Evening makeup for blue eyes: ideas and video tutorials

The blue color of the eyes goes well with many shades of eyeshadow, looks exquisitely with red, and with dark, and with fair hair. How to make a harmonious and beautiful makeup for blue eyes? You only need to know the little secrets of combining a wide palette of cosmetics! Let's try to figure out the details.

Color Makeup

The best option for determining the right shade for everyday or evening makeup is your color type. Consider the basic division into 4 types of seasons.

Colors for evening makeup

First of all, to make a beautiful evening make-up for blue eyes, you need to choose the right color scheme. When choosing shadows, experts recommend taking into account eye color and skin tone. In addition, makeup for blue-eyed blondes and brunettes is also significantly different.

Blue eyes are perfectly combined with shades of pale pink, golden, silver and purple. This palette, as well as emerald and azure colors, in principle, are suitable for girls of any type of appearance - and brunettes, and blondes, and red-haired beauties.

The color intensity of the shadows can also be different, in the photo the evening make-up for blue eyes is made in saturated colors, this gives the look depth, brightness and expressiveness:

Makeup artists do not recommend using too dark shadows, as they can create the effect of fatigue. It is also advisable to avoid light blue eyeshadows, especially in combination with black eyeliner.


Owners of blue eyes according to the Autumn color type are more likely to have golden-red, copper and brown hair. The skin can be with freckles, and there is practically no blush on the face. The skin tone is warm: pale yellowish or golden, devoid of a pink undertone. When choosing a color palette for makeup, it should be borne in mind that the ideal gamma is warm shades of brown and green tones. Mascara and eyeliner should also be brown, and a black shade should be chosen only with evening makeup or with dark eyebrows.


The golden glitter of eye shadow works so well with blue eyes. Gold combined with brilliance is amazing. Bring shine to your eyes with this gorgeous eyeshadow palette. The one used in the photo has a lighter shade of gold. It really will show your piercing blue eyes. Since it is a rather heavy color on the eyelids, try to soften the color of the lips to maintain an emphasis on your eyes.

Evening makeup for blue eyes: suitable shades

Creating a professional make-up is quite simple - choosing the right colors is enough. Choosing shadows for the event in the dark, you need to take into account the shade of the eyes, the color of the skin and hair.

Charming blue eyes look beautiful against the background of delicate pink chords, as well as purple and golden tones. Silver accents enchant with wealth and sophistication, subdue with its iridescent brilliance. Emerald shades will help to conquer others with a deep and expressive look, add azure accents to the natural charm. For evening celebrations, you can choose juicy rich tones that do not fade against the background of the general atmosphere.


To make your evening or holiday makeup flawless, emphasize the beauty of the eyes, all the advantages of the face and hide all sorts of flaws, it is necessary to take into account some nuances when creating it.

  • Use high-quality and pigmented cosmetics. Do not be afraid to get bright shadows, because if they are made in good faith, you can adjust their saturation yourself.
  • Never use expired cosmetics. They can not only harm, but also will not give the desired and desired effect.
  • Blue eye makeup it doesn’t have to be very bright, if you wish, you can make it in natural shades. But no one canceled the brilliant shadows, highlighters, shimmer blush and colored mascaras.
  • Do not forget about the condition of the skin. It should be perfect, smooth and even. If possible, hide all flaws, redness and other imperfections using corrective and tonal means. Despite the fact that evening makeup was created for evening time, it is very important that even under artificial lighting the face does not shine with fat, and acne does not appear under the tonal means.
  • Try not to overlay tonal means, and apply them as necessary in thin layers.

  • Blue eyes focus all attention on themselves, therefore, very often the emphasis in makeup is placed on them, and the lips are made in natural colors.
  • As with any makeup, try to do everything harmoniously and moderately. If your eyes are painted very bright using more than two shades and, for example, glitter, eyelashes are very thick or false ones are used, give preference to lipstick or shine of a gentle shade. And, of course, vice versa. If you decide to make bright and expressive lips, then why not do classic eye makeup with elegant arrows. Of course, this also applies to evening make-ups.
  • Choose makeup not only based on eye color, but also the color of the skin, hair and, of course, the image that you want to create.
  • For a serious occasion or celebration, For example, prom, birthday or wedding, contact your makeup artist for help. He will easily bring to life the makeup you need, while emphasizing your personality and natural beauty.

Be that as it may, do not forget that sometimes you can experiment and make your own in make up. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of proportion, because a plentiful amount of colors on the face or brilliance is not always at hand, unless you are going to a fashion show as a model.

