What is the dream of a lynx

See a lynx - learn about the machinations of enemies and ill-wishers.

Life can bring you to a very strong, influential person, completely unstable in your affections.

If a woman sees a lynx, she has a rival in love.

To kill a lynx - to defeat enemies, to change for the better fate.

Lynx in a cage or chain is a good dream.

Interpretation of sleep Lynx

To dream that you are looking at a lynx is a sign that the enemies are digging into your work and trying to destroy your family foundations.

For a woman, this dream means that she has a rival who claims to be attached to her lover.

If a woman kills a lynx in a dream, she will surpass her rival or dramatically change her fate for the better.

What the Lynx predicts

This is a sign of cunning and deceit. After such a dream, you should be more careful.

Most often, the image of a lynx: tells you that in reality you have secret opponents waiting for an opportunity to realize their insidious plans.

Kill Lynx: portends a quarrel with rivals, in which, nevertheless, you can prevail.

Why dream Lynx on Miller’s dream book

Miller claims that lynx means a rival if a woman sees a dream. A lynx appeared in your dream, which means that another is claiming your beloved, and she is very determined. If you enter into a fight with an animal and defeat it, expect positive changes in the future, especially in relations with a man. You will undoubtedly succeed in surpassing your rival and eliminating them from your life.

To see a lynx in a dream, but not to contact it, means you have ill-wishers who are “digging” for your business or want to ruin your reputation.

General interpretation

Usually, lynx dreams are interpreted as an omen of a meeting with an insidious and cunning person - you should be careful and cautious with new people in your environment. If an inhabitant of taiga forests in their night vision had a chance to observe from the side - a dream means the presence in real life of ill-wishers who want to ruin the dreamer's business or career.

A dream in which a small lynx appeared, or an adult large individual, but surrounded by lynxes, is an extremely favorable omen, portending to one who has had such a dream, an increase in social status and social status, increased profits, and material well-being. It is possible to change the place of work to a higher paying one. Especially if an adult lynx in a dream fed the cubs.

If a clever predator in a vision of a sleeping person sat quietly in a cage - this is a bad omen, which portends the destruction of the dreamer's plans due to the machinations of his enemies in real life. If the lynx was angry, darted around the cage from side to side, tried to hurt the dreamer by reaching him through the bars - the enemies would make the dreamer nervous, but lose in the battle with him.

Lynx dream of what? Big universal dream book for the whole family of O. Smurov will answer

Smurov believed that the lynx in your dream is a reflection of a cunning and evil person who now really wants to rub his trust in you and seem like a real friend. A lynx watches you in a dream - to destructive traps set by enemies. Be careful, count your every step. A successful lynx hunt indicates a future victory over business rivals and opponents in life matters.

Interpretation of actions with a trot

The correct interpretation of the dream, in which the sleeping person had a chance to see a lynx, depends on how their interaction went. Almost every possible action with this predator has its own interpretation of the dream:

  • Those people who stroked this taiga predator in their night visions are in reality strong and purposeful, they have nothing to worry about and worry about - everything has been seized from them.
  • If in a night vision a lynx attacked a person, but not with aggression, not biting him, but as if playing with him, such a dream portends unexpected surprises from friends.
  • If a lynx in a dream ate food from the hands of a dreamer or was even tamed by it, it is a symbol of the fact that in reality a person perfectly controls reality.
  • The harbinger of the disease is a dream in which a lynx bit a sleeping person. If blood oozed from a bite, a relative will fall ill, if the wound was clean and dry, the dreamer himself should monitor the health.
  • The dream in which the lynx attacking the dreamer had to be killed portends a victory in the competition at work, or to expose the gossip in the work team, spreading unpleasant and untrue rumors about the dreamer. A woman has such a dream in that she will prevail over her rival.
  • If a person dreams about how he chased away a lynx about to attack a child or another person - in reality, a close friend or relative will need the help of a dreamer.

Why do lynx dream: interpretation in the dream book

The dream interpretation gives a fairly broad interpretation of this image.

