Tough Kefir Slimming Diet

Kefir diet is strict, but very popular in our time. Since a kefir diet is not advisable for long-term use by the body, it is best to consult a doctor first.

Kefir diet for 7 days is an effective way to get rid of extra pounds with a tasty and healthy sour-milk drink. And for 6 days you can drink not only kefir, but it is also allowed to diversify your menu with other products that have low calorie content.

Kefir is a useful product, but a diet based on it is considered to be rigid, and it is necessary to decide on it with special care.

How kefir diet works

The composition of the product is the main indicator of its effectiveness. Thanks to beneficial bacteria, kefir has a large supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, the elimination of toxins from the body, as well as the breakdown of fats.

Since this sour-milk drink is rich in proteins, but practically does not contain carbohydrates, the body has to spend energy from its reserves in order to digest them. With such a diet, you can throw up to 10 kilograms. The main thing is to follow simple rules:

  • drink only fresh kefir with a low percentage of fat,
  • eat no later than 2 hours before bedtime,
  • be sure to drink a glass of clean water before each meal,
  • daily replenish your diet with vitamins,
  • smoothly go out of the diet.

Kefir diet and sport

Nutrition built exclusively on kefir is considered quite tough, so you should not additionally burden the body with sports. For those who are sitting engaged in drying the body, then such a diet is clearly not suitable. Light exercise, walking are allowed. However, if you feel dizzy or otherwise worsen, it is recommended that you stop immediately, otherwise more serious health problems are possible.

What can replace kefir in the diet

If you do not like the taste of kefir, then replace this sour-milk drink with fermented baked milk, Ayran or natural yogurt. They are similar in composition and effect. Among other things, these products are easy to find on sale in almost any store.

Which kefir is healthy

To obtain the desired result, it is necessary to use only kefir with a low percentage of fat content (not more than 1.5%). Such a product contains 40 kcal per 100 grams, but its properties are similar to its fatter (2.5% and 3.2%) counterparts.

Pay special attention to the shelf life. If it is quite durable, then the manufacturer used various additives. Such a drink will not be useful. Upon contact with air, it will lose all its value and will quickly turn sour, even when in the refrigerator.

What is useful kefir

The Caucasus is considered the birthplace of this unique sour-milk product. For many years, the recipe was passed exclusively to family members from father to son. In Russia, kefir appeared only at the beginning of the twentieth century, but quickly gained popularity, and everyone knew about its medicinal properties. This is a real storehouse of vitamins. The composition of the drink includes trace elements of calcium and potassium, proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates, which are in easily digestible form. Thanks to this composition, kefir helps the body:

  • replenish nutrients
  • it’s better to digest “heavy foods”,
  • speed up metabolic processes,
  • remove excess fluid and salts,
  • normalize the intestinal microflora,
  • break down fats
  • get rid of toxins and toxins,
  • overcome the feeling of hunger.

Analyzing the information received, we can confidently say that kefir is perfect not only for weight loss, but also for general recovery. No wonder many nutritionists recommend it to their patients.

Disadvantages of Kefir Diet

Kefir diet for weight loss of 10 kg is considered one of the most stringent. People who choose it often have to go hungry, experience a deficiency of certain nutrients and vitamins, which leads to an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Vitamin deficiency can also lead to the development of certain diseases that are difficult to treat. Therefore, it is so important to monitor your well-being and take different vitamin complexes. The easiest way is to buy them at a pharmacy, but before that you need to consult a doctor.

In addition to the above, there is a long list of side effects of a rigid kefir diet:

  • weakness and dizziness,
  • prostration,
  • migraine,
  • digestive disorders, nausea, diarrhea,
  • a person is experiencing serious psychological stress. Nervous breakdowns are possible.

To whom the kefir diet is contraindicated

Kefir diet is contraindicated in people with chronic diseases of the stomach, intestinal dysfunction, ulcer. As well as diabetes, impaired renal function, heart problems, allergies to lactose.

In no case should you go on a kefir diet for pregnant and lactating women. Children under 16 years of age should also abstain.

How much can you sit on a kefir diet

The duration of any diet should be determined by the doctor. However, often in pursuit of beauty, women themselves are appointed to limit themselves in food, having received information from the Internet. This option may well be beneficial if you carefully study the issue and listen to your body. Any deviations from normal health should immediately alert you. If weakness, depression, headaches are observed, you should immediately change your diet to a more balanced one.