How to make a bright evening make-up for blue eyes

Bright evening make-up for blue eyes will be appropriate when a girl goes to a party. At the same time, the make-up must be carefully selected for the women's outfit, harmonize with it and complement it favorably.

When going to a party or a disco, you can apply orange, violet, azure, pink shades of cosmetics on your eyelids. They can be used individually or several colors can be combined with each other, put one color on the corners of the eyes, and another on the eyelids. True, such an idea of ​​evening make-up for blue eyes can be realized only by specialists or girls who have already done such a make-up more than once.

You can get acquainted with unusual ideas of bright evening make-up for blue eyes in the video below:

Creating a bright evening make-up, blue-eyed can use sparkles, pigments, glitters, false eyelashes. However, it should be remembered that rich makeup is suitable only for brunettes, blondes, even in the evening, should give preference to neutral shades of decorative cosmetics.

If you need to apply makeup to the bride, you should choose the most winning colors and shades. With blue eyes in such a situation, gray-brown, pale pink, silver and gold shades will look best. Despite the fact that the wedding celebration will be held in the evening, the makeup should be restrained and calm, because its main purpose is to emphasize the tenderness of the image of the bride.

To give the look of attractiveness, you can apply blue shadows with smoky tint on the eyelids. Darker shadows are applied to the upper part of the eyelid, making a smooth transition to a light shade. Light shadows are applied to the lower eyelid, the same color of makeup is evenly distributed to the eyebrow line. To give the eyes more expressiveness, dark shadows can be applied to their corners. On top of the shadows along the eyelash line for centuries, draw a thin line of arrows using black eyeliner.

Evening makeup for blue eyes: basic recommendations

  • Blue-eyed beauties for the evening are perfect bronze, olive, golden, chocolate, silver, purple tones. But from dark brown, green, red and charcoal-black eyeshadows can “go out”, and the makeup itself can look rather hard, therefore such tones are often diluted with other shades.

  • In order to achieve an incredibly attractive look, you can use blue shadows with a characteristic smoky tint. It will take only two shades of the selected color. On the upper eyelids, a darker tone of blue should be applied, gradually expanding the lines to the outer edges of the eyes. Apply a light shade to the lower eyelids. The same shade can be used in the brow region. To give your eyes even more expression, apply a small amount of dark shadows to the corners of the eyes. On top of the shadows, on the upper eyelids, apply a black eyeliner, bending its lines up at the outer edges of the eyes.

  • Those women who are close and familiar with passion and brightness can be advised to make-up in a pronounced blue palette with characteristic golden notes. In this case, you can choose 4 shades of shadows: dark blue, intense blue, golden and purple. From the bottom up on the upper eyelids we put the shadows in stripes in this order: intense blue, then dark blue and then purple. Apply golden shadows directly under the brows. The sequence can be safely changed, blue-eyed young ladies can conduct all kinds of experiments!

  • If you need to distinguish yourself and create an exquisite, outstanding make-up like a “sea wave”, use aquamarine shades, as well as light blue and golden tones with a cold tint. Apply aquamarine with a general background to the upper eyelids. Shade the borders of the lower and upper eyelids with blue, and use the golden one to make a thin arrow on the upper eyelid. Next, apply eyeliner on your eyelids and apply mascara. In this case, you can also experiment by diluting the image with violet or turquoise shades.

  • To highlight the natural brightness of the eyes, make inter-eyeliner arrows with a black or dark gray pencil.
  • If bright makeup is meant, then you do not need to use saturated blush, since in this case all attention from the eyes will be distracted.
  • Makeup looks very good if you first sculpt the face, which can be done using a corrector or bronzer of a brown, cold hue.
  • If you have doubts about choosing the optimal color for the shadows, you can stop at the universal option. To do this, just draw a regular black arrow and use red lipstick. This option, as a rule, is suitable for all color types, regardless of the shade of the eyes and hair.

  • The correct, beautiful and most acceptable evening make-up for blue eyes will largely depend on a correctly applied base base and correctly designed eyebrows. Do not forget to cover your face with friable transparent (you can flicker) powder. With a wide brush, apply blush on the cheekbones (towards the temples). Without these trifles, as it seems to many girls, even the most impeccably completed make-up will appear untidy, and the image as a whole can be damaged.

