How to choose the right bra? Size chart, types and purpose of models

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Famous lingerie expert Rebecca Epsan picked up underwear for the heroines of “Sex and the City”. In her stores dress Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep and Linda Evangelista. She also wrote a book on bra-fitting - an individual selection of underwear.

Rebecca claims that a properly selected bra changes our body and life and makes us happy.

Bright Side in detail, it will show you how to choose linen so that comfort and beauty are perfectly combined in it.

How to take measurements

Many women buy bras of the size that they would like to wear, and not the one that really suits them. And as a rule, this linen with a cup is less than necessary, and the length of the belt is longer than necessary.

In order to understand everything completely, start with measurements. But keep in mind measurements are just the beginning. Your 75V in the process of fitting can turn into both 70C and 80A. And in the 65D, too. Because the dimensional grid of different manufacturers is different. And also because your breasts are unique.

Determine the size

One of the main requirements for a bra is its size. If the linen is not suitable in size, then the chest in it will look flattened. The large bodice also distorts the silhouette, making the figure weird.

How to choose the size? First of all, you need to know the volume of your body. To determine them, you will need a centimeter tape and a few minutes. If possible, it is better to use someone else’s help to take measurements, since ideally you need to take measurements with your hands down. But, of course, you can take measurements yourself.

We will need to take two measurements, after which we will have to carry out simple calculations. The first measure is the girth of the chest under the mammary glands. We place the centimeter tape strictly horizontally on the floor, it should fit the body tightly, not squeezing, but not hanging down.

The result is the first digit to remember. On the bra label, it faces a letter designation. Most often, this size is expressed in centimeters. For example, the label may indicate - 70, 75 or 100. This size is equal to the volume under the chest, it comes in increments of 5 cm.

Of course, not all women get equal volume values. For example, it may turn out that the volume under the breast will be equal to 73 cm. What should be done in this case? With an intermediate value, you can try on both “neighboring” sizes, that is, in our example, these are 70 and 75. And already, based on subjective feelings, during the trying on, choose the most convenient one.

Next, you need to determine the second important indicator of size - the volume of the cup. To pick up a cup of a bra according to a figure, it is necessary to take one more measurement. To do this, move the measuring tool a little higher, positioning it so that it passes along the most convex point. We write this value.

Now it's time to do simple calculations, we need to subtract the first from the second measure and remember the result. This difference is an indicator that characterizes the fullness of the bust. Previously, this indicator was expressed in numbers, on a small chest they bought a bra “zero”. For a large bust a bodice “five” or even more voluminous was required.

Now, most manufacturers indicate the volume of the cup in Latin letters. The smallest option is AA, the next numbers are A, B, and so on. The values ​​of the volumes of the cup are shown in the table:

The difference between the measurements (on the protruding points of the chest and under the chest), cmSize letterDigital designation of the size
Until 11AA0

Bras for large breasts may have intermediate values ​​of the volume of the thicket. For example, DD. This option is slightly larger than the volume D, but does not reach E.

What is wearing the wrong bra size

Relatively recently, the largest manufacturer of lingerie conducted a study and found that almost 80% of women wear an incorrectly sized bra. Almost all of them have chronic migraines, pain in the neck and back, and much more.

Forget about a centimeter tape

Bra-fitting is a professional selection of linen, taking into account the complexion, wishes, size and individual characteristics of the figure. When choosing a bra, you need to consider not only the size, but also the width and height of the seeds, the fullness of the cup, the height of the jumper. I recommend that you focus on landing, so you can not use a centimeter tape that does not take into account the shape of the chest.

A size-matched bra raises the chest so that its protruding part is no lower than the middle of the shoulder. It creates a smooth and even silhouette under clothing, helps maintain posture and visually makes the figure more slender.

A bra of your size is not correctly distributing the load and provokes problems with the cervical-collar zone. It creates pressure and because of this a headache, limbs go numb.

After several years of wearing improperly selected laundry, dents and ugly marks may appear on the shoulders and in the collarbone area. There is also a hypothesis that uncomfortable underwear interferes with the normal outflow of lymph, stagnation forms that can transform into tumors.

On the left, the bra is not selected correctly, and on the right, it is correct

In a bra that does not fit in size - in the left photo - the chest practically "lies" on the stomach. The bra on the right photo is sized and, on the contrary, raises the chest

Sizes in other countries

Russia has adopted the international size grid for bras, which is used in many countries. But some foreign manufacturers label products according to the standards adopted in their country. Therefore, when buying imported linen in sizes, it can be difficult to navigate.

So, in the USA and a number of other countries, inches are not used for measurement. Therefore, the volume of the lower part of the bra is expressed by this metric value.

The smallest size in the inch system of measures is 30, it corresponds to the volume under the breast equal to 65 cm. Further, the sizes go in increments of two inches, which roughly corresponds to five centimeters. To make it clearer, we give a table.