The safest term of the kefir diet for weight loss is from 3 days to a week, subject to daily monitoring of your health.

Description of kefir diet

The main component of the diet is kefir. Moreover, it can be taken of any fat content, ranging from 3.2 percent to low fat. In order to avoid hunger, it is recommended to drink it six times a day.

You must also drink water and a half liters per day. Moreover, it is recommended to drink tea without sugar, preferably green or a rosehip broth. In the days of the diet, you can drink not only kefir, but also yogurt without sugar and yogurt. It is strictly contraindicated to use sour-milk drinks, for example, drinking yogurt with additives.

How to choose the "right" kefir

Of course, any woman before starting to adhere to the kefir diet, is interested in what product will bring maximum benefits. In Russia, this drink is regulated by GOST R 52093-2003, according to which 100 g of kefir should contain at least 2.8 g of protein. The fat content of the product may be in the range of 0.5-8.9%.

Over the specified shelf life, the number of beneficial bacteria should remain at least 10 to 7 degrees CFU, and yeast at least 10 to 4 degrees.

Losing extra pounds and healing the body is due to the fact that the drink includes live microorganisms. In the “right” yeast for the preparation of kefir contains about 20 fungi and bacteria, among which there must be lactic streptococci, yeast and acetic microorganisms.

If the package with the drink has the inscription “BIO”, then it may contain direct application preparations, including bifidobacteria and acidophilus bacilli. Scientists believe that such bacteria are particularly resistant, not susceptible to destruction and are able to qualitatively improve the microflora of the human intestines.

It should be remembered that “not real” kefirs can be found on store shelves. Therefore, you need to choose a product carefully. So, attention must be paid to the shelf life of the drink. The larger it is, the higher the content of additives in the drink that does not allow beneficial bacteria to multiply. They make beneficial microorganisms fall into suspended animation until the moment when kefir does not come into contact with oxygen. Therefore, kefirs with a prolonged shelf life will deteriorate very quickly. Sometimes such drinks disappear in just 1 day, even if stored in the refrigerator.

To comply with the kefir diet, you need to choose a drink whose fat content is 1%. Its useful properties are no worse than a 2.5% fat, but the calorie content is lower, and the consistency is not so thick. 100 ml of kefir with a fat content of 1% contains 40 kcal.

Options for kefir diet for 7 days

You can find many options for a seven-day kefir diet, but each of them is based on the same principles:

The duration of the dietary regimen will be exactly one week.

The base product is kefir, and supplemented with protein or carbohydrate foods with a low calorie content.

You need to eat fractionally, at least 6 times a day. Between meals there should always be an equal time interval. The last approach to the table should take place no later than 2 hours before a night's rest.

Some diets suggest a restriction of fluid intake per day to 500 ml of kefir. Other liquids are not allowed. Experts do not advise losing weight according to this scheme, since it can lead to severe dehydration of the body, which will negatively affect health.

The optimal diet is one that does not limit a person to clean water and herbal teas, of course, that they need to be drunk, in addition to kefir. At the same time, coffee, sugar, salt and black tea should be completely abandoned.

Basic kefir diet for 7 days. Basic diet based on 1% kefir, lasting 7 days:

1 day. 0.5 l of kefir + 400 g of baked potatoes, cooked without adding salt.

2 day. 0.5 l of kefir + 400 g of low-fat or low-calorie cottage cheese.

3 day. 0.5 liters of kefir + 400 g of any fruit. Only bananas and grapes are prohibited.

4 day. 0.5 l kefir + boiled chicken breast 400 g.

The 5th day goes according to the 3-day diet scheme (kefir and fruits).

6 day. It is allowed to drink only non-carbonated water in a volume of 1.5 liters.

Day 7 passes according to the scheme of the 3rd and 5th day of the diet (kefir and fruits).

Kefir diet for 7 days with protein. Adhering to this dietary nutritional scheme, you need to rely on a basic kefir diet. But at the same time, for two days (the third and fifth or fifth and seventh) you will need to eat not fruit, but lean meat or chicken breast. The meat volume is 400 g.

Strict kefir diet for 7 days. This scheme involves the reduction of meat and fruit from 400 g to 100 g. At the same time, the volume of kefir consumed should increase from 0.5 liters to 2 liters per day.