Now, for clarity, let's see how one of the evening makeup options is done step by step:

Step 1. Prepare the skin. Clean and moisturize the entire area around the eyes. It won’t take much time, but you will be guaranteed a great result. Tip: for preliminary preparation of sensitive skin, it is best to take a light milk or a light cream that will not contain any kind of fragrance. In some cases, you may need a concealer that quickly hides dark circles under the eyes.

Step 2. In this image, we will shift all the main colorful accents to the lower eyelid region. This is how you can emphasize the color of the eyes and the beauty of the incision. Kayal black color draw a thin arrow. It is necessary to lead it from the inner corners of the eyes to the flight, stretching it intensively far beyond the outer corners. Such a step will help to visually increase eyes.

Step 3. In order for the shadows to be firmly fixed and not to pour in the blinking process, use the base without fail. Apply it locally with a brush to the area under the arrow. This step, among other things, can enhance the color of shadows. Under the black arrow, you should draw another thin line with a silver (white) pencil or eyeliner. After this, the white area must be divided into three zones along the length. On the area that gravitates to the nose, apply yellow bright shadows.

Step 4. In the central area of ​​the white line, the initiative needs to be conveyed to a light green pearl color. In the place where the two shades will be combined, a beautiful saturated gradient should be obtained.

Step 5. The outer zone of the white line should be painted with a pale blue color. Blend all three shades. The tones involved always look harmonious and very advantageous, since they are amazingly suitable for blue eyes.

Step 6. Do not disregard the upper eyelid, which in this case is advisable to paint with pearl beige shades. This step evens out the entire surface of the skin while brightening it. After you apply light shadows, the eyelids will look like silk, and the makeup itself will look romantic and fresh.

Step 7. In order to properly balance and complete the image, you need to thoroughly color the cilia and eyebrows. To do this, use a soft pencil and a suitable mascara. For especially important special occasions, bundles or strips of false eyelashes are suitable.

Step-by-step makeup completed!

The magic of water or how to make beautiful makeup for blue eyes

Intense makeup in deep shades of blue gives the look depth. Such makeup works real miracles! Stages of its implementation:

1. Eyelid folds shade a little matte gray shadows, then blend,

2. Using a black soft pencil, shade the outline of the moving eyelid,

3. Using a brush, blend the pencil over the entire surface of the eyelids.

4. Pick up dark blue shadows with a beautiful satin texture and apply them in the center of the upper eyelids.

5. Blend the borders of the shades with a brush.

6. Circle the eyes with a black pencil.

7. Finish the Make Up with a layer of lengthening mascara. See the photo below.

Step-by-step instructions for applying evening makeup for blue-eyed young ladies in the photo:

Makeup selection

Speaking about make-up for blue eyes, it is important to mention that they are very different, accordingly, the means used by beauties should also change. What perfectly suits a girl with a photo in a magazine can, in one fell swoop, cross out all your efforts to create an image and turn into a simpleton with a silly face. Therefore, you should always consider your personal characteristics, choosing makeup for yourself, whether it is everyday or evening.

Look at the photo below, they perfectly demonstrate how different blue-eyed women can be.

The irises of blue eyes can have different shade intensities. Basically, it depends on what colors of cosmetics should be chosen.

So, the owners of violet-blue eyes are very lucky. This shade is so bright that they stand out perfectly on the face without any additional funds.Moreover, so that the makeup itself is noticeable and does not fade against the background of a wonderful radiance, one should give preference to deep saturated tones. This applies to absolutely all means, including shadows, pencil, shadows.

Mid-blue eyes resemble the sky before sunset. In them at the same time there is a bright light, and the coming darkness. Makeup should be similar. Combine light and dark shadows, applying the latter to the area at the outer corners.

The sparkle of light blue eyes, like the girl in the photo below, can penetrate the very soul. You yourself can appreciate how beautifully combined with soft makeup in pastel colors.

A great option in this case is beautiful dark arrows. But too saturated shades of shadows will instantly destroy the fresh and blooming look, turn it into a tired and exhausted one.

Gray-blue eyes are a real find for those who love to experiment with cosmetics. Since they are able to change their shade depending on the colors that surround them, you can safely choose shades that will be in harmony with the clothes. As a result, the image will become complete.


This type is characterized by transparent, very light skin with a pinkish tint, red, honey, light and straw hair. Daytime make-up for blue eyes of the spring color type should be light and in warm colors. You can use shades of gold and green types in makeup: turquoise, emerald, khaki. The main thing is not to overdo it with color, but only to emphasize with its help the natural beauty.

