Fashionable mint manicure: 50 best photo ideas

To come up with a more fresh and inspiring shade than the mint color on the nails is quite difficult. From the most delicate mint to a rich and rich shade of turquoise and azure - all this can be on your nails in the upcoming season as a fashionable mint manicure 2019-2020.

Stylish mint manicure will help to refresh the image, make notes of elegance and romance, which can perfectly complement the bow. Also, a beautiful mint manicure will give an accent to the bow depending on the chosen shade of varnish - light and delicate or rich and effective mint.

Please note that a stylish and fashionable mint manicure is best done on short and medium nails of different shapes. Masters also offer the option of mint manicure on sharp nails, but already in combination with other shades of gel polish.

Fashionable tandem 2019-2020 - mint manicure with pink, fuchsia, yellow, gray, chocolate, white, gold, silver, black. It is these shades that can best reveal the beauty of mint manicure and make it more concise and effective in any look.

Pastel shades on the nails always look beautiful and elegant, so deciding on a fashionable mint manicure, you definitely will not lose! The trendy design of nails with mint varnish is quite diverse and is demonstrated both in classical techniques and in different variations with a stylish palette of colors in mint colors.

Actual French and moon manicure, reverse jacket and ombre, funny drawings and decorations will allow you to perform a fashionable mint manicure for every taste and for various events.

Fashionable and stylish manicure with peppermint gel polish is unique and beautiful for spring, summer, and themed peppermint manicure can be worn in any season, demonstrating a delicate and sophisticated nail design in a mint shade.

It is in this review that you can find the most wonderful and stylish ideas of mint manicure in a wide variety of styles and variations. The best photo examples showing the mint manicure 2019-2020 are collected in a selection below.

Magic matte mint manicure 2019-2020

Matte manicure in any of its execution is very gentle and sophisticated, attracting attention with its originality and originality. After all, the familiar color of the varnish in the matte version looks completely different and in a new way.

Therefore, be sure to carefully consider the ideas of mint manicure in our matte version that are trendy and trendy in the 2019-2020 season.

Dilute the mint manicure with a pastel shade in pink color or decorate one or two fingers with a foil or glitter design, which will make the mint color design more refined and elegant.

Fashionable mint manicure 2019-2020 season with gold

Peppermint gel polish looks amazingly beautiful with a decor in gold: golden foil, stripes, wire, beads, shells.

Summer and sea mint manicure should be performed in a rich and brighter palette with thematic drawings and decorations in the form of sea anchors and shells.

You can also use a golden shade of varnish to complement the mint manicure. To do this, perform mint manicure and use a brush for manicure. To make beautiful patterns on the nails or resort to stamping.

In addition, no less beautiful mint manicure with gold lacquer in the form of stripes and graphic ornaments that are laconic and stylish.

Mint French

Mint French manicure looks fresh and at the same time bright. On the basis of menthol jacket you can develop an unusual design, it is also important to leave the jacket as it is - with a painted tip of the nail and the selected shade of the background (or transparent varnish).

A simple and relevant jacket - a transparent or nude base and a mint-colored smile. If such a manicure is created in the summer, then it can be supplemented with bright paintings and decor. Variations in smile and nail shapes are a priority.

Mint moon design

For lunar manicure, a mint shade can be used as a background, as well as for coloring the hole. The fashion trend is the alternation of marigolds with different coloring of elements of the lunar design (for example, a mint hole + white background on two nails, the rest - a white hole + mint background). It is important to make different forms of holes even in one manicure, where ordinary ovals can be present, as well as holes for the reverse jacket style.

Lunar manicure can be done without the presence of additional color, using only decor (rhinestones, broths, foil, etc.). Lunar nail art looks neat on short nails, and mint gel polish will make it persistent.

Mint Ombre

For a beautiful ombre, an important condition is the selection of a second shade. With mint color, you can experiment and make ombre in several ways:

  • dimming or lightening (black and white respectively)
  • transition to a dark shade (with the transition, the color becomes juicier, brighter, darker by several tones),
  • transition to another color (cold - blue, purple, etc., warm - pink, yellow, etc.).

Ombre can be decorated with drawings, decor, make the surface matte. Effectively, the color transition looks at any length of the nails.