  1. A dream in which a man managed to see a lynx walking through the jungle promises barbarism and cunning.
  2. If a cat dreams in a dream, this means that soon he may be deceived by one of his close friends. The dreamer should be more attentive to the people around him, in order to know from whom one should expect deception.
  3. To see a lynx in a dream - to the enemies. There is a high probability that someone is plotting intrigues against the dreamer, trying to damage his reputation.
  4. If a person dreamed of a lynx that attacks him, then soon he may have problems in relationships with others. Dream dreamers want to harm him. And if he dreams of several wild cats at once, there will be a lot of problems.
  5. To look at a lynx passing by - to the recognition of authority. Perhaps someone will gain superiority over the dreamer, and in this person he will find a patron.
  6. A beautiful and smiling lynx is dreaming - a person will plunge into a sea of ​​pleasures and pleasures.
  7. This beast often dreams of jealousy and rivalry. If a dream was seen by a married person, then it is highly likely that his companion will soon spin an affair on the side.
  8. Enemies encroached on the dreamer's happiness if he saw the image of a wild cat passing by him.
  9. Cutting the hair of a cat - to get rid of the negative.
  10. Bathing a wild cat means having a good time with a good person.

A beast scratches a tree - changes will come in human life.

General Interpretation

In most dreams, a predator is a warning of encounters with insidious and envious people. What exactly does this or that dream mean, you can find out by reading the common transcripts:

  1. A small beast surrounded by lynxes is considered a favorable sign. A dream promises career growth, increased financial capital and material well-being. There is a possibility of changing jobs to higher paying ones. The big lynx portends serious waking problems.
  2. The animal, sitting calmly in a cage, warns of the destruction of the plans of a sleeping person due to the tricks of his insidious enemies. If the predator darted around the cage from corner to corner, then intruders would make the dreamer nervous.
  3. Lynx girl portends the emergence of a competitor, which will repel a loved one. The opponent will have an insidious plan to conquer the chosen one. The dreamer will have to use cruel means in an active struggle for her man. To a pregnant woman, a lynx dreams of an early birth.
  4. If a predator appeared to a young man in a dream, then this is a sign of conflict with colleagues at work. It is necessary to refrain from dubious meetings and the disclosure of secret information.
  5. If you dream about how a lynx attacks, then you should visit a doctor, because a dreamer can be seriously ill even from a small draft. In the near future, it is worth paying attention to your health.
  6. Dreamed animal in the house - you need to be prepared for a change of residence. The cash prize will be given to the person who saw the lynx in the forest.

Lynx in a dream in Wangi's dream book

Vanga described the lynx, which appears in a dream, as an insidious enemy or an unpleasant surprise. The animal in the cage, however, symbolizes your victory over those who want to take away something expensive from you. If you dreamed of a manual trot that you feed and pet, you have nothing to fear. You are a strong and purposeful person, able to get out of any troubles and achieve your goal.

Interpretation of the activities of the dreamer with a trot

Feeding an animal is an unfavorable symbol. It means that in reality a person maintains friendly relations with a person who is plotting evil against him.

To stroke a lynx in a dream is a symbol of love and fidelity. The sleeping family has peace and harmony.

Taming a predator means gaining authority among colleagues.

To kill an animal - symbolizes the action of a sleeping waking man, which he takes to get rid of enemies.

Fight against a trot - soon the dreamer will be drawn into some unpleasant situation at work. Perhaps colleagues will drag him into a scandal with the leadership.

Touching it means finally making a difficult decision.

Running away from an animal is a happy chance that you need to take advantage of so that your opponent does not get it.

Miller's Dream Book

The most popular dream book considers lynx a warning: competitors try to negatively affect both business and family relationships.

A dream woman predicts a collision with a rival in love. The dreamer who killed the predator, in reality, will be able to prevail in love rivalry, and life will sharply turn in a favorable direction.