Kefir-apple diet for 7 or 9 days. This diet is not suitable for those people who suffer from high acidity of the stomach. There are 6 approaches to the table per day. In this case, each time you need to eat 1 apple and drink a glass of kefir

Alternatively, you can drink only kefir in the amount of 1.5 liters per day for three days. Then, for another three days, a person eats only apples in an amount of 1.5 kg per day. Then for another 3 days you need to drink kefir again. The volumes of clean water without gas are not limited. Apples can be baked, mixed with kefir, grated, etc.

If there is no opportunity to adhere to a weekly kefir diet, then you can just arrange yourself fasting days on this sour-milk drink, diluting the diet with apples.

How to finish the kefir diet?

It is important not only to comply with the kefir diet, but also to get out of it correctly. Over the course of a week, the body adapted to the fact that small amounts of food enter the stomach. If you sharply return to the previous portion size, you can provoke the development of various diseases of the digestive tract. Therefore, after completing the kefir diet, it is necessary for some time to abandon the use of fatty, fried and spicy foods. Do not lean on bread and other flour products. This will bring the metabolism back to normal and enhance the effect of the kefir diet.

You can not practice kefir diet too often, since it gives a serious burden on the body and can be a health hazard. Therefore, you need to adhere to a weekly diet no more often than once every six months.

Kefir diet benefits

The main advantages of the kefir diet can be identified as follows:

A product such as kefir, in addition to being useful and providing sustainable weight loss, it also improves the intestinal microflora and cleanses it of toxins.

In addition to all this, kefir has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and nervous system of the body.

Kefir is very cheap, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a weekly kefir diet.

Weight goes fast enough.

Kefir has a pleasant taste, which is important, especially when you consider that it is a staple food for a whole week.

Using this diet, you can enrich the body with calcium, improve bowel function, the condition of hair, nails and teeth.

Cons of kefir diet

It is worth noting that the kefir diet also has certain disadvantages that must be considered before deciding to start it.

The disadvantages of the kefir diet are as follows:

A diet cannot be started if a person has diseases of the digestive system, among which are: a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use a kefir diet for people with high acidity of gastric juice.

Kefir diet can provoke digestive upset.

During the diet, insufficient vitamins and nutrients enter the body.

If you practice kefir diets too often, the condition of the hair, teeth and bones will not improve, but will worsen.

During the diet, a person may experience dizziness, weakness and increased fatigue.

What can be expected results on a kefir diet?

Kefir diet is an effective way to get rid of extra pounds. In a short time it will be possible to lose weight and remove a few centimeters at the waist. It is difficult to say exactly how much it will turn out to lose, adhering to a kefir diet. After all, the body is different for everyone. However, the average weight loss per day is 1 kg only with the classic rigid kefir diet.

It is also worth noting that doctors treat kefir diet with caution, since it can provoke an exacerbation of certain diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to consult a doctor before deciding on such an extreme express method of losing weight.

Kefir diet: what is it

Kefir was known to our ancestors many centuries ago. This product is obtained from milk by adding ferment from bacteria that are extremely beneficial to the human body. Real correctly prepared kefir cleanses the body of harmful toxins and toxins. It positively affects the microflora of the stomach and intestines.

Possible 7-day diet menu

In addition, kefir is a great drink for those who want to lose a few extra pounds. Or maybe not a couple. It depends on how many days you are ready to hold out on a kefir diet. If you are tuned for a week, then you can count on a 5 kg plumb guaranteed.

Another plus of the kefir diet can be called improving the body. It perfectly saturates the body not only with beneficial bacteria, but also with calcium and other vital trace elements. If you suffer from edema, then the kefir diet will allow you to get rid of them. You will not feel hunger, because after drinking a glass of kefir, you will immediately feel full. Also, you do not want to snack on sweets, because you are not hungry. That is why losing excess weight on a kefir diet is so pleasant and beneficial for the body.

Diet preparation

However, before deciding to go on a kefir diet, it is necessary to inform the doctor about this and listen to his advice. If you were allowed this event, then you can safely begin the preparation. Yes, you heard right, you need to prepare for the diet in advance.

In order not to harm the body and not drive it into stress, for 3-4 days, exclude all harmful and fatty foods from your diet. So it will be easier to adapt to the kefir diet, and the process of losing weight will go faster.

Decide what time you go on a diet. It’s very harmful to sit on hard mono diets for a long time. Doctors advise reducing this period to five days. Kefir diet is the most sparing of all. Therefore, the period can be increased to a week, a maximum of up to 10 days.

