation.

Defragment your hard drive with Auslogics Disk Defrag Free

This is a convenient free program that helps to defragment your hard drive, while at the same time it increases the performance of your computer, which improves your performance.

This program has a number of advantages over analogues:

  • Optimizes windows system files lying on the hard drive to increase system speed.
  • The developers have provided one chip that allows you to defragment one folder or one file
  • The program has a very useful idle mode, which works automatically
  • This program optimizes free space on your computer
  • Flexible settings hard disk defragmentationConvenient and intuitive interface

This program is being improved every month. In this article, we consider the version of the program

Auslogics Disk Defrag Free on the counter of this program the number of 11,000,000 users has rolled up.

At the time of writing, this version of the program is in English only.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Free can be downloaded from the official website.

When installing special knowledge and effort is not required, we perform a normal installation. Run the program

and it is advisable to make adjustments in the settings to improve the result of defragmentation.

We go in settings (settings) open program settings (programm settings) go algorithm (algorithms). Next, insert check marks at all points.

Process principle

In the process, files are constantly overwritten. And, if their size has increased, it may turn out that the new information will not be placed in a neighboring sector already occupied by other data, but in another part of the hard disk.

As a result, access to the file takes longer, and the total start time of the program increases. All this happens gradually, but if the disk has not been defragmented for a long time, the speed can drop by 10–20 percent or even more.

Sometimes system load after space optimization is accelerated by almost a half times.

Performing Defragmenting a System Disk

Defragmentation is a process that allows you to move parts of files in such a way that they are located continuously.

This simplifies access to programs by reducing the distance traveled by the read heads of the hard drive.


The freeware UltraDefrag program reorganizes the location and storage of files, making the operating system, applications and games much faster. In UltraDefrag, you can use the graphical user interface or command line to optimize the disk.

These two uses are a tribute to less experienced users for whom disk defragmentation is a complex and time-consuming process. By clicking on certain icons, you can defragment individual files or folders, or even entire sections at once.

However, before starting the optimization process, it is worth taking advantage of the capabilities of UltraDefrag and, first of all, analyzing the storage medium. Thanks to this, from the very beginning you can find out which parts of the defragmentation system are most needed. UltraDefrag allows you to work with files stored in FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and exFAT systems.

Recommended Settings:

  • Delete temporary files before defragmenting - this function allows you to clean the hard drive of the garbage stored on it,
  • due to which it frees up free disk space. These files (garbage) are a sufficient number,
  • to slow down the process of defragmenting the hard drive.
  • Skip fragments more than 10mb fragments with such memory increases the reading time.
  • Defragmenting such fragments does not give any sense unless it only spends time.
  • Move system files to the beginning of the disk - this function allows you to move those files forward,
  • on which the speed of the process and the time depend. The structure of the hard drive is the highest speed
  • reading is located at the beginning of the hard drive.
  • Defragment in VVS - compatible mode - this function prevents the growth of the VVS preservation area,
  • which occurs when moving files and reduces the risk of copying old VVS data.

When setting these settings, the speed of the defragmentation process improves.


MyDefrag, a very easy-to-use tool designed to defragment disks and optimize the operating system. Although it may seem that the program is intended for more experienced users, beginners can safely use it, mainly because of the amount of information that it provides before the start of the optimization process.

There are many options for analyzing data on your hard drive, consolidating free space, or re-saving individual files in a given location. A useful feature is also setting the time to defragment the system drive. Therefore, we can optimize the system on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and such regularity will certainly increase the chances of improving the efficiency of the equipment.


The user downloads the program that best copes with the tasks. That is why it is recommended to consider third-party applications, since the defragmenter built into the OS does a poor job of transferring files. One of the best programs can be considered Auslogics Disk Defrag. Before downloading utilities, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages.

You can find a large number of windows optimization programs here.

IObit Smart Defrag Free

IObit Smart Defrag is a program for defragmenting the hard drive of computers running the Windows operating system. Its great advantage is the fact that after installation it can work in the background, that is, all the time, and the optimization of the storage device is carried out periodically.

Thanks to this action, we reduce the effects of fragmentation even during continuous work with files. If we decide to use the automatic function of the defragmentation process, the IObit Smart Defrag program icon will appear on the taskbar at the notification location on the screen of our computer.