Information from popular dream books

Miller, Freud, Natalya Stepanova and other interpreters offer interesting interpretations of dreams with a predatory cat. Deciphering the most popular stories:

  1. In the dream book of Natalia Stepanova, a lynx in a dream carries a warning about family conflicts. For a woman, a dream predicts the appearance of a serious rival. If the dreamer kills the animal in a dream, it means victory over a competitor and a change in fate for the better.
  2. In Miller’s dream book, a predator symbolizes happy changes in romantic relationships. If the dreamer watched a wild cat in night dreams, then this is a sign of insidious actions on the part of his enemies. Most likely, the attackers will try to break the family life of a sleeping person.
  3. Freud considered the predator a symbol of the appearance of a rival if a woman had a dream. Fighting with animals promises positive changes in the future, especially in relations with men. If you happened to see him in night dreams, but not to contact him, then this means the appearance of enemies who will seek dirt on the dreamer.
  4. In the Seasonal Dream Book, a lynx in the spring dreams of treachery. In the summer, the animal promises an increase in financial capital. In autumn, the dreamer will have to change his place of work, and in winter beware of dubious transactions, because a sleeping person will soon face bankruptcy.
  5. In the Islamic dream book, the beast warns that a cunning and dangerous person can rub in confidence in a sleeping person. It is necessary to take a closer look at your surroundings. If you had a dream about a lynx that watches the dreamer, then you should not talk about your plans with friends and relatives. A person who has managed to escape from a predator needs more effort to implement his plans.

Lynx on Miller's Dream Book

To dream that you are looking at a lynx is a sign that the enemies are digging into your work and trying to destroy your family foundations. For a woman, this dream means that she has a rival who claims to be attached to her lover.

If a woman kills a lynx in a dream, she will surpass her rival or dramatically change her fate for the better.

Interpretation in Miller's Dream Book

Psychologist Miller believes that such an animal as a lynx always dreams in order to warn a person about upcoming trials related to the ability to control their emotions.

The image of the beast, in this case, is the image of the enemy or enemies of the dreamer. In order to prevail over them, do not waste your time on emotions, you need to behave with restraint and thoughtfulness. This is very important, because ill-wishers will try to do everything to destroy the peace of the dreamer's family.

What does it mean in a dream to see a lynx in the noble dream book of them. Grishina

Our ancestors also believed that the lynx did not dream of a good one. In this dream book, the appearance of a lynx in dreams speaks of slander or slanderers. In addition, a bloodthirsty cat can indicate hidden features of the person’s own character - cruelty and revenge. Perhaps when you see a lynx in a dream, you should think about your actions with loved ones - weren't you too rude to them?

The appearance of a predator

If a lynx appeared in a dream in the form of a beautiful wild cat, then in real life the sleeping person will have unexpected surprises from close friends.

A small lynx is most often a dream for career growth. Soon, a person will receive the desired position and improve his financial situation.

A large predator warns the dreamer of the approach of a black strip. The emotional state of a person can greatly deteriorate due to prolonged stress and trouble.

If in a dream a lynx is kind or attacks

The behavior of the beast largely determines the interpretation of the dream.

  • A kind and calm cat is a good sign. First of all, the image of a good lynx symbolizes the positive emotions of a person. In real life, he will be calm, balanced and contented. If in his dream a person was first afraid of a wild cat, and after he saw that it was not dangerous, he stopped doing it, then soon he will have a chance to pass a life test.

Also, such a dream can be a signal that the dreamer will find a patron in the face of an authoritarian person. But do not worry, because he will become a true and true friend for the dreamer.

  • Aggressive and attacking lynx is a bad sign. Such a dream is always a challenge for a person associated with trials. Aggression of animals in a dream almost always symbolizes the dreamer's enemies, with whom he either already conflicts, or will do so in the near future. The more fury the lynx will show towards the person, the harder the quarrel will go. Also, such a dream can promise disagreements in the family.

If you seek interpretation in a psychological dream book, you can see that the image of an aggressive wild cat is associated with a lack of “thrill” in a person. Perhaps the monotonous life bored the dreamer, and he needs new emotions.

But if a beast bit a man in his dream, it means that he is overly self-confident. Through this image, the subconscious allows the dreamer to understand that it is better to get rid of it.

Animal behavior

A calm animal symbolizes a purposeful and strong person. He should not worry about his problems, everything will be resolved without his participation.