You can also “cheat” a little and extend the kefir diet for up to a month. In this case, you will need to improve it a bit and make kefir-buckwheat or kefir-apple. Including in the diet other, light and healthy products for our body, you can lose maximum weight without harming your body.

The harm and benefits of kefir diet

This diet can not cause harm to the body if you stick to it for the set amount of time. Of course, there are a number of contraindications in which it is strictly forbidden to sit on such a diet:

  • Gastritis,
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Impaired renal function,
  • Cholecystitis,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Lactation,
  • Age to 18 years.

Abruptly throw kefir diet is also not worth it. Not the best solution would be to mark the end of the diet with a pizza and alcohol party. This will inflict a severe blow to the body. Especially if you have been dieting for a long time. Just introduce two to three new foods a day and watch your body react to them.

Kefir diet: 3 days

The fewer days you decide to devote to a kefir diet, the more stringent it will be. If it is only three days, then the rules are as simple and understandable as possible: three days - only kefir.

On the day you can drink one and a half liters of fat-free kefir and the same amount of mineral water without gas (or more). Kefir is divided into six equal meals and is consumed throughout the day at regular intervals. The conditions are pretty tough, but the result is worth it. This diet is especially popular after the New Year holidays or any other feasts. It will help relieve swelling and get rid of “pounds” for this period of kilograms.

Kefir diet: 5 days

If you decide to stick to the kefir diet for five days, then you can slightly diversify the diet. Every day you all also drink one and a half liters of fat-free kefir and mineral water. But now you can add to yourself a day:

  • Two green apples
  • Five prunes
  • A kilogram of vegetables.

Vegetables can be eaten, both raw and boiled, baked, steamed. Of course, they must be cooked without oil and salt.

Give preference to fresh green vegetables. There are many valuable vitamins and fiber. Remove potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, corn, and other starchy and high-calorie vegetables from the diet.

Kefir diet: 7 days

On a weekly diet, a variety of foods can also be included in the diet. But, despite this, it is quite complicated. You will need all your determination and willpower, so as not to break. Morally prepare for things that can be hard. You can not break down and throw a diet in the middle of the week. This will lead to bad consequences. In addition to disappointment in your abilities, you will be tormented by swelling that will follow a breakdown. Also, there is a high probability of gaining even more excess weight.

So, if you decide on a weekly diet, then your diet will look like this:

All seven days you also drink one and a half liters of low-fat kefir. If you have the opportunity, it is better not to buy kefir in bags, but to make it yourself.

The effectiveness of kefir diets

Kefir diet gives quick results. The benefit of losing weight on kefir is in the composition of the product. Kefir contains a set of useful vitamins and minerals that the body so needs.

Due to the content of beneficial bacteria, the dairy product has a rich supply of nutrients, It is well absorbed and helps to normalize the digestive process.

Kefir Slimming simplicity and efficiency. This method of weight loss helps to speed up metabolism and the breakdown of accumulated fats in the body.

Sour-milk drink should be low-fat. The permissible percentage of fat content is 0-1.5%.

Kefir diet will achieve results when following the following recommendations:

  1. choose fresh, low-fat kefir for consumption,
  2. the last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime,
  3. a prerequisite for all subsequent types of diets is the abundant use of clean water: 1.5-2 liters per day,
  4. supplementing the daily diet with vitamin complexes,
  5. exit from the diet should be smooth, it is forbidden to overeat and eat large portions.

Kefir slimming for 7 days

There are various types of kefir diets. They can be of different frequency: 1 day, 3, 5, 7, 9, two weeks. It all depends on the weight category of the losing weight and its focus.

Kefir diets can also be mixed or classic.

Diets for 1-4 days suggest eating only one product - kefir. But in this case, it will be about mixed type kefir diet.

Methodology calculated for 7 days. The benefit is that during this time, toxins and excess fluid are eliminated from the body.

So, kefir diet for 7 days - menu for every day:

1 day

  • Breakfast: kefir 1%,
  • Lunch: 3 boiled / baked potatoes,
  • Dinner: kefir.

2 day

3 day

  • kefir 1%,
  • 120 g of boiled beef meat,
  • kefir.

4 day

  • kefir product
  • boiled fish fillet / or steamed,
  • kefir.

5 day

  • kefir product
  • raw fruits and vegetables (remove bananas from the diet),
  • kefir.

6 day

7 day

  • only water (without gas, mineral water is allowed).

Seven-day kefir diet allows for several days reduce belly and lose weight by 3-5 kg. Nutritionists recommend taking vitamins and minerals for 5-7 days. Since the body for a week loses some types of beneficial trace elements.