The program includes defragmentation on local hard drives HDD and SSD, as well as on external media.

PerfectDisk Professional

A fairly simple and easy-to-use program that can be used to defragment a partition, a RAID volume, and a network drive.

Moreover, in the latter version, the configuration is facilitated by using special profiles of network planning and process logging.

PerfectDisk Utility

The user has the ability to configure the scheduler to start defragmentation at any time convenient for him and set a fragmentation threshold, after which files will not only be moved, but also optimized.

PerfectDisk works in two optimization modes:

Given the frequency of access to files. In this case, most often launched applications are located at the beginning of the disk,
No matter how often the program starts.

Scheduler defrag function.

There are times when your computer is constantly on. In this case, it is better to use a scheduler.

In order to enable the scheduler go settings (settings) click scheduler (Cluster Map).

Mark the section defrag automatic (Defragment avtomatically) checkmark. Next, we configure this function to your conditions.

    When choosing the mode-when, a simple computer (When PC is> If you install the scheduler on a laptop, it will not work when using the battery.

Attention:for the scheduler to work, the Auslogics Disk Defrag Free program must be in active mode i.e. must be running.

In order for the program to start along with windows, go settings (settings) select program settings (programm settings) and go to the tab are common (general) set the checkmark as in the picture.

That's all the question how to do hard disk defragmentation to uncover. If you have questions write comments. I hope the information was useful!

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The Page Defrag application has one important difference from other utilities - the ability to defragment files that are currently being used. This also applies to system programs whose data can also be defragmented.

Using PageDefrag you can:

  • Check the hard drive for fragmented information, including system data, the registry, and even swap files, event logs, and sleep mode,
  • Determine the degree of data separation that affects the speed of work,
  • Record all information in neighboring sectors with minimal time.

The program has a simple interface that does not distract the user's attention. And before defragmentation, you can, as with the Windows system utility, see how the files will be located at the end of the process.

In addition, it is possible to configure the automatic launch of disk optimization when loading the operating system and turning on the application using the command line. One of the few drawbacks is working only with 32-bit OS.

O&O Defrag

A well-known program - if not the best, then at least one of the most popular. It is often used by advanced users to move parts of files to places where they can work with maximum efficiency.

Using O&O Defrag, the performance of a desktop computer, a laptop, and a workstation can be restored.

The work of the popular defragmenter O&O Defrag

The benefits of a defragmenter are:

  1. Special installers for embedding a custom script,
  2. Automatic defragmentation mode setting,
  3. High speed analysis and optimization,
  4. Process schedules,
  5. Extended functionality when working on the network,
  6. The presence of a multilingual interface (there is also a Russian version),
  7. Supports all types of Windows, ranging from XP and Vista
  8. Automatic selection of bit depth (32 or 64) for better performance in the corresponding operating system,
  9. Special mode for mobile PCs (netbooks and laptops).

Windows Tools

If for some reason (for example, there is no Internet access, Windows is protected from installing third-party applications or there is a chance of virus infection) you cannot download the defragmentation utility, you can use the standard program that is built into the operating systems.

To access it requires:

  1. Open the Start menu,
  2. Start typing the word "defragmentation" in the search bar,
  3. Go to the corresponding utility that appears in the search results,
  4. Run disk defragmentation.

The same can be done if in the Start menu you find first the item “standard”, and then “service”.

Running the Windows Embedded Utility

This method is suitable for Windows 7 and XP. And for Windows 8 and 8.1, you can open the search panel even faster - by pressing the Win + Q combination. Then just the same utility for defragmentation is located and the process starts.

The need for manual defragmentation

Manual defragmentation is not always advisable on some operating systems and with modern hard drives. So, for example, SSD carriers not only do not need optimization, but even wear out from the frequent use of this process.

Moreover, such disks will not work faster even after defragmentation.

In Windows 7 and later versions, the ability to defragment SSDs is excluded by default, and the standard utility starts automatically from time to time, which is enough to optimize the system.

Old versions of Windows require mandatory manual defragmentation. Although you can solve this problem by updating the system.

If this is not possible, you will have to use either the built-in software or a third-party - preferably one of the list of the most popular and free, since paid applications do not give any advantage.

Watch the video: Advanced SystemCare Pro Final - Speed Boost Windows 78 (February 2020).