Kind tame lynx - personifies the dreamer's attitude to his enemies. A person knows for sure what his detractors are afraid of and has the necessary leverage for them.

Tamed animal - to trouble. Someone intentionally wants to deprive sleeping health or money.

A hissing lynx portends a sleeping collapse in the professional field. A person has chosen the wrong path of development, so he should stop doing this activity.

Aggressive with cubs - a favorable omen. Soon the dreamer will receive a large sum of money or will rise in the service.

Dream Interpretation Fedorovskaya

A person who sees a predator in a dream will soon become aware of the machinations of ill-wishers.

The dreamer killed the lynx - in reality he will cope with competitors, will be able to establish life. Itself turned into a wild cat - a meeting with an authoritative person is ahead. I saw how another person killed the beast - in a difficult period of his life he will receive unexpected help from relatives with whom he did not contact.

A lynx in a cage is an indication that the fate of the sleeper is in his own hands.

Interpretation of actions

A dreamer can remember certain actions of a predator or his own in relation to him. If this happened, then you should pay attention to the following decryption:

  • stroking a predatory cat - the dreamer is a strong and purposeful person,
  • play with a trot - to increase financial capital,
  • an animal bite promises health problems,
  • watch - disturbing news from distant relatives,
  • strangle - a solution to current problems,
  • running away from a predator is a possible subpoena,
  • tame - a quarrel with a second half,
  • catch - financial problems, it is necessary to control expenses in the near future,
  • predator fins - romantic adventures,
  • bites the hand - a close friend will ask for help,
  • to kill - victory in the competition or exposing an opponent at work,
  • feed is a symbol of self-confidence
  • The lynx attack is personified with unexpected gifts from loved ones or friends.

Although many interpreters consider a dream with a predator a bad sign, you should not be very upset.

If you recall as many details of the vision as possible, then the situation can be changed to your advantage.

Lynx on the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Lynx in a dream is a sign of cunning and treachery. After such a dream, you should be more careful.

Most often, the image of a lynx - suggests that in reality you have secret opponents waiting for an opportunity to realize their insidious plans.

To kill a lynx in a dream - portends a quarrel with rivals, in which nevertheless you will be able to prevail.

Why is the lynx girl dreaming?

A girl can dream about a wild lynx in two cases:

  1. She has secret enemies. Perhaps the dreamer suspects who exactly is her ill-wisher. Then a quarrel with this person is inevitable. In order to get out of a conflict situation as a winner, a woman must take a reasonable position, and not blindly surrender to the power of impulses. Having shown impulsiveness, one won’t have to count on victory.
  2. If a woman is married or has a lover, the image of a lynx is a symbol of a rival. Surely there is someone who has laid eyes on her chosen one. In such a dream, it is important to remember the behavior of the lynx, if it is aggressive - this means that the rival will try to take the dreamer's man away, but if not - she just watches him from afar, feeding feelings of love and affection.
If a woman is married or has a lover, the image of a lynx is a symbol of a rival

Medea Dream Interpretation - Lynx dreamed in a dream

In the Dream Book of Medea, Lynx and other wild cats talk about "cat" character traits that are inherent in you or your loved ones, which you see in a dream. The lynx is distinguished by a strong claw of claws, bloodthirstiness and a lightning reaction. A lynx attack in a dream may indicate that someone is building very insidious plans at your expense and is about to begin to execute them unexpectedly for you.

Actions of a royal cat

A biting predator foreshadows the sleeping problems at work. Soon, a person will receive a portion of dissatisfaction from his own boss, as well as many complaints from colleagues.

If in a dream a lynx fins, then in real life the dreamer will have luck and prosperity. Soon he will be able to finally solve all his problems and take a deep breath.

If the animal attacks, and the sleeping one fights off - such a dream portends the illness of a loved one. If in a dream the dreamer saw blood on himself after the attack, then his blood relative would fall ill.

Interpretation of other details

A dream in which a person watched the struggle of two predators from afar suggests that in real life no conflicts should be feared in the near future. If the animals fought in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping person, this means that in reality he risks falling under the burning hand of the conflicting person.