Mint Ombre Manicure

Decor with rhinestones, sparkles and stones

Peppermint tint refers to cold tones. Therefore, any decor that radiates a cold sheen harmoniously decorates a manicure. Saturated shades of mint, the tones of which are close to sunny yellow, will look good with gold.

Manicure can be decorated with glitter in different ways, while using shiny varnish, large golden or silver sparkles, decor elements in the form of rhinestones and stones. Glitter patterns and designs of small rhinestones look spectacular.

Glitter Mint Manicure Peppermint manicure with stones Mint manicure with rhinestones

Mint manicure with drawings

On a mint background, you can depict various patterns that fit into a particular theme:

  • for summer manicure - a horn with ice cream, flowers, bugs, butterflies, bright abstraction, marine themes,
  • for winter manicure - snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, etc.,
  • for spring nail art - delicate flowers, buds, etc.

When using gel polish or shellac coatings, it is logical to use gel paint or just paint with gel polish. Acrylic paints are not so popular anymore, since they quickly dry out when drawing. But they will come in handy if the drawing is applied to ordinary varnish.

Matte aquamarine

Whether it is a monophonic coating or with any effect, the color of the sea wave on the nails looks luxurious and stylish. The fashion trend is a matte manicure of the color of a sea wave. It is a close shade to mint, only a few tones darker.

To such a manicure, it is important to create a decor in the form of liquid stones, castings, and strass patterns. Looks advantageous on short nails and medium length. Suitable for different shapes of the nail plate.

Matte Nail Polish

Mint geometry

Coating nails in a mint shade is a simple design option, which can be complicated with the help of geometry. The design on the nails is possible in different ways:

  • using decorative materials (strips of glitter, lines of foil tape, etc.),
  • painting (drawing simple geometric patterns with gel polish, gel paint, acrylic paint, marker for manicure),
  • stickers (after covering the nail plates in a mint color, you can use water stickers and make a geometric design in minutes).

This manicure is suitable not only for summer or spring design, it can easily be used for everyday nail art at any time of the year.

Mint geometric manicure

Emphasis on a single menthol nail

It is not necessary to color all nails at once in a mint / menthol color. It is important to make color accents on selected nails, traditionally this is a nameless nail. The rest is painted in another conceived color: white, peach, pink, etc.

On the selected mint nail, you can continue the idea of ​​the whole manicure, place a special decor or painting.

Menthol shade

Stamping on a pistachio background

The stamping technique is difficult at first. But after acquiring skills, I want to use my favorite stamps. Peppermint manicure with stamping looks impressive, but if you use other options for shades (for example, pistachio), then the result can truly surprise.

On pistachio background stamped drawings of white, black color look spectacular, it is also possible to use color versions of images.

Stamping on a pistachio background

Mint with Gold

Such a two-tone manicure looks very impressive in any design option: geometry, monograms, French, etc. Any color of mint (from turquoise to aquamarine) can be used in nail art, but it’s most important to select warm shades of this color.

Silver Mint Nail Art

A harmonious and stylish design on a mint background can be created using a silver shade. They can be supplemented with patterns or use silver to create an independent design. As silver material, glitter, foil tape, rubbing, foil, etc. are used.

Mint White Manicure

Such a combination can be used for a gentle romantic manicure, and for a bold radical nail art with an abundance of jewelry and decorative materials involved. In a combination of mint and white, it is important to create original and classic lunar designs, French manicure, geometry. This color tandem is relevant for creating a wedding manicure.

Mint White Manicure Mint White Nail Design

Black with menthol varnish

Design ideas, where black and menthol appear, are many. This combination can be used for a neat and discreet nail art, and the black-mint duo can be used for a daring and bright design. A glossy black lacquer in such a manicure will give gloss, and additional decorations in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, foil will create a unique nail art even for special occasions.

Black Menthol Manicure Black and Menthol Nail Design

Mint Pink Manicure

A beautiful and delicate manicure in light mint pink tones will become a relevant addition to a carefree spring look, and rich variations of these colors are suitable for summer nail art. These two shades are successfully combined in a french jacket, moon design, they can be decorated with sequins, kamifubuki, modeling. The floral pattern, stamping, lace, gradient looks spectacular in these shades.