Inch sizeSize in centimeters
4090 and so on

Italian marking is expressed in numbers. If the size “1” is indicated on the label, then this model is suitable for girls with a girth under the breast of 63-67 cm. The next size “2” is designed for a volume of 68-72 cm and so on. A similar dimensional grid is used in Australia, but there the smallest size is indicated by the number 10.

To deal with the French sizes, you will need to add 15. To your breast volume, so if the volume under the breast is 75 cm, then you need to choose a French bra of size 90.

Size Chart of Different Countries:

International sizeFranceItalyAutsraliaUSA

The table shows only the smallest sizes, but the principle of compliance should be clear.

Less than necessary

If you wear a smaller bra, it turns out that it constantly presses on the blood vessels, muscles and nerves in the ribs, upper back and shoulders (namely, the acromioclavicular joint). All this leads to development. headaches, tingling in hands and stiffness in movements.

To fasten a bra on the most loose fastener

Many women, to determine the size of the bra, measure themselves under the breast, and then select the size of the cup by eye. They reason like this: if the girth under the chest is 75 cm and the chest is small, size 75B is suitable.

When underwear was sewn from dense fabrics, the method worked. Modern linen is sewn from elastic fabrics, so it is better not to do so. Elastane has a stretch factor of 10 to 15%, which means after about 3 washes, the bra will become more than 75 cm. The bra will start to lift up and the straps will fall - not because they are stretched or your shoulders are too sloping, but because of an incorrectly defined volume .

With a girth of 75 cm under the chest, you should choose models 70 or even 65 in the size range, but with larger cups. For our example, I would recommend trying sizes 70C and 65D. In this case, the cup volume is the same as in the size of 75V, but the bra will sit more comfortably.

It is better to choose a bra with several rows of fasteners and fasten the hooks during fitting to ensure maximum belt length. Over time, the bra will sit more freely, and you can fasten the hooks, creating a more dense girth.

If when choosing a bra you easily fasten it with the tightest hooks without any discomfort, then the size is chosen incorrectly. If you have a size of 80C on the tightest hooks, try trying on the size of 75D on the loosest clasp - this bra has almost the same cup size, but it will be better to sit.

For large breasts, it is better to choose underwear from brands that make bras on breasts of size D +. I recommend choosing bras made of dense fabrics with a rigid frame and wide straps.

With small breasts, it is better not to imitate shapes with a push-up, but to pick up cotton or lace bras with soft cups that lift the chest and make the figure more slim.

Owners of magnificent forms are more comfortable in bras with wide straps - they better distribute breast weight than thin ones

Bras with soft cups look no worse than with push-ups. If you choose the right size, the bra lifts the chest, and it becomes more noticeable

During fitting it is better to stand as straight as possible so that there are no accidental skews to the side

Understand why you need a bra

A properly selected bra holds the chest in place, not allowing it to be unpleasant, and for some it can also hurt painfully with active movements, helps to keep the posture and visually slim. Thanks to him, the presence of a waist is also indicated, he changes the shape of the chest to the desired one, draws up the upper part of the torso for the chosen clothes and pleases those who are pleased. The bra does not have other functions, and it is worth wearing it if any of them is important to you. At the same time, a bra will not help a young girl to look older (especially if she does not have money for something expensive and luxurious), does not create a more respectable image for the wearer (those who blame for the lack of sconces will find something to dig into), is not a mandatory item clothes and, moreover, does not affect health in a positive way.

Chest circumference

Put on your most comfortable classic bra (not a push-up or minimizer). The centimeter tape should be located horizontally and pass along the most protruding points of the chest, without pulling it together.

Determine your size using these tables:


But even if you know your exact size, you should not buy a bra without trying on. As is clear from the description above, the cup volume is a variable value. That is, the volume of cup C for size 75 cm will be very different from the volume of cup C for size 95. This circumstance must be taken into account during the fitting.

Do not limit yourself to trying on bras just your size. Be sure to try on models that differ in size, both up and down. Moreover, one should vary the sizes of both the belt and the cup itself.

To choose the best option for a bra, you often have to try on at least a dozen models of different sizes and different manufacturers. Try on an option by the following parameters:

  • bottom fitting
  • matching cup volume,
  • the convenience of the straps.

In the process of fitting, fasten the models to the most extreme row of eyelets on the right, that is, choose the loosest position of the lower part. Keep in mind that in the process of wearing, the elastic tape running along the bottom stretches, so if you take the option that fastens on the leftmost row of loops, then it will be impossible to adjust the volume further.

Please note that the lower part of the bodice provides almost 90% of the quality of support. Therefore, pay close attention to this element.

Put on the model and make sure that the lower part of the bodice fits snugly on the body, without crashing into the skin, but not hanging out. Make several movements - raise your hands, make a couple of tilts to the sides and back and forth. At the same time, the belt should not bulge. If the belt mixes while moving, try on a smaller model.

At the first fitting, the belt may seem a little taut, but this is normal. Check if you can slip two fingers under the bra strap on your back, then this is your size.