The dream, in which the lynx sleeps peacefully, says that in real life the dreamer perfectly understands what his ill-wishers want, and has all the necessary levers of pressure to prevent their intentions from coming true.

If a sleeping person watches a trot that is busy searching for food - in reality he is not satisfied with his material well-being. Seeing a lynx running in its natural habitat - in a forest or taiga - is a warning urging the dreamer to think carefully about his actions and not make rash decisions.

Night vision, in which a person experiences fear at the sight of a lynx, speaks of the dreamer's overwork, his excessive fatigue. After such a dream, it is worth taking a break from endless vain affairs and enjoying a long-deserved rest.

A dream in which a large lynx scratched a sleeping person suggests that he may not have chosen the most profitable initiative, and you should consider stopping it by choosing some other option for further development.

Iron the lynx in a dream

Such a dream has several interpretations:

  • To stroke small lynxes is to meet a person, communication with which will be very pleasant to the dreamer. This person will be very kind and helpful. Perhaps in his face the dreamer will find a true and faithful friend.
  • If the dreamer shows affection for beautiful wild cats, this means that in real life he always keeps the situation under his control.
  • The dreamer strokes a wild lynx - he will go to reconciliation with a man with whom he has had a conflict for a long time.
The dreamer strokes a wild lynx - he will go to reconciliation with a man with whom he had a long conflict

Color and features of wool in a dream

The white animal portends the arrival of sorrow and sorrows, so the sleeper should be careful about his actions.

The black predator symbolizes the appearance in the life of a dreamer of a very bad person who can bring him to death.

Red cat warns of adultery. Moreover, this act was thought out in advance.

Seeing a lynx in a dream in a house

In almost any dream book, it is indicated that when a wild animal comes into the house, it is to the guests.

In almost any dream book, it is indicated that when a wild animal comes into the house, it’s to the guests

To see in a dream a lynx who came to visit a dreamer is very surprised, because such "visitors" are rarely seen in homes. The more surprise a person experiences in a dream, the stronger his emotions will be in reality when guests suddenly rush into his house. How to understand whether these people will be pleasant? The answer is simple: it all depends on the emotions that the dreamer experiences when looking at the cat.

  1. He is pleased to watch the beast pacing around his house - guests will be pleasant and welcome.
  2. It is unpleasant for him to look at a lynx in the house, he feels fear, apprehension or dislike - there will be bad, angry and greedy people among the guests whom the dreamer would never want to host.

The number of lynxes in a dream

A lonely individual portends the sleeping person to a quiet pastime. Finally, he will be able to rest, relax and stop thinking about problems.

Several predators warn the dreamer of a possible insidious act by close friends.

If the animal was with lynxes - a favorable symbol. If the lynx showed maternal love for the cubs, then in real life a person will have relations with all relatives and friends.

Modern dream book

The dreaming lynx indicates the need for careful communication: detractors do everything to ruin things and harm family relationships.

A woman who sees a predator will have to fight with a rival. The fight will be successful if in a dream it was possible to deal with the animal.

Kill the lynx in a dream

To kill a lynx is to defeat your enemy. If the dreamer on the eve of a dream about this beast cursed with someone and the conflict continues to this day - he can easily get out of this situation as a winner. However, such an interpretation takes place only if the wild cat tried to attack a person.

Also, such a dream can promise the dreamer trouble. He may commit some rash act, which he will later regret very much.

Where did you dream?

An animal that was in a forest in a dream warns the dreamer that he should not be afraid of trouble.

Lynx in the dreamer's house is a symbol of success. In the near future, a person will receive money, fame or a high position.

A predator in a cage - to the appearance of a dangerous competitor who will try to destroy the sleeping business.

If in a dream an individual is outdoors in natural conditions, then in real life a person experiences homesickness and wants to return to his native land.

Dream Book of Mary

The northern cat seen at home is a bad omen that promises the person who sees it, financial losses, family problems and conflicts at work. If the lynx is not only located at the dreamer's house, but also damages his things, the interior, with his claws or teeth, the dreamer risks becoming a victim of scammers or robbers.

Stroking a trot - to resolve the protracted conflict.

