How to use a face concealer

Today, virtually every girl uses cosmetics to become more beautiful, or to hide any skin imperfections. This is quite natural. Most often, for the perfect masking of skin imperfections, a concealer is used that masks better than powder and foundation, and at the same time, it is practically invisible. The only problem is that many girls are led by the same name, although they have no idea what it is and how to use the face concealer.

What is concealer?

As previously noted, this is a cosmetic product that masks visible skin imperfections, ranging from slight redness and acne to bruises under the eyes. At first glance it may seem that this is the same corrector, but these are two different things. The corrector is aimed at point correction, that is, acne and minor inflammation, when the concealer has a larger set of functions.

Concealer does not replace the foundation and vice versa, they are recommended to be used simultaneously, and initially mask the visible imperfections of the skin, even out the tone, and apply a layer of foundation on top. It should be noted that one of the advantages of the concealer is that it can be used even for delicate and sensitive skin, due to its texture it will not damage it.

The concealer has many shades, each of which has a specific purpose, so they are used for face correction, contouring.

How to choose the right shade?

As already noted, the concealer has many shades that are often combined to adjust the shape of the face. But, if such a task is not laid as a basis, then you need to decide what exactly you need this cosmetic product for and begin to search for a shade.

First of all, choose a concealer depending on the skin tone. This is important, otherwise the skin will not be able to achieve the perfect tone, and makeup will be stained. Some girls choose the wrong shade of foundation and makeup base, but it is important to choose them for the color of your skin, or find a concealer that is as similar in color as cream and base.

In case the concealer will be used not only for a day of bruising under the eyes or freckles, it is recommended to pay attention to the color palette, in the presence of which you will be ready “for all incidents”.

The main colors of concealers

• Green. At first glance it is strange that it is used to mask flaws, but it copes with the correction of inflammation, acne and scars.
• Pink is used to mask bruises and protruding veins. Basically, its action is aimed at eliminating the green shades of the face.
• Yellow hides shallow wrinkles, but do not abuse them.
• White helps to make the skin plain and hides freckles.
• The violet color helps to hide bruises and mask the excessive yellowness of the face.
• Various shades of flesh color - universal in use, they are selected to match skin tone.

Naturally, you can not use shadows or other cosmetics of similar shades, they will not help to achieve the desired effect, they will only harm the skin.

When applying the concealer under the eyes, it is recommended to use a color shade darker than the skin tone. The most common mistake when applying this product under the eyes is the application in the form of semicircles, that is, on the bruises themselves. This is a serious mistake, as pressing the concealer over the bruises will eliminate the blue tint, but emphasize tired face.

If you need to hide freckles with a flesh-colored tint, choose a tone lighter than the skin, but do not forget to apply a foundation on top.

In other cases, the choice of concealer depends on the color of the problem, it is recommended to use the opposite and blend well.

Types of Concealers

There are many types of them: different forms, compositions, consistency and purpose.

1. The most popular concealer in the form of a pencil - it is easier to use when correcting small areas of the skin. When using a pencil, it is recommended to focus on its composition, namely on the presence of minerals. When used on small damaged areas, this will contribute to skin regeneration.

2. If you have deep bruises under the eyes, this indicates a lack of nutrients and skin damage, therefore, it is recommended to abandon color concealers and give preference to moisturizers. The latter will hide the flaws and do no harm even more.

3. There is also a lip concealer that helps simulate a beautiful shape and hide ugly corners.

4. The stick is used in more complex cases, that is, for scars that do not heal well, as these skin imperfections are much more difficult to mask.

5. Creamy concealers are suitable for all problem areas, but they need careful shading of the material. Those who are just starting to use this cosmetic product are recommended to give preference to liquid concealers, since they are easier to use and wash off, they do not harm the skin.

Cautions on using the concealer

Any cosmetics can have negative effects on the skin if used improperly or abused. It is easy to guess that the concealer clogs the pores, so after each use it is recommended to use a cleansing tonic. Also, this cosmetic product should not be left on the face for more than twelve hours, since inflammation can be provoked.

Some girls believe that the more expensive the used cosmetics, the better, but this rule does not always apply, especially in inexperienced hands. To begin with, they recommend using inexpensive cosmetics to learn how to use it, and then switch to more complex and expensive products.

Beginners are also recommended to begin with checking the product for an allergic reaction, and even if it is not, it is recommended to use liquid concealers and blend them, and not drive them into the skin.

To summarize, it should be said: there are many types of concealers, not only in consistency, but also in color. Each of them is used for a specific case, but bodily remains universal, since it is used not only to mask skin imperfections, but also to sculpt the face.

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