Mint Pink Nail Art

Mint yellow design

The mint shade in combination with yellow gives a very bright effect, which is relevant for spring and summer design. In addition to the French or moon nail art, the mint yellow duo can be used for gradient transitions, ombre, stamping, geometry. The highlight of this design can be broths, rubbing, kamifubuki and other decorative things.

Mint Yellow Manicure

Fashion trends of the season in mint colors: photo "mint manicure"

In the new season, designers offer to move away from the usual combination with beige tones in favor of pink and experimental-extreme fuchsia. Moreover, this juicy color is proposed to be used as an accent. That is, the main color - mint, pattern or rhinestone - is the color of fuchsia.

Another option is a combination of white, pastel yellow, soft cocoa, and mint as an accent.

Another trendy trend of the season is a graphic pattern with a sharp transition from saturated azure blue to mint.

Mint color moon manicure: photos

The classic version is a basic mint, curved “moon” at the base - white. In the vintage version, the "moon" can be emphasized with an additional line of contrasting color or the same as the "moon". In the Hollywood version, the "moon smile" is drawn in any color, the main thing is that it harmonizes with make-up and wardrobe accessories.

The trend of this season is a combination of cold (pale) mint and a colorless “moon” at the base. This option even simplifies the manicure process. Varnish is applied with or without a stencil along the contour of the natural “moon” of the nail (if any) or according to an imaginary contour, the depth of which you determine yourself.

Also in this season will be very popular "moon" manicure, where the mint tone is used as the basis for applying the pattern. It can be applied in black or another color that emphasizes the graphic.

It must be remembered that the "moon" manicure is not a certain standard, you are free to use imagination, in particular, many make the "smile of the moon" triangular. The sharp tip is directed towards the free edge. However, remember that if the subungual color of your skin is rich pink and close to reddish, then you need to lighten it with flowers close to natural.

Mint manicure, beautiful french

Since the trend is a service jacket, which includes the entire palette of pastel colors, this also applies to the mint hue. The base should always be lighter than the moon and the “smile” of the free edge, the harmonious difference should be 2-3 tones darker. For this manicure, varnishes without sparkles and nacre are used to achieve the effect of funny rigor.

In general, when choosing a jacket for the new season, use the color-blocking rule. This color mixing suggests that you yourself can invent your mint color by mixing varnishes. If you get a different shade for each nail - this is a special chic.

Patterned Ideas

Peppermint manicure with a pattern is the best option for raising the mood, because funny patterns in the form of cat faces, “footprints” and other interesting subjects will be popular in the new season.

Openwork patterns are also in trend, however, fashion is gradually moving away from painting with earthy tones, sepia and are approaching ethnic motifs. The trend of painting only three of the five nails is preserved. The same trend is supported by designers who produce stencils that emphasize the exclusivity of each nail.

Straight lines of golden colors should be avoided. If this was previously encouraged, now straight lines are not yet considered classics, but they are already outdated.

Underlining the free edge with a dark color will be very relevant, and flowing from the dark edge of the pattern with gradual lightening to the base will also be in trend.

Mint Pink Manicure

This combination is charming. Moreover, the new season offers experiments with pearl varnishes. Make pearls from your nails by combining the base or sequence of painting the nails. Designers advise recalling models of such immortal couturiers as Christian Dior and Coco Chanel, which have become classics, and strive for that elegance.

Pink painting on a mint background with the addition of white tones that emphasize the pattern will also be relevant, making it a light “lace”.


Stylish mint manicure with black polish

Delicate pastel colors can be effectively complemented by contrasting dark shades. One of these may be black varnish to complement the mint manicure 2019-2020.

To do this, you need to make stylish drawings in the form of stripes and lines, geometric shapes, which will conditionally divide the nail into sections, which can be done in black-mint color.

A more familiar option is to make one finger with black varnish and add rhinestones, which is also a great example of a mint manicure with black varnish.

Do not forget about the jacket and moon manicure, which can be done in black, using it to cover the “hole” or “smile”.

Stunning Mint Ombre 2019-2020

Trendy gradient manicure allows you to perform the most delightful variations of manicure in mint color, which will add tenderness and elegance to your hands.

A beautiful mint ombre manicure 2019-2020 is ideal for almost every look in the spring-summer season. It’s best to create a gradient on two fingers and leave the others with a monochrome mint finish.