Lynx on the dream book of Fedorovskaya

If you dreamed of a lynx - soon you will learn about the machinations of enemies and ill-wishers.

If you dreamed that you yourself became a trot - get ready to meet with a powerful and influential person.

In a dream, you killed a lynx - defeat all enemies and change your destiny for the better.

If you dreamed that you saw someone kill a lynx - at a difficult moment someone from your distant relatives will come to your aid, the existence of which you had not previously suspected.

I dreamed of a lynx in a cage - know, your fate is in your hands.

What does it mean if you dream of a lynx with lynxes?

Lynx with lynxes symbolizes security and calm. Rysenok is an image of the dreamer himself. If in a dream he watches how a mother-lynx washes her children - this is a sign that a person can always count on support “from the rear”. It's about his family. Surely, he feels protected. The dreamer knows that in any situation his family will provide him with the necessary support.

Lynx in the dream book of a modern woman

Lynx in a dream is a sign that enemies will try to destroy your business and cause damage to your family. For a woman, such a dream means that she has a rival who claims to be attached to her lover.

If a woman kills a lynx, she will surpass her rival and dramatically change her fate for the better.

Sexual Interpretation

Almost all dream books agree that for a woman, a lynx is an image of an insidious and persistent rival, who is doing her best to beat off her lover. Moreover, a wild cat of a light color indicates that the blonde will be a competitor in love, and an animal with dark hair is an indication of a brunette.

If the dreamer managed to kill or drive off the lynx in a dream, then in reality the fight with her husband’s mistress will end in victory.

Some commentators note that the meaning of the image may be different depending on the character traits of the dreamer herself. If a woman who sees a dream herself has a predatory nature, then in real life she realizes the goal by cunning and intrigue. The dreamer is unsophisticated and naive, then a dream warns her about the presence of the ill-wisher in the environment.

For a man, a forest cat is a harbinger of meeting a nice, caring, serious woman who can stand up for herself, at the right moment can show her character, “release her claws”. A small, funny lynx dreaming about a man promises either the birth of a daughter or a new romantic relationship.

What did the lynx in a dream and where was

In most interpreters, the lynx is a harbinger of a clash with a cunning, crafty, intent-minded person. Sleep warns of the need to exercise maximum caution in communicating with personalities from close circle.

In order to accurately decipher the dream, it is necessary to recall the plot details: how the predator behaved, where it was, how the sleeping person contacted her. The interpretation may be as follows:

  1. The dreamer is watching the animal from the outside - detractors are covertly plotting, aimed at destroying the business.
  2. Why dream about a lynx sitting in a cage - the interpretation is negative, plans will fail due to the actions of competitors. But if the animal is locked up nervously, rushing around, trying to get its claws to the dreamer, then the fight with the enemies will be intense, but it will end in victory.
  3. Stroking a predator in a dream - what’s the use of it: individuals who are strong in spirit, confident, stubborn, controlling every step they see such a dream. There is no need to worry about the future.
  4. An attacking, but non-aggressive lynx, playful, promises to receive a surprise from friends.
  5. The animal eats from the hands - in reality, the dreamer keeps the circumstances under control.
  6. The predator bit the sleeping person - this is a warning about the disease. Moreover, a bleeding wound indicates the appearance of a disease in a loved one. A bite without blood means that the sleeping person will have to fight the disease.
  7. To kill her - in reality, to win the fight against competitors or to replace the employee who is involved in gossip at work.
  8. Drive away the beast about to pounce on the person - in reality one of those close to him will ask the dreamer for help.
  9. The dreamer watches as two predators fight - in reality, a calm period has come when conflicts are excluded. But if the cats fought next to the sleeping one, then there is a chance of being in the center of another's conflict and falling under the hand.
  10. What is the dream of a sleeping lynx - the dreamer is aware of the plans and intentions of ill-wishers, but is perfectly armed, has the ability to set a barrier to himself.
  11. A wild cat hunts, searches for food - the financial situation does not suit the dreamer.
  12. A lynx running through the forest is an indication of the need to think about your actions and actions.
  13. The dreamer feels fear when he meets a forest cat in a dream - in reality, he is overworked, needs rest.
  14. Lynx attacks, violently scratches - the chosen case will be unsuccessful. You need to think about choosing a different direction of activity.
  15. An aggressive lynx in a dream was killed by a familiar person - his feelings and desire to help sincerely. If the stranger turned out to be the killer of the animal, then in reality he will have the opportunity to meet with a relative and receive unexpected help from him.
  16. The sleeping man has turned into a wild cat - he will either get acquainted with an authoritative personality, or he will educate in himself the qualities that allow him to achieve a high status in society.