The next important point is the cups. If you took a model that is not enough for you, then rollers will appear above the cups in the armpit area. If the cup is too big, then it will be empty. Pay attention to the location of the seeds, they should be located strictly under the mammary gland, if the bone is higher, then a larger size is needed. In the event that the bones are adjacent to the ribs below the level of the chest, ask to bring a model with a smaller volume.

The chosen option should lift the chest. You can achieve the desired effect by adjusting the length of the straps. With the right clothes, the most prominent point is at the middle of the upper arm. If to achieve this result the straps have to be tightened so that the belt is lifted, then this model does not suit you.

The straps should never crash into the body, leaving marks on the skin. But they also cannot lie freely, falling off their shoulders with every movement. Therefore, try to choose the most comfortable option.

More than necessary

This is especially dangerous for large-breasted women who have a larger size than usual, because loose cups do not support the breast well, which not only contributes to it sagging, but also posture problems. Poorly supported chest presses on the diaphragm, makes breathing difficult. All this leads irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn.

Do not wear it if you do not need

A poorly selected bra causes pain and discomfort. Pressing underwear disrupts the outflow of lymph and blood, the chest swells, and if a woman experiences cyclic pain and breast engorgement before menstruation, the sensations become even worse. It is unpleasant for some women to wear any “fittings”, even chosen according to all the rules, the arguments “but it’s so beautiful and decent” justly do not work for them.

Sexologists who assure that sexual underwear is “packaging for goods” want to be forced to wear push-ups for the scrotum. They require a sconce from others, because the nipples are otherwise visible, they are clearly not aware that fashionable bralettes made of fabric in one layer also do not hide anything, and you can always not look at the outlines of other people's nipples from under the clothes. In the end, nipple liners are now on sale, a bra is certainly not necessary.

Tight straps

They eat into the shoulders and pull them along with the spine forward and, of course, squeeze nerves. Tight straps are a leader among the causes of cervicogenic headache, that is connected with the neck.

Many women mistakenly believe that it is the straps that hold the chest, in fact they are needed only to connect the parts of the bra. The breast belt is responsible for supporting the chest, which covers the chest.


This is the most common and most convenient type of bodice, which can be recommended for a small bust, and for ladies with outstanding shapes. The model has a closed molded cup, so that the silhouette is perfect.

This version of women's underwear is ideal for everyday wear, it is convenient, provides a sufficient level of support, and can correct individual imperfections. The disadvantage of this model is the presence of seeds, these hard parts provide good support, but give the models rigidity, so many women do not like this option.

Redefine material

Material requirements for bras include hygroscopicity, breathability, form holding ability, elasticity, but not stretchability, as well as endurance under loads. So that from 100% cotton or cashmere they make mostly symbolic "triangles" for a small breast, everything else requires at least the inclusion of synthetic fibers in the right places. Modern synthetics sometimes copes with all requirements better than any natural product, but, unfortunately, when trying on it, it’s not possible to determine whether everything will start to sweat and get irritated after a couple of hours of wear, you have to google reviews for each particular brand of linen.

For example, silk is a wonderful material, it removes moisture well, it is neither hot nor cold, but silk charmeuse is often used only for the facade, and inside the cups are duplicated with inexpensive synthetics, and such models are not suitable for everyday wear. On the other hand, from the mere word "polyester" everything starts to itch, but in fact it is the name of a whole group of fibers from which materials with very different qualities are made. So the indication of the composition on the label is uninformative.

How to determine the size of a bra

The size of most bras consists of numbers and Latin letters, for example, 80B or 75C. Where the numbers are the size of the bra and the letter is the depth of the cups.

Take a centimeter tape and measure the size of the chest, making a girth in the middle, i.e. at the level of the nipples, and the girth under the chest so that the tape fits snugly to the body.

Under the chest circumference determines the size of the bra, i.e. the girdle, and the difference between the chest and under the chest is the size of the cup.

Please note that different companies may not have a coincidence in the size grid, i.e., for example, from one company the size 95B is suitable for you, and from another 90A, so ask the seller to show the size grid from the manufacturer or a comparative table of sizes.

By the way, when choosing a bra there is a rule of “equilateral triangle”, according to which the distance from the center of the chest to the jugular cavity should be equal to the distance between the centers of the chest. Then any bra, regardless of style, will give your circles a proportional look.

As I said, the size chart of bras also depends on the country of manufacture.

Comparison table of bra sizes according to the European indicator of the size of outerwear:

However, even when you understand all the nuances of the dimensional grid, never buy a bra without trying on! Each woman has a special breast shape and that which sits perfectly on the other can ruin the appearance of another woman. Try on different styles, perhaps you have never worn the model that was created specifically for you. Believe me, the time spent trying on will pay off with interest - you will get underwear that will be beneficial to emphasize your strengths and mask flaws. And in order to help determine the style, I want to briefly talk about the features of each model.

3. Correspondence of sizes of linen from different countries

Our weight may vary, but we still stubbornly buy our beloved 75B. Do not snap to one size. If your weight fluctuations are 3-5 kg, measure yourself again and review your size.