This type of diet is allowed to be repeated only after 2 months. Otherwise, the body will be exhausted and the reverse process will follow.

Kefir-apple diet

Kefir-apple version of weight loss is more strict. The menu and diet of the diet is strictly limited. Only 2 products are allowed: kefir and apples.

This kind of weight loss allows you to lose from 5 to 6 kg per week.

The advantage of the apple technique is getting fast results in a relatively short period of time. It is important to note that the kefir diet on apples has the entire set of vitamins necessary for the body.

Kefir and apple diet - daily menu option (the duration of this weight loss can vary from 3 to 9 days):

1 day

2 day

  • Eat 1-1.5 kg of green apples all day long,

3 day

4 day

  • Apple Day (we adhere to the same diet)

5 day

6 day

  • Apple diet - green and red apples 1-1.5 kg,

7 day

  • We drink kefir all day long.

It is allowed to use during the diet green tea. It is also necessary to drink at least a liter of water per day.

With this type of weight loss, use vitamin complexes to improve the body. Apple menu allows the use of fruit both raw and baked.

For a ten day option you can use alternation: 3 days we eat apples, 3 days kefir, then again 3 days we eat apples.

Exit from the diet should be gradual.

Kefir diet Larisa Dolina

The menu for the legendary singer was specially designed by professional nutritionists. It quickly helped Larisa Dolina completely transform and bring weight back to normal. The basic principle is that the diet is completely devoid of salt, sugar and other spices. It is designed for seven days, if desired, can be repeated every month. Products prepared for the day should be divided into 5 equal servings. The latest meal at 19 p.m.

  • The first day. We need half a kilogram of boiled potatoes and half a liter of kefir. Eat this all day, do not forget to drink clean fresh water. Its volume should be one and a half liters.
  • Second day. Distribute half a kilo of boiled chicken breast and 0.5 liters of kefir for the whole day. Remember about water.
  • Day Three 1 kg of any fruit (with the exception of bananas and grapes) or vegetables, half a liter of kefir. You can make cucumber salad.
  • Day four. 0.5 kg of boiled or steamed fish and 0.5 liters of kefir are allowed. Be sure to drink water.
  • Fifth day. Repeat the third day menu.
  • Day Six The most difficult. It is permissible to drink half a liter of kefir and two liters of water.
  • The seventh day. 1 kg of apples, 0.5 l of kefir.

You need to go out of the diet smoothly. Do not immediately start eating large portions, so you will reduce all efforts to nothing. With the right approach, the kefir diet of Larisa Dolina will help to lose up to 6 kilograms per week.

Three day kefir diet

The fastest, but the hardest. You can lose up to 5 kg. However, choosing such a menu is better if you are completely confident in your health. Every day it is permissible to drink only 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir and 2 liters of water. This must be done strictly according to the schedule, in equal portions. If the body does not stand up, then you should immediately stop the diet.

There are two sparing options.

  1. First, this is a cucumber kefir diet for weight loss. Sometimes it is called a diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, since for the entire period you can remove up to 4 cm at the waist. The menu is similar, but cucumbers up to 1 kilogram are added to it. Allowed both self-consumption of products and the preparation of salad. For example: a bunch of greens, cucumber, lemon juice for dressing.
  2. The second is a beet-kefir diet. Consists of only two ingredients and water. Beetroot contains few calories, but is rich in fiber, kefir helps burn fat. Such a diet will help cleanse yourself of harmful toxins, strengthen the immune system, and restore the microflora. On average, you can lose weight by 4 kilograms, but this will serve as an excellent body cleanser. However, do not forget the fact that you must strictly follow a diet for 3 days.

Nine-day strict diet

It can be conditionally divided into three stages, each of which lasts for three days.

  • First stage. You can drink only one and a half liters of kefir per day.
  • Second phase. We only eat apples, preferably unsweetened varieties. A day is allowed to eat 1.5 kilograms.
  • The third stage. Yogurt again, but with a 3.2 percent fat content.

The whole diet is divided into 6 equal servings, the latest meal at seven in the evening. Be sure to drink two liters of clean water without gas daily.

As you can see, the diet is very tough, and due to the duration of 9 days, breakdowns are possible. However, those who can complete it will lose about 9 kilograms.