Favorable events should be expected if one had a chance to see in a dream a small lynx or a female with cubs. Such images promise to gain a high status in society, strengthen financial position, increase income. High probability of career growth, obtaining a more profitable position. Especially financially favorable is the dream in which the female feeds the cubs.

When deciphering a dream, one must take into account the behavior of lynxes:

  1. Dreaming of playing, frolicing cubs - you should wait for the visit of guests with children. An unexpected surprise promises a young girl a dream, and a replenishment in the family promises a married woman.
  2. Rysenok playfully attacks, indulges, bites - good news will come. Such a plot promises a woman to flirt, a pleasant, but not serious relationship with a man.
  3. Rysenok runs away - luck will be lost.
  4. I managed to catch the cub - in reality it will turn out to grab luck by the tail.

Lynx is an animal with an interesting character, in a dream indicating both favorable events and the need for caution in communicating with people. To correctly decipher the dream, you need to remember the plot details.

Lynx by A. Mindella's dream book

You dreamed of a Lynx - in a dream, you feel the gaze of a lynx on you - in reality, the enemy has been watching you for a long time and is waiting for you to take the wrong step, it is possible that the enemy will try to destroy your rear before striking with you - to deprive of mutual understanding in family, make a difference. A young woman dreams that a lynx is looking at her - a dream warns this woman: she has a dangerous rival for whom any means are good in the fight, however, illegibility in means with clever tactics can be made the opponent’s weak point - put her slingshot G and she herself will compromise himself. A woman dreams that she killed a lynx - no rival is afraid of this woman, even if her rival’s name is fate

Lynx on the dream book of the witch Medea

Lynx (wild cats) - Symbolizes such instinctive features (of a dreamer or another person), such as: quick reaction, bloodthirstiness, strong grip, sudden attacks. Lynx jumps at you - an indication that you have enemies and they can remove you from participation in an important matter. A reed cat to see - to be alone.

Opinion Wangi

Dreaming Wangi notifies that the lynx is dreaming of either money or enemies. If the animal is locked in a cage, then the sleeping person suspects that the ill-wishers started a war with him. Avoiding traps is possible if you are a little prudent.

If a lynx behaves indifferently in a dream, then all the impending problems will bypass the sleeping man.

If the animal was killed by a stranger - to the arrival of distant relatives.

Lynx on the Women's Dream Book

Seeing a dream about the Lynx - Lynx in a dream is a sign that enemies will try to destroy your business and cause damage to your family. For a woman, such a dream means that she has a rival who claims to be attached to her lover. If a woman kills a lynx, she will surpass her rival and dramatically change her fate for the better.

Lynx online dream book

Lynx, according to the dream book - they warn that your enemies are not asleep, they are trying to harm you both in your personal life and in business.

You took her life - defeat competitors.

We saw the beast in the aviary - your happiness and well-being depends only on you.

If in a dream you have become a trot - you will meet with a very significant person who occupies a high position in society.

Noble dream book to them. Grishina

Lynx in the dream book by Grishina symbolizes the instinctive features of a sleeping man. Such a dream is most often dreamed by self-confident people who are not afraid to take risks.

Aggressive animal in a dream - an unfavorable symbol, which means slander and cruelty. Someone from the close circle of the dreamer spreads gossip about him behind his back.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

A dream in which a predator tries to attack is toward an approaching depression. Sleeping will tire of her own spouse, children and everyday life. She needs to spend more time alone with herself, then sad thoughts will stop visiting her head.

If a woman is killed by a lynx in a dream, then in real life the sleeping woman will go around all her rivals and will marry in the future.

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