You can also use pink shades for mint ombre or white and more saturated shades of green varnish to perform a beautiful mint ombre 2019-2020 manicure.

Exquisite mint manicure 2019-2020 with drawings

The design of peppermint manicure with drawings is quite unusual and original. After all, it allows you to create drawings in the style of "geometry", all kinds of patterns and ornaments, as well as funny images of animals.

An interesting mint manicure 2019-2020 is demonstrated in the variation of the pattern with hares, complemented by rhinestones and sparkles. This design in mint color will not leave any girl indifferent.

A romantic mint manicure will turn out when using images of flowers, lace and monogram on nails, as well as stickers on a mint manicure with balloons, the Eiffel Tower and many others.

We suggest that you look for yourself a beautiful mint manicure 2019-2020, whose ideas can be found in the selection below.

Luxurious mint manicure 2019-2020 with rhinestones: evening nail art

You can get the most beautiful and delightful manicure in mint color of varnish, using rhinestones and stones as jewelry and decor for manicure.

It is stones that can transform almost any manicure. And if you want a special nail design in mint color, then you definitely can not do without pebbles and beads of different shapes, sizes and shades.

Specialists suggest shading beautiful mint manicure with rhinestones with light pastel shades, which will give the evening manicure elegance and sophistication.

Especially beautiful is the evening mint manicure for an evening outfit in green, which will succinctly complement and complete the solemn image for a wedding, graduation party, birthday and other celebrations.

Our review shows inspirational ideas for nail design in mint color and the most fashionable mint manicure 2019-2020 in photo examples more ...

Mint colors

Pacify the mint shade on the nails is able to gray. Such a manicure is suitable for everyday wear, it is well exposed to decor (especially in silver tones), it looks spectacular in a matte finish. A popular option for using a mint gray tandem is a multi-color knitted manicure.

Mint with Lilac and Purple Flowers

Another version of the multi-color design is mint nail art, which combines additional shades of purple. An abundance of tones can be used in a romantic flower nail art, suitable for spring manicure. In addition, the color combination can be used for different techniques, complemented by color decor.

Peppermint manicure 2019 photo

The decoration of the plate changes every year, nail art masters use a different palette of mint. Choose muted tones, bright, chilling or light, completely weightless, almost airy.

A popular trend in manicure of turquoise, mint and menthol color came to us from the west, from famous world-famous fashion designers. To this day, in the collections of fashion houses appear models in the style of a total bow, with a beautiful bluish-green pattern on the nails.

Menthol is great for combining with another pastel color. Often it is used as a base in some areas: French, moon design. They are used as an accent in the decor, or create an exquisite ornament in the style of broken glass.

Mint color moon manicure photo

A beautiful manicure is created using an inverted french technique. A sophisticated look is obtained thanks to a white-green combination of a hole and a plate. The white edged nail looks sophisticated, refined, original and truly fresh.

The lunar version can be of three types, each of which differs only in the decor of the upper part of the marigold. The hole on each finger already has a white outline, so it is not necessary to paint over it.

Alternatively, you can decorate the hole with foil, sparkles or stones. Shining rhinestones resemble a diadem neatly placed on the fingers.

The third format implies a plain coating with a transparent smile that separates the nail bed from the small hole on the finger. A transparent strip can be of different shapes: round or triangular.

Mint shades with green tones

Saturated green shades go well with calm shades of mint. They can be combined not only on one nail, but simply in one manicure (for example, ombre, when the color transition is created not on one nail, but from the little finger to the thumb or vice versa).

Mint Green Manicure Menthol with beige varnish

Features and Benefits

It is a mint shade that will never go out of style. Such colors are especially popular not only in the summer, when you want something fresh and cool, but also in winter, when you want warmth and coziness. Mint manicure will cope with such tasks, allowing you to look stylish and natural in any situation. This nail art was especially loved by the nail service specialists.

It is in such tones that professionals create their creative work, pleasantly surprising the fair sex.

Consider the main features and advantages of this manicure:

High quality. Most modern firms offer to purchase varnishes of the corresponding tones. They are of high quality and durability. Accordingly, it is better to purchase cosmetic products only in professional stores. So you can avoid fakes. At the same time, carefully study the product, look at the expiration date and evaluate the integrity of the package. Only with perfect polish will you get the appropriate manicure.