Now you can go to the store. Tune in to the fact that fitting may take an hour and a half.


This is a seedless option; support is provided by a wide elastic waistband. A very comfortable option to wear, which many girls prefer to everyone else. However, this model practically does not correct the shape of the breast, therefore, for a sagging bust it is categorically not suitable.

A soft bra may not have fasteners, that is, it is worn over the head and looks like a shortened T-shirt. This model is perfect for wearing at home. And the owners of a small and elastic bust can wear it as an everyday element of linen.

Find your form

A frequent complaint of shoppers generously gifted between the neck and the belly button who cannot find something elegant: “The shops are full of foam rubber!” Lingerie shops do buy a lot of models that visually enlarge their breasts, but often a thick thick cup is not needed to turn into sex wonder, and to support a large chest. Let me remind you: to prevent pressure on the shoulders, the bra should hold the chest in place, even with the straps lowered. Without a dense shaped cup with good bottom support, this is impossible; there are two options.

Thin cups from many parts hold the structure due to tight stitching at the joints. They are laborious in production, create a rigidly defined chest shape, are often found on expensive brands and are richly decorated - all the same, the seams under the T-shirt are noticeable, no one wears them under T-shirts, and you can sew more lace. The second option is the so-called molded: soft seamless cup with a thick wall (the same "terrible foam"). It supports the chest and creates a fairly natural shape. In the West, these are the ones that are preferred for daily wear. In Russia, women often buy heavily decorated underwear with a hard shape.

Useful fitting tips

The bra cups should fit snugly against the chest, but not squeeze it.

  • Under no circumstances are bra and straps should not crash into the body. Never pick up underwear with thoughts - “just lose weight”, also the bra should not bulge up on the back. When trying on, inhale several times with full breasts, and also raise your hands - nothing should hamper the movement.
  • Try on bras one size, but with different cup shapes and then you will find out which style suits you best.
  • Full-breasted ladies should pay attention to samples with wide straps.
  • The linen fabric should be hygroscopic, i.e. absorb moisture and not allow the breast is under the effect of the sauna. That is why it is best to choose models from cotton and / or viscose. Leave bright synthetic models for single cases of socks, for example, for a specific outfit. It is also better to forget about foam-filled samples.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should always wear underwear specially designed for them.
  • note on the seams on the cups, they will give the appropriate breast shape. For example, a horizontal seam will visually round off or give a cone-like shape of the chest, diagonal / vertical - will expand the narrow chest, seams in the shape of the letter "T" visually lift it.
  • Straps coming out from the center of the cups raise the chest.

Never sacrifice health for beauty, as ultimately you will have neither health nor beauty.

How to try on

The girth under the chest and the girth of the chest complement each other. Size C for a girth of 75 cm differs from size C for a girth of 80 cm. How? The larger the figure of girth under the chest - the wider and roomier the cup. Keep this in mind when trying on.

Tune in to try on at least 10 bras of at least two different manufacturers. Take classic models with a smooth cup. It can be hard or soft, as you prefer. When you determine the size, you can try on other styles - a balcony, push-up, corbey, etc.

Take the first two models of the size that resulted from your measurements. For example, 75V.

The next two models are smaller in size in the belt, but larger in the cup. That is 70C.

The third pair should be smaller in the belt. That is 70V.

The fourth pair is with a larger cup. That is 75C.

The last two models are more in the belt and in the cup. That is 80C.

Each of the models must be evaluated by three parameters: belt, cup and straps.

When trying on a bra, fasten the hooks on the far right row (the most free position). In the process of wearing, the belt, depending on the fabric, can stretch to 5 cm. That's when the rest of the hooks will be needed.

Examine Your Breasts

Not sure how to choose the right size bra? It's simple - evaluate your breasts. The size and shape of the chest affects not only the size of the bra, but also the style of the bra. A bra must be comfortable above all. If you wear the wrong bra, it will affect your physical health. For example, regular wearing of a bra without sufficient support will ruin your posture and cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders.


This romantic name has several different types of underwear that have similar features: wide-spaced shoulder straps, good support at the bottom and a specific cup shape that leaves most of the chest from above open.

It is customary to distinguish the following varieties:

  • Corbey. This is the most modest option, as it covers most of the chest. The top of the cups may be straight or slightly rounded. The model is suitable for wearing with open clothes.
  • Balconet. The cups are cut a little lower and form an even horizontal line. A great option for dresses with a neckline.
  • Brasier. In this version, the cups are cut so low that they barely cover the nipples. Perfect underwear for dresses with a square neckline.

All of these options have a reinforced bottom, so they are well supported and raise the bust. These models look great on girls with small and medium size, full-breasted ladies are better to choose the version of Corbey. If the cups are cut low, the large breasts may slip out when moving.

The demi model is an ideal choice for a small bust. It has a Push Up effect. In addition, it lifts the chest and moves it to the center, due to which a seductive hollow forms.