Do not abruptly leave the diet. Smoothly enter new products into the menu, it is better to do it gradually. The kefir-cucumber diet will help to fix the result, of course, if you still have strength. Go to it immediately after the completion of the nine-day diet.

Weekly Comfort Kefir Diet

Its convenience is that the entire menu is thoroughly painted and the same for all days.

  • Morning - a glass of kefir.
  • The first breakfast is a vegetable mixture seasoned with olive oil.
  • Second breakfast - steamed chicken breast (80 grams).
  • Afternoon snack - one average apple.
  • Lunch - buckwheat porridge with kefir. When cooking buckwheat, salt and oil should not be added to it.
  • A snack is a hard boiled egg.
  • Dinner - 100 grams of dried fruit, with the exception of raisins.
  • In the evening - a glass of kefir.

All days, without exception, it is necessary to drink clean water without gas, it is better to drink a glass 30 minutes before the planned meal. The diet is good in that it helps to lose up to 7 kilograms. Of course, in order to make you happy, you need to add moderate physical activity and repeat the course in a month. Then the result will remain for a long time.

Way out of kefir diet

All hard diets are built on the principle of calorie restriction. Returning to the normal diet, you will lose your achievements and reduce your work to zero. Improper nutrition is the main enemy of any diet. Therefore, it is so important during the exit period to carefully monitor what is on your table. You need to choose products carefully and in principle, the more useful, the better. Prefer a varied, but low-calorie meal. Believe me, its not so little.

Add one new dish per day. It is advisable to make the portion small. So the stomach will better tolerate changes in the familiar menu.

Try to completely get rid of salt. It promotes fluid retention in the body, edema. Sweets, pastries, alcohol continue to be strictly prohibited. Only dark chocolate is allowed, but in a reasonable amount.

Remember about physical activity. Try not to miss workouts or exercise regularly at home. Exercises will help to tighten the figure and bring it to the ideal.

Sometimes, after a large weight loss, women are faced with the problem of sagging skin. Beauty treatments and massages can help here. It is advisable to start them as soon as you decide to go on a diet. In this case, you do not need to give crazy money in beauty salons, you can do everything yourself. You will need cling film, salt scrub, blue clay, or dried seaweed. All this is sold in a regular pharmacy. The recipe is simple:

  • steam and gently scrub the skin,
  • then dilute the clay with water and apply the mixture to the body,
  • wrap yourself with cling film
  • wait 30 minutes to an hour
  • remove the film,
  • Rinse off any remaining clay with water.

Doing such a wrap is necessary 2 - 3 times a week, then the result will be amazing.

Try not to miss light physical training and be patient in the presented diet, only then you can lose weight and get closer to the desired result.

Features and rules for dieting

What is kefir useful for? The fermented milk product is saturated with living microorganisms. In the presence of the prefix “bio”, we can safely assume that there are additional bacteria introduced artificially: bifidobacteria and acidophilus representatives. Microorganisms have a special viability. They are able, bypassing the aggressive environment of the stomach, to deliver nutrients to the intestine and affect its microflora.

The main card of the kefir diet was the lack of a mono-component composition. This means that during the week low-calorie foods can be added to kefir, but their weight is not large. So per day it is permissible to use one and a half liters of kefir, adding a maximum of 400 g of cucumbers, herbs or cereals. Adhering to such strict rules, for the allotted period, you can lose up to 7 kg of unnecessary weight. Basic Rules:

  • low fat content of the product,
  • limited volume of kefir per day,
  • portioned consumption
  • heavy fluid intake
  • smooth exit.

The choice of a dairy product for weight loss is not easy. It is worth paying attention not only to the content of beneficial bacteria in it, but also to its shelf life. A long storage period of kefir indicates the presence of special additives in it. Substances temporarily stop the growth and development of microorganisms, driving them into suspended animation. When the package is opened, oxygen is accessed and the vital processes of bacteria are activated. Such a product is stored relatively little - even in the refrigerator.

Kefir diet for 7 days is based on the use of a fermented milk product throughout the entire time. Often the application is in the form of a mono-diet. The amount of kefir consumed reaches up to two liters per day. The emphasis is on a low fat content of the nutrient. To comply with the rules prescribed in the diet, 1% product is perfect. In its properties, it is similar to 2.5%, but differs in consistency, the amount of fat and calories.

At the time of losing weight, it is worth giving up sweet, flour, negative habits and alcohol, but without any restrictions, take clean water or herbal infusions. A person needs water, and its lack negatively affects the work of internal organs and the blood formation system. For the body, diet is stress, approach this process wisely. Prepare yourself, set up for work. Then the result will not be long in coming.