Wide range of. Many cosmetic companies that have won the trust of modern fashionistas offer a wide palette of mint colors. It can be saturated tones or translucent pale options. You can purchase the product that is right for you. In accordance with the selected palette, you can realize your creative abilities and draw the most unusual design.

It is worth noting that the mint color is universal. It can be used at any time of the year. You can also choose shades that are optimal for the workflow, vacation or party. With such a manicure, you can declare your personality unobtrusively and subtly.

Easy to use. Mint manicure can be created with your own hands at home. It will be enough only to purchase all the necessary cosmetic products, accessories and tools. Also worth your patience, especially for beginners in the beauty industry. After all, rarely the first time you get the perfect manicure. With regular practice, you can improve your skills. Each time it will turn out better and better. Of course, you should start with a simpler design, then move on to complex elements.

Saving. You can create a mint manicure at home, which means that you will save your financial savings. You will no longer need to go to expensive beauty salons to create creative nails. You can do it yourself at any time convenient for you. You will be sure of safety, sterility of devices, and also will be able to realize your creative skills.

Great mood. When you create a beautiful mint manicure with your own hands, the mood will only improve. This color helps to maintain a positive mood for the whole day. This will help to become more confident, attractive to others. It will be easier to succeed, you will be waiting for success.

Beautiful French manicure in mint colors

Mint jacket on square nails with an understated white smile was just a hit of the season. The habitual free edge of the master is modeled by a strip that does not correspond to the nail bed. Thus, the plate is visually elongated. This trick looks especially attractive in the technique with roses, where the middle and ring fingers are decorated with voluminous flowers.

Menthol jacket is modeled with a transparent plate covered with a regular glossy top. You can supplement the French technique with dots, painting one or two fingers with dots. Openwork pattern is perfectly combined with stones harmoniously matched in size.


Modeling manicure in mint colors, you can use glitter as an auxiliary material for painting. However, if this product is not in the assortment, to add shine it is better to choose pearlescent powder with a flickering effect.

The design with rhinestones is relevant at any time. The only difference is the layout, it changes every season. Glamorous decoration of completely separate nails is welcome, but choosing an option, it is worth considering the layout in the style of precious jewelry, using diverse stones and rhinestones.

Trends of the season involve a combination of new decor items that have recently appeared in the world of nail art.

The surface of nails with mother-of-pearl rubbing, adorned with crystals imitating fragments of gold and precious stones, looks amazing.


Among the younger generation, there is a popular mint color nail design. The technique consists in applying a shiny ribbon to the nail plate or drawing randomly arranged lines.

This technique is very easy to perform. It is enough to apply glitter and black varnish for drawing. In some places, the strip may be thicker or have connections to another line. Angular fragments are better to fill with glitters, thereby making a stylish ornament.


Floral print is the most attractive pattern. Peppermint manicure is best done using the sakura technique. Spring twigs with delicate pink buds look amazing. Moreover, the design can be created with any shade of varnish.

Violets and wild orchids look beautiful on individual fingers. It is not necessary to take the classic format as a basis, to draw roses or peonies. Velvet field chamomile is a great idea for the fall season.

Mint combinations with other shades

Despite the peculiarity of the color, there are a lot of ideas of mint manicure. The cool shade of azure is a very attractive companion to which many varnishes are suitable.

In the selection below, the most common options that are used by the nail service guru will be presented. Since the shade of nail polish itself can be multifaceted, the companion for artistic decoration can also be modified, contrasted or pastel.

With pink

The most pleasant composition is a pale green tandem in combination with a pink tint. Design in pink and mint colors is preferred by many women, using this option even in a business style. Of course, the appearance and wardrobe should correspond to the chosen direction - be soft, gentle, almost in the base color.

Mint pink nails are often used to create a transition of ombre, French, or an original idea in the style of broken glass. Incredibly looks lunar version of the design of nails in a cold, pink-menthol version.

With gold and silver

Silver pattern in perfect harmony with menthol. Experts guarantee the perfect combination with silver, because the colors are very similar in type. You can focus on one nail using a white color for the plate, a menthol heart and a silver border.