If a bra is chosen for a dress with a large neckline, then it is worth giving a version of the demi model, which is called plunge. Its difference is that the cups have a beveled shape, and the bar connecting them is lower than usual. There are options in which the plate between the cups is made of a transparent material (silicone). Thanks to this feature, you can safely put on a dress with a V-neck, reaching the middle of the chest.

Focus on the belt

The belt (lower horizontal bar) of the bra should sit exactly horizontal and so tight that only two fingers fit between it and the body. Then the belt takes on the main load, and the straps only fix the cups in place and do not put pressure on the shoulders. Otherwise, you will have a feeling of tightness in the neck and shoulders, chafing and even headaches. Another method of checking the correct fit: lower or unfasten the straps and bounce. With a properly selected bra, the cups will remain in place and continue to hold the chest the same way.

Buy a bra with several rows of fasteners, and when trying on in the store, fasten it to ensure the maximum length of the belt. In the process of wearing, the belt will stretch a bit, so start using hooks and loops that give a tighter girth, and thus maintain a tight fit. At the same time, when trying on, even the freest option should sit as tight as possible: strictly horizontally, allow a maximum of two fingers to be inserted under it. And the more your or your breasts weight, the wider you choose a belt for a bra - it crashes less into the body.

How a perfect bra sits: a checklist

But the belt accounts for 90% of the bra support, and only 10% for the straps. The belt should tightly clasp the chest, but not crash into the body. Raise your hands, bend left and right - the belt should remain in place. The center of the bra should fit snugly against the chest. If the belt moves, you need a smaller size.

At the back, two fingers should enter under the clasp, no more, otherwise, half an hour after putting on, the belt will rise up. The correct position of the belt is strictly horizontal. At the first fitting, you may feel that the belt is slightly taut - this is normal.


If wrinkles and creases are visible on the cups, the bra is large, try a smaller cup.

If the cup pinches the chest so that "rollers" are formed on the chest and in the armpits, the bra is small. Take the cup a size larger.

The bones should be located around the chest - on the sternum and ribs. If the bone lies at least partially on the chest itself, you also need a larger size.

Calculate your volume

Women often try to squeeze into the smaller than necessary size of their panties or cups of a bra, but the length of the sconce belt is taken longer than it should. This happens both because of ignorance of the principles of selection, and because of the opaque dimensional grid of manufacturers. Why does 70 C of one manufacturer correspond to 32 C of another and 85 C of a third and what does this mean for a particular woman? Intuitively, it seems that 70 is the girth of the chest in centimeters (it is also the length of the belt).

In fact, it’s right to measure it this way: take a centimeter tape, stand straight, measure the circumference of the chest so that the tape is located immediately below the chest, tightly, but not tight, and strictly horizontally. Round the determined numbers to half a dozen - and then subtract from the measurement result 15 cm if rounded up, and 10 if rounded down. The resulting number will be the size: that is, the European size of 70 C is the size of a woman with a C cup and a girth under the breast of 85 cm. At the same time, the same size on the French scale will be 85 C, since it indicates the real chest circumference in centimeters. 32 C - size according to the own scale of the USA and Great Britain.

This way you determine your base bra belt size, and find the exact one by measuring several neighboring sizes. Take several sconces with you at once to the fitting room, since such complex three-dimensional objects as a person are difficult to fit into simple measurements, and each brand has its own small differences in patterns. Unfortunately, even large retailers have small discrepancies - for example, ASOS suggests that the European 70 B equals the British 32 A, and Marlies Dekkers - 32 B. Therefore, without trying on everything is complicated.


This option is designed specifically for a large bust. He slightly reduces the breast, gives it a beautiful shape and lifts. This model is ideal for full girls with a big bust.

In appearance, the minimizer looks like a classic bra, its difference is the presence of inserts on the sides, as well as dense full-size cups, one-piece with straps. Thanks to this design, the minimizer corrects the silhouette, giving it a more elegant look.

Define the bra function

Casual bra for a t-shirt? Or a bra for an open dress? Or maybe a model with strong support for sports? A universal bra does not exist, so to begin with, determine for what purpose you are buying new underwear.For example, a seamless bra is a great option for everyday wear. Under tight clothing he will not be visible at all.

The implant broke: Lera Kudryavtseva underwent emergency breast surgery

Stop shy

From stylists, you can sometimes hear “choose a bra in size so that it does not stick into the body, and the rollers of fat do not protrude from the bottom”. This is not very professional advice. The soft tissues of the body are not pinched by the bra belt, only if these tissues are few - that is, if you are extremely slim. Owners of any other complexion also have the right to a comfortable bra, but because of such tips on the street in the summer there are crowds of women who can see through their clothes that the bra belt on their backs is pulled up.

Check: if you feel constant pressure on the shoulder straps, and you want to straighten the belt on the back and pull down under the shoulder blades, it is time to change the bra. If the protruding rollers under the bra nevertheless confuse you, buy the so-called longline bra - with a very wide belt that can end at the lower ribs, they smooth the picture.