Girls of the winter color type have the most striking appearance - marbled bluish skin, or radically different - dark olive. Hair color is usually bluish-black or dark blond, almost no blondes. Muted shades in makeup should be avoided. Beautiful make-up for blue eyes of the “Winter” color type is made in very bright, contrasting colors: plum, violet, gray, emerald, purple, lilac, indigo. Mascara should be selected black, or saturated color - blue, green, purple. Highlighters should be with a cold undertone: silver or pearl.

It is divided into bright, contrasting and soft (natural, non-contrasting) summers. The representatives of the bright summer have usually blond hair, the non-contrast - light blond, the contrast - dark blond. Based on the choice of colors for makeup, it is worth starting from these subspecies.

  • Light and mild summer. Naturalness is your trump card! Choose delicate pink or rich berry tones. Everyday nude makeup or light smokey evening.
  • Contrast summer. Can afford more color in makeup. Colored mascara or eyeliner in deep dark tones: dark blue, gray, olive.

Matching colors

There are no two pairs of identical blue eyes in the world, all the girls are special and beautiful in their own way, but in order not to lose money with a touch, Pay attention to the following recommendations that will help you choose the right colors.

  • Eyes aquamarine and medium blue hue is best to give preference to not very bright shadows, but at the same time they can be safely combined.
  • But the ladies with eyes close to the color of violets it is best to pay attention to more saturated colors.
  • For light blue and gray blue eyes You can choose different pastel shades of shadows or nude options. Very bright colors such eyes can tire a little and make them tired.
  • Very carefully choose shades of shade to match the eyes. Many experts on this score have different opinions. Therefore, it is best to do trial makeup and experiment on whether this technique is suitable for you or not.

You can also note some useful colors that "love" the blue-eyed ladies and fit perfectly into their evening make up. These include: terracotta shades, chocolate, coffee, shades of purple, some options with a metallic sheen. Shadows with a silver sheen will most advantageously look on blue-eyed blondes.

Be very careful with a variety of shades of orange, burgundy and brick. Blue color will be in perfect harmony with blue eyes only if it is used together with other shades. Be careful with colored “smokey ice”, with gray or silver, they can muffle the shade of the eyes.

Evening make-up - a harmonious duet of coherence and saturation

Juicy chords look appropriate at incendiary and thematic events. In a similar situation, make-up is selected according to the shade and style of the dress. Make-up for blue eyes should harmoniously complement the image, act as a beautiful accent detail.

For incendiary parties and dances, juicy orange or purple chords are suitable until the morning. Saturated blue and pink tones also look beautiful. Components are used to create single compositions or recreate an interesting combination of several options. Combining colors is a rather difficult task that requires some experience.

Evening images can not do without sparkles, bright overflows, pearlescent shadows, false eyelashes. Bright elements are able to turn the composition into a unique creation, which will strike you right away at first sight.


Gold and peach have a beautiful delicate appearance for blue eyes. This is the perfect way to open your eyes. Walk along your waterline with a peach-colored eyeliner. Then add the peach color of the eyeshadow to your eyelids. The tone used in the photo above is a pink / peach tone that contains more pink than orange.

Easy evening make-up for blue and gray-blue eyes and photos in stages

How to make evening make-up for blue eyes, if you have never encountered this difficult task before? Every time before applying cosmetics, the skin needs to be cleaned of all impurities, residues of cosmetics and sebum.

To do this, use a cleansing tonic. When the skin is cleansed, foundation is applied with gentle movements, hiding all cosmetic imperfections on the face. In order for the shadows to maintain their rich color for centuries, you first need to apply a foundation for makeup.

Now you can already see the photo of a step-by-step evening make-up for blue eyes, they will be especially useful for beginners in creating make-up:

Step-by-step creation of a make-up for blue-eyed looks like this:

Step one. Decorative cosmetics of neutral shades are applied to the upper eyelid, they will make the look more vivid and expressive. Using pearlescent shades, you can slightly lighten the area under the eyebrows and the inner corners of the eyes. Shades of white, silver or pale blue will also look beautiful.

Step Two On the crease of the upper eyelid, apply shades of medium shade and gently blend them in the direction of the eyebrows. Light pink, lavender, golden and silver shades will help to emphasize the natural beauty of blue eyes.

Step Three The darkest shadows used in making make-up are applied to the corners of the eyes. The borders between the different colors of these cosmetics should be shaded so that there are no sharp transitions between them, and the eyes look as natural as possible. It will turn out a beautiful evening make-up for gray-blue eyes, if you use plum, lilac and gray-brown shades.