A diet with buckwheat added to the diet is a strict one. A specially designed menu allows you to lose weight by 5-10 kg per week. The combination of these two products has an amazing effect. This type of weight loss makes it possible not to starve the body, but rather to saturate it with useful vitamins and minerals.

The menu of the technique includes a daily intake of a fermented milk product in combination with buckwheat.

So, a diet for 5 days (if desired, to achieve great results, the process of losing weight can be extended to 7-9 days):

For morning use, we strictly follow the recipe:

In the evening we take buckwheat (half a glass) and fill it with kefir. Without stirring, fill with 1% kefir. In the morning, before breakfast, mix and eat.

1 day

  • Lunch: boiled buckwheat and 1 chicken fillet (boiled or steamed),
  • Dinner: 0.5 tbsp of the drink.

2 day

  • Lunch: boiled buckwheat and 170 g of boiled vegetables,
  • Dinner: 0.5 tbsp of the drink.

3 day

  • Lunch: boiled buckwheat and 1 low-fat fish fillet (boiled / baked or steamed),
  • Dinner: 0.5 tbsp of the drink.

4 day

  • Lunch: boiled buckwheat,
  • Dinner: 0.5 tbsp of the drink.

5 day

  • Lunch: buckwheat porridge and raw vegetable salad,
  • Dinner: 0.5 tbsp of the drink.

The menu can be represented by another option:

  • exclude any products except sour-milk drink and buckwheat porridge. This method of losing weight eliminates slagging and produces a diuretic effect. If you stick to the 2 options of the menu, you can easily reduce the waist by 2-3 cm.

Varieties and menu 7 day diet on kefir

There are several varieties of this method of express weight loss, as a weekly kefir diet. All of these types are effective. They differ in component composition. They have their own characteristics:

  • classic mono diet
  • buckwheat-kefir
  • kefir curd,
  • fruit and kefir.

Classic mono diet

This method of losing weight is known as one of the tough. A week you need to eat kefir, the amount of which is 1.5 liters per day and clean water. The classic mono-diet is designed for 3-4 days and has several varieties based on the desired results. With this diet, it will be possible to lose no more than 3-4 kg, which for many women is a big progress. Basic Rules:

  • 1.5 liters of fresh kefir per day,
  • compliance with the principle of portioned consumption of the product,
  • lack of additives
  • monitoring the condition of the body,
  • if there is discomfort in the abdomen, kefir should be immediately excluded from the diet.

Useful recipes for weight loss

The menu of this type of weight loss is distinguished by some scarcity of its composition. But, this is not a reason to lose heart! We bring to your attention several useful recipes that could enrich the composition of the menu and make it a pleasant touch of variety.

Bran dessert

  • 250 g kefir drink
  • oat bran
  • 2 liters of honey
  • cinnamon,
  • add flavoring to taste.

We mix everything. Add 2 drops of flavor (for example, strawberry), mix. Dessert is ready! This recipe will be a great addition to breakfast or dinner.

The recipe for a delicious kefir souffle

  • kefir - 500 ml,
  • allowed to take 100 g of sour cream,
  • sugar - 50 g (can be replaced with honey),
  • water - 50 ml
  • gelatin and vanilla.

Soak gelatin in 50 ml of water (cold, boiled). Leave it all to swell for 30 minutes. Next, you need to warm the gelatin (without bringing to a boil). In addition, we take a mixer / blender (or in the usual way) mix dairy products.

Add sugar, a pinch of vanilla and gelatin. Beat the mass until completely dissolved. Through the strainer we remove the undissolved grains. Re-beat (2-3 min) the resulting mass at high speed.

Next, beat the soufflé portionwise in cups and put in the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

Delight dessert recipe

  • Kefir drink - 0.5 ml,
  • honey,
  • 2 peaches

Mix all the products. Beat with a blender.

Diet green smoothie

  • Celery,
  • cucumber,
  • 1 green apple
  • some yogurt,

Mix all the ingredients and beat with a blender. Such a cocktail is incredibly healthy. It promotes weight loss and enhanced metabolism.