The bra should not only support the chest, but also lift it. Perform a simple test to help determine if your underwear is sitting properly. Find the middle between the shoulder and the elbow. It is at this level that the most protruding part of the chest should be. If it is lower, tighten the straps. But remember: they should not crash into the shoulders and pull up the belt on the back.

Check if the straps are too heavy. Lower them from your shoulders - the cups may slightly sag, but the belt should remain in place.

By the way, the length of the strapless needs to be adjusted every day.

Note - the chest should not be lower than the lower edge of the bra. After all, underwear is just what you need to say there is no gravity.


It got its name from small round balconies, they are imitated by cups of this style of bodice. The model lifts the chest well from below (despite the fact that it is only half covered), as equipped with bones.

The bra straps are widely spaced, so the neckline can be not only deep, but also wide.

Many models are equipped with removable straps, so very often such a bodice is strengthened with a special silicone tape, which helps to hold and lift the chest more reliably. Also, the straps from the kit can be replaced with transparent or especially elegant ones. In general, a balcony can be worn under any clothes, but especially under low-necked dresses, blouses, tops, etc.

Without strapless

Bras without straps are chosen if you plan to wear clothes with bare shoulders. Such models are better suited for girls with a bust of modest sizes. Almost any type of linen is suitable for them. For example, you can choose a bra-bando, which is a wide ribbon of elastic material. This model covers, but practically does not support the chest.

You can also choose the option of underwear without straps and an open back. The bra is attached due to the adhesive layer, that is, it simply sticks to the skin.

For owners of medium-sized breasts, it is better to choose strapless bras with an elongated lower part in the form of a corset. This model can provide support to the bust.

Check if cups fit well on chest

How to understand that the bra size is appropriate? During fitting, check that the cups remain smooth and the edges are flat against the chest. If the cups are slightly wrinkled or bulging, then most likely you need a smaller size. If the chest falls out of the cups too much or you feel that it is tightly clamped, pick up a bra with larger cups.

Remember how cups should sit

The selection of a bra cup is complicated by the idea of ​​the existence of breasts of the first, second, and so on sizes that were actually invented by men and pretended to be an eye deeply ingrained in our minds - there is even a version that the numbered sizes are explained by the degree of filling of the male palm with the female breast. Meanwhile, the female breast can have different shapes, heights, fullness from the bottom and top, the width of the base and other indicators, and male palms are actually also all of different sizes.

A correctly selected cup (that is, a comfortable sitting one, giving you free breathing and performing its supporting and aesthetic functions) snug enough, raises your chest higher to move the center of gravity, along the upper edge is in the same plane with the mammary gland (it does not sink in and does not stick out top with a roller), and the bottom edge of the cup (where a stone is inserted or a tight stitch with filler is made to maintain shape) fits exactly on the submammary fold. A submammary fold is a line along the lower chest that clearly separates the torso and mammary gland. Slide your finger under the chest (you can dress, but without a bra), and the line of connection is easy to determine.

One of the signs that the cup size is too small is the protruding parts of the chest on the sides. A woman may think that her mammary glands are widely spaced, but in fact, it is often enough to take a larger cup. Another symptom of an incorrectly selected bra is that the breast hangs over the sub-mammary fold. Such a bra does not shift the center of gravity and does not hold the chest, so there is no reason to wear it.

These are the most essential criteria for landing a cup. Therefore, even if some unsuitable, as you think, dimensions are indicated on the label, but sits at the same time as a poured one, take it. The main principle of bra fitting: the belt should be on the torso strictly horizontally, the cup should fully support the mammary gland, and the joint connecting them or the bone should pass along the submammary fold, which does not hide under the mammary gland when wearing a bra.

We take into account the shape of the chest

Each woman is unique, therefore the same model, one girl can fit perfectly, and the other does not fit at all. You need to choose linen according to the shape of the chest.

Find your cup size

The basic size of the bra cup (that is, the one with which you can go to the fitting room and already be determined with it, you need something larger or smaller) is also determined by the whole measurement system. Stand up straight and measure your chest circumference at the most prominent point, without tightening the centimeter tape and holding it on your back strictly horizontally. Then bend in the belt at a right angle and measure again - only now the centimeter tape is placed strictly vertically. Add the resulting measurements and divide by two - this will be the average figure, which we use in the calculations. The size of the cup is determined by the difference in centimeters between the girth under the chest and the derived average chest girth.

If you are looking for a model, the sizes of which are indicated in the US-British grid, everything is more complicated - you have to adjust the circumference under the chest. Take a separate inch measuring tape or flip a centimeter on the other side if there is an inch marking on the other side. Measure your girth under your chest - tight, not tight, horizontally. If the resulting number of inches is even, add 4. If it is odd, add 5. If measuring 33 inches or more, add only 3. Subtract the resulting number from the average chest circumference in inches, the difference in each additional inch gives +1 to the size of the cup .

Check if the bra fits snugly

Another life hack how to find out the correct bra size: evaluate how tightly the bra sits in the back. The back of the bra should be parallel to the floor. If it is raised, then the bra will not be able to provide the necessary fixation of the chest. Try on underwear a size smaller.