Ideas to decorate a nail with gold, to perform manicure with silver appeared relatively recently, when foil came into fashion. With her help, she models interesting patterns, a space jacket, triangular holographic inserts. The fingernail looks unusual, decorated with a gold or silver strip of foil on top.

With black

Perhaps, any shade is combined with black color. In the painting, light azure can be taken as a base, and black can make angular stripes or create interesting ornate patterns on the ring fingers. To get a sophisticated pattern, the lines should be thin and barely noticeable.

For contrasting transitions, you can cover the plate completely black, alternating with menthol.

With lilac

The design with the use of lilac is suitable for those who want to achieve a calm combination of two different tones. Peppermint is perfect for a pale lilac color, both as a companion and for design.

Interesting ideas can be seen in the fashion photo collection, for example, lavender, azure ombre in the sand. The ornate pattern located on top of the jacket looks very tender. Thick strips of menthol and lilac can simply be alternated, thereby creating an original pattern.

Tender mint

The versatility of the shade allows you to use it at any time of the year. In summer, it will give a feeling of coolness and freshness, and in winter it will warm with its comfort. He himself is self-sufficient and can act as the main character without adding any jewelry, but at the same time create a gentle and feminine appearance. But also the mint color nails are in good harmony with the following shades:

  • the black,
  • white,
  • pink,
  • Gray,
  • pastel and nude
  • purple,
  • fuchsia,
  • dark lilac
  • brown,
  • denim
  • yellow.

One of the most popular design options is to coat the nails with two contrasting tones. The perfect pair for mint is pastel pink. Shades can be mixed as you like.

It can be a smooth or sharp gradient, where one tone flows into another. With a sharp ombre, the junction of flowers is recommended to be covered with a special foil of silver shade. You can simply alternate the tones of the nails, additionally decorating them with rhinestones. In any case, the mint pink manicure will look very feminine and luxurious. In addition, this combination is perfect for business style and casual style.


There are an incredible amount of design implementation ideas. Peppermint varnish is an ideal option for creating a jacket. Pastel and muffled, it looks nice on the fingers and easily replaces the camouflage backing. Moving away from the classic version of the French manicure, you can add a little golden sparkles to the ends. Mint French manicure even in the photo looks perfect.

Sea foam

Performing manicure in mint colors, it can be supplemented with various elements:

  • rhinestones
  • broths
  • melange (sugar),
  • metal inserts
  • geometry,
  • drawings and patterns
  • knitted
  • peas
  • glitter
  • floristry.

You should not add too many rhinestones to this design, the pastel shade is very light, and a large number of iridescent stones will only spoil it. It is recommended to glue several small pieces near the cuticle so that they complement the elegant feminine image, and do not overload it.

The same rule applies to patterns and drawings, they should be in moderation. When doing a mint color manicure, thin monograms or silhouettes are best done with white or black varnish.Geometry this season at the peak of popularity, rectangles and squares will become good options. The main thing in creating a coating is to show your imagination by creating original design solutions.

Light turquoise

A pleasant and elegant manicure that imitates a stone of light turquoise will be able to show off on any fingers. It seems to be bright, but calm at the same time. This design is quite interesting and many will like it. Imitation stone will look perfect on 2-3 fingers. No matter how intricate it may look on the hand, it is incredibly simple in execution.

In light turquoise, in addition to the characteristic black blotches, there are also dark and whitish areas around them. It is necessary to transfer them filigree to the nail plate so that the mint color manicure looks perfect.

  • Prepare nails for work, degrease and cover with base.
  • In order to perform blotches, it is necessary to mix the color of the darkened areas on the palette: mix a drop of black gel polish in the main color.
  • Draw chaotic lines with a thin brush a little with pressure in those places where there will be dark blotches.
  • Dry the layer in the lamp.
  • For light inclusions, mix a drop of top with a drop of white gel polish. The result should be translucent white.
  • With a round conical brush, paint spots and stains, slightly tinting the entire coating.
  • Dry the layer and cover with the top.
  • With a thin brush in black, draw the interspersing lines, barely touching the surface. Somewhere you need to leave it thin, somewhere to stretch, somewhere to duplicate and intertwine with others.
  • In order to fix the peppermint manicure gel with varnish, it is necessary to cover it with a layer of top.

Another way to create original peppermint nails can be seen in the video.

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