Diet Larisa Valley

Diet Valley is suitable for women who do not have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart problems. It is worth noting that such a system of weight loss is contraindicated for pregnant women and people leading an active lifestyle. A feature of the diet is called the lack of salt, the minimum consumption of water (0.5 liters per day), and before each meal, drink a glass of herbal infusion, which is based on chamomile or St. John's wort. Menu for 7 days:

  • 1 day - 0.5 l of the main product + 400 g of boiled potatoes,
  • 2 day - 0.5 l of kefir + 400 g of cottage cheese,
  • 3 day - 0.5 kefir + 400 g of fruit (except for high-calorie - bananas),
  • 4 day - 0.5 kefir + 400 g chicken breast (boiled meat without seasoning),
  • 5 day - reminds the third,
  • 6 day - 0.5 l of mineral water (pre-remove gases),
  • Day 7 - similar to the third and fifth,

  1. On the eighth and subsequent days, the menu becomes varied, but without fatty and smoked food.
  2. Remember, if you experience discomfort and pain in the abdomen, stop losing weight.
  3. Larisa Valley's diet is characterized by a small variety of diet, small portions of dishes.

What results can be achieved?

Kefir slimming gives incredible results. Reviews of those who have lost weight from around the world are full of approval and enthusiasm. Kefir the technique has helped people lose weight by 5, 10, 15 kg and more (depending on duration) nor do you gain weight again.

The only important point is compliance with all the rules of losing weight, physical activity and good spirits.

So, the results of losing weight - photo "before" and "after":


Buckwheat is a nutritious cereal containing a large amount of vitamins. This kind of diet is suitable for overweight people. To use a large amount will not succeed due to its ability to swell. Switch to cereal and lactic acid for a short time - up to 7 days. Buckwheat-kefir variety of methods of getting rid of excess weight has few medical contraindications:

  • pregnancy,
  • lactation
  • digestive tract diseases.

Kefir curd

This method of losing weight is useful for the body, because cottage cheese has a diuretic effect, strengthens bones, delivers a lot of nutrients to the body. This method will help not only lose weight, but also improve the body. The curd diet is prescribed for people with diabetes. The basic rule: the liquid is consumed 20-30 minutes before lunch to avoid the fermentation process in the body.

Kefir beetroot

The active product of such a diet is called kefir-beetroot cocktail, which is taken before breakfast, lunch and instead of dinner. Vegetable soups, cereals cooked in water are added to the weekly diet. Such a diet is based on low-calorie foods and in its action does not differ from previous varieties. Monitor your well-being: if you feel pain, stop losing weight.

On fruits and kefir

The diet is designed for 5 days and is able to cleanse the body of toxins. A distinctive feature is the use of kefir of any fat content. Fruits should be selected based on calories. Bananas and grapes are prohibited. Try to lose weight once: using this method, you will often return to a simple, effective express diet.

Diet when leaving a diet

After 7 days of following a strict menu, you can’t break off. In a stressful situation, the body tries to stock up on nutrients. As a result, you can earn problems with the gastrointestinal tract and gain weight. To avoid this, allow the body to recover. Compliance with these simple rules will help to smoothly go out of the diet, prolong the effect of losing weight:

  • food should be taken in small portions,
  • avoid sweet, starchy, fatty,
  • take vitamin complexes.

Post-Weight Loss Reviews

Alena, 28 years old. I am a young mother. My son is only a year old. During pregnancy, I gained 20 kg and this turned out to be a lot. It became hard for me to move and breathe. After giving birth, I wanted to regain my previous weight, diets were prohibited. When the lactation period ended, I chose a kefir mono-diet, thanks to which I was able to get rid of 8 kg. I felt lightness again.

Marina, 32 years old. I had an interesting case. I work as a teacher at school: you sit all day, in the evening too. In the end, I scored decently. The evening of the meeting of the graduates of my year was approaching, I did not want to go there in this state. Having decided on a diet, I chose kefir. The results hit me - 8.5 kg per week. Classmates simply did not take their eyes off my figure.

Valeria, 41 years old All my life was complete. How many ways to lose weight I tried! Kefir kefir mono diet for 7 days was my salvation. I started to lose weight. At first it was very difficult, especially the first three days. Throw 9 kg per week for me a record. The plus is that more nutrition for me is not the meaning of life. Still easily reduced the amount of servings.

Photos of those who lost weight before and after

Do you still doubt the effectiveness of the kefir diet, designed for 7 days? Look at the photos of women who managed to get rid of extra pounds by applying a strict, but healthy and effective diet. The results evoke feelings of joy for them and envy. They succeeded - and you will succeed. One has only to properly configure yourself and withstand the first days - the most difficult for losing weight.

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