A breast shape resembling an inverted bowl is considered ideal. Such breasts retain their shape for a long time, and even pregnancy and feeding have little effect on it. Sagging such a bust begins closer to the age of menopause.

The rounded chest, as a rule, is rather big, and, as you know, it’s much more difficult to choose the perfect bra for a large bust.

The optimal solution is a classic underwired bra, models with soft cups. With a large volume, it is worth wearing minimizers. The main thing is that the cup is full, low-cut options will “cut” the bust, and a bulging roller will form above the surface of the thicket.

Push up bra

The leader in raising the chest and giving it extra volume, because has silicone / foam inserts in cups.

There are three varieties of push up:

  • slightly lifts the chest due to the special cut,
  • enlarges the chest by 1 size thanks to soft cup inserts,
  • significantly increases breast size, as the liner is found throughout the shape of the cups.


A slight asymmetry of the chest is observed in many women, most often, the left breast is slightly larger than the right. If the differences in size are not too large, then they do not affect the choice of linen. If the differences are a size or more, then choosing clothes for different breasts will be more difficult.

It is recommended to choose a bra for a larger breast with rigid molded cups, asymmetry will not be visible in such underwear. In addition, models with the Push Up effect with removable rollers can be an ideal choice. It will be necessary to remove the rollers in the cup that falls on the big chest. As a result, the difference in size will be visually invisible.


Underwired bodice with removable straps with a minimum of seams. It is combined with a shortened corset made of dense fabric, which is also stitched with bones. Such a style not only perfectly raises the chest, but also slightly pulls the waist.

"Wide landing"

In some girls, the distance between the mammary glands is greater than usual. This should be considered when choosing linen.

The best solution in this case is bras with a front closure. They are designed so that the breasts are reduced to the center, forming a seductive hollow.


This model has no seams on the cups. It is made of elastic and thin materials so that the model can repeat the shape of the breast as accurately as possible. Very comfortable. Such a bra is perfect for both full-breasted beauties and ladies with modest forms. The bra is worn under tight and thin outfits or when it is necessary to achieve the effect of the absence of underwear. Recently, it is becoming increasingly popular.


This term is often used to refer to the shape of the breast, when the nipples of the mammary glands "look" in different directions. With this particular physique, wearing a regular bra will be uncomfortable due to the incorrect position of the nipples in the cups.

In this case, pitted models made of elastic materials will be an ideal choice. Such bras "adapt" to any shape of the chest. It is worth trying on bras with a front fastener.


With this form, the chest is distinguished by a large volume from below and its lack from above. Such a bust needs enhanced support, as it is prone to sagging. It is especially difficult to prevent this process if the size of the breast is impressive.

With a pear-shaped form, you need linen with a strong hold. These are underwire models with a wide bottom. With a small and medium full chest, a bra “Angelica” will be a good choice.

Measure under the chest

Take a soft measuring tape and stretch it around the chest in the place where the bra bones are located. Record the measurements in centimeters.

Use the mirror to adjust the position of the tape. If the measuring tape runs at an angle, you will get the wrong value. The tape should not be too tight or loose. Girth under the chest is usually indicated by even numbers, so taking into account your feelings, round the figure in the right direction.

Measure your chest circumference

How to choose a bra size? First you need to take measurements. Set the same tape so that it runs in the most protruding area of ​​the chest. Check that the tape is flat, does not tighten the chest and does not dangle. Write down the number in centimeters.

How to set the correct cup size? Remember that the size of the cup may vary depending on hormones and bloating, so take measurements when you feel as comfortable as possible.

One breast is larger than the other - this is a very common situation. In this case, push the size of the larger breast out of two.

Find out the cup size: how to determine the bra cup according to the table
Not sure how to spell a bra cup size? Very simple - you need to subtract from the chest girth the girth under the chest.

For example, the girth under the chest is 84 cm, and the chest girth is 105 cm. Calculate the cup size - 105−84 = 21 or E.

Want to know the size of a bra cup: how to spell it? There is a simple table where you need to find the resulting figure (from the example - 21) and find out the size in letter format.

With removable straps

In order to be able to walk without straps, it is necessary to create a strong shape, therefore, such models have a rather rigid structure. Suitable for women with modest forms, for large breasts it is still recommended to wear straps, let them then be transparent.


To wear every day, you should choose classic bras. And if the breast shape is beautiful, and the size is no more than “three”, then models with soft cups are also suitable. Dammas with a lush bust for everyday wear are recommended minimizers.

The most versatile option is a model with a smooth molded cup in a nude shade. Such a bodice is suitable for almost any casual clothes. If things of a free silhouette prevail in the wardrobe of a fashionista, then you can choose models with a textured surface, for example, from lace.

The choice of color is relevant, mainly if the bra is worn under clothing made of translucent fabrics. Under light things you should wear flesh-colored underwear, only under a white blouse it is better to wear a white bra. Under dark clothes, choose linen to match the dress or wear a black bra.

Bra size

How to find out the size of a bra by the table? Not at all complicated. When you know the size of the cup, you can easily set the size of the bra itself.

The Russian size can be found using such a table. How to determine the size correctly?

Example. We learned that the cup size is in the letter E, the circumference under the chest is 84 cm, and the chest circumference is 105 cm. According to the table, our breast size is 85E.

Do not forget to compare your parameters with the size tables of specific manufacturers, as they may vary slightly.

Mini miser

Style with soft and wide straps, has a round back, and also on the side of the bone, which can be higher than standard. Very comfortable model that does not deform the chest. This is a real find for big breasts, because visually can make them more accurate even under a tight outfit, and breasts in need of adjustment.

For training

For sports, it is worth choosing special models of bras. It is important that the sports bodice provides maximum breast support, but does not squeeze the body, interfering with blood circulation.

Most often, for sports, choose bodices made of elastic fabric resembling short T-shirts. With a small bust size, a tightening option is suitable that presses the mammary glands to the chest, fixing them in this position.

With a cup size of C or more, the tightening option will not work, a bra with cups and a tight elastic waistband at the bottom is needed.

For girls

It is very important to choose the first models of bras for a teenager. It is necessary to start wearing this part of the ladies' toilet when the chest begins to interfere with movement, in particular, “bounce” when running and jumping. But you can start wearing a soft bodice before. The fact is that growing breasts become very sensitive, and wearing a properly selected bra helps eliminate the discomfort that arises.

At the first stage, it is best to buy a girl a top-bra or a model with a small cup without a bone. When choosing, give preference to models of breathable fabrics, cotton or rayon is best. Keep in mind that breasts in teens are growing rapidly, so you will have to periodically buy larger underwear. Wearing a bra that squeezes the mammary glands is very harmful to all women, and especially teenagers.


From English it is translated as "invisible". It consists of two silicone cups often matching the color of the skin, however, sometimes they can be covered with a cloth. Straps and belt made of transparent silicone. The model was created specifically for transparent clothes or for dresses with numerous deep cuts, i.e. when you need the effect of lack of underwear. Suitable for small and medium sized breasts.


Designed for sports, when nothing should interfere and hamper the movement, so the model has no bones, soft cups and is made of thick fabric * that absorbs sweat perfectly. Holds the chest well

Felifin is a fabric for sports bras. Designed specifically for sports, it resembles second skin in its characteristics - it is characterized by an extremely high “breathing” rate. In this bra, the chest will not sweat, supercool, and also avoid sprains, skin and all kinds of injuries. However, it is not recommended to be worn constantly, i.e. for sports only.

Sports bras

The support level for sports bras is evaluated on a four-point scale:

  1. Moderate support. It has an elastic bodice that fixes the breast in a natural position. This model should be chosen by women with a cup depth of not more than B and practicing moderate physical activity, i.e. standard fitness classes, jogging, cycling, horse riding.
  2. Average support. The style has dense cups. If the cup size of your bra is A, then in it you are not afraid of any physical exertion, no matter how serious they are, if the size is B, then you should still not be too zealous and eliminate serious loads. With a cup size of C - you can only do what is not heavier than skis or aerobics. With volume D fit only fitness and cycling.
  3. Strong support. Such a bodice has special pockets in the cups for the chest, has a multi-layer dense design, wide straps. Owners of sizes B, C, B can perform loads of any complexity and intensity, and E and F are only light.
  4. Maximum support. The cup fits snugly on the chest and is closed on all sides. The model has pockets for the chest, as well as often a special adjustable belt on top of the sample. Suitable even for the most bosom ladies: sizes D and G in such a bra can at least set a new world record, and sizes F and G can engage in any kind of sport.

And what is on top of us?

Now let's talk about clothes, namely what is best worn under a particular outfit.

  • Knitted dress - seamless bra.
  • Under light clothes it is allowed to wear (at least the French) black underwear, but on the contrary - a sign of bad taste.
  • On a hot day and outdoors, it is optimal to wear cotton models.
  • Under a business suit and any other outfit made of thick fabric - push-up on the bone, because in such a bra you will remain seductive, and not shapeless.
  • At a party - it all depends on the outfit, and more precisely on the depth of the neckline and style.

Modern technology in underwear

Scientists did not ignore women's underwear and created very interesting patterns. Here are just a few examples of high-tech bras:

  • with corrective and modeling effect,
  • models that change color at the time of ovulation (especially those who cannot conceive a child will especially appreciate),
  • dramatically increase in size when you press a special button,
  • equipped with a microchip that measures pulse and pressure,
  • with a warning radio system,
  • made of faux fur and with gel filler - put in the microwave for a few minutes and you will not be afraid of even the most severe frosts.

Remember, health is above all, so never save when choosing underwear. Pay attention primarily to quality, convenience, and only then to the style.

Wear only properly sized bras, and then you will feel good and visually improve your figure.

I hope this information helps you make the right choice.

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