Step Four Using a black pencil or eyeliner, draw a thin line of arrows, starting from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. The lower eyelid is better to bring shading shadows, eyeliner should not be used here. To create a light evening make-up for blue eyes, avoid dark contours and sharp transitions. In this case, instead of black, it is better to use gray, brown or gold eyeliner. If there is a need to make the eyes visually a little larger and more expressive, along the line of eyelash growth, first apply gray eyeliner, and silver on top of it.

Step FiveThe final step in creating evening makeup for blue eyes will be step by step applying mascara to the eyelashes. It can be black, brown or dark gray. Experts say that when choosing this cosmetic product you need to take into account skin tone. If it is light, it is better to use dark gray or dark brown mascara, and dark-skinned beauties should only paint black eyelashes.

The evening make-up for blue eyes presented in the photo in stages will help to avoid many girls common mistakes in the process of creating make-up:

Adhering to this sequence and taking into account all the recommendations of makeup artists, you yourself can create a beautiful image of a blue-eyed beauty.

Lipstick, matched to the tone of the lips, will help to complement the evening look, it can also be a neutral shine. Emphasis on lips should not be done, since in this image the main significance is given to expressive blue eyes.

Types of makeup

Next, consider how varied evening makeup for blue eyes can be. Photos that give a step-by-step description of the process of creating beauty will help each woman create an uniquely beautiful image that will turn her into a real queen.

So, let's start with the smoky version. Its essence is that the shadows seem to envelop the eyes, while they can be brown, pale pink, olive shade with elegant and delicate golden blotches. Look at the photo, this elegant make-up can act not only as an evening one, but also quite suitable for daily use if you like to highlight your eyes quite intensively.

If you are a blue-eyed blonde, choose gray or bluish tones, combine them. Make sure that the shade of the shadows does not coincide with the color of the iris - you will not like the effect of faded eyes. Brunettes will go more saturated blue tones. Owners of the same purple eyes are perfect for a similar shade of mascara and chic smoky, made in lilac and brown shades.

The next look is autumn makeup. Like this wonderful time of the year, it is very saturated, combines several tones. This is a chic evening option for those women who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. Look at the photo. To create this beauty, it is necessary to use the foundation for eyelid makeup, otherwise the shadows will mix and crumble.

Mandatory attributes: rich black mascara and similar eyeliner or pencil. Shades can be in brown or pink with the addition of pearlescent.

Oriental makeup usually consists in a very bright eye highlight, it is great for blue ones, especially as an evening option. In everyday life, few people decide to do it, but for special cases this is just a brilliant idea.

Oriental makeup is of two types. The Arabic version assumes that all attention should be paid only to the eyes. Look at the photo. This type is preferred by most girls and women.

The Indian version as an evening one is used much less frequently. For our culture, such a riot of colors is not very familiar. In addition, all eminent stylists unanimously reiterate that the emphasis should be on one thing - either eyes or lips. Here, one and the other stand out, plus eyebrows.

Natural makeup is more a daily option than an evening one. But if you like to always look natural, then arm yourself with shades of neutral shades and carefully blend them to get only a hint of color.

Blue makeup is perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd and are not afraid of bold experiments. For it, you need indigo shades, blue mascara and bright blue eyeliner. How to achieve the desired effect - look at the step by step photos.

In order not to repeat, replace the blue shadows with turquoise ones and apply them in a similar pattern. Cornflower shades also look great. If necessary, their brightness can be muted a little, making very thin lines with eyeliner and applying mascara in one layer.

Black make-up is one of the most common types. It can often be seen on fashion catwalks. It is great for blue eyes. The main plus of this type of makeup in its versatility. It perfectly adapts to absolutely any facial features and hair color. The black make-up is also divided into several types.

The eastern one involves applying coal-black arrows and the same shadows in such a way that the eyes get a classic almond-shaped shape for the residents of the respective countries.

The meaning of avant-garde options is the contrast between the dark frame of blue eyes and pale china skin. It is worth noting that this make-up is prevalent mainly among young people.

Classic black makeup is fairly neutral. It is especially important to comply with all the application rules for blue-eyed women, because mistakes spoil the whole look, and it is impossible to fix them. To act correctly, watch the video.

Brown makeup is considered completely unacceptable for owners of blue eyes. However, women very often destroy stereotypes with incredible ease. As a result of bold experiments, for example, such wonderful options are born.

If you are very fond of brown, but not used to invent interesting combinations on your own, there is also a great way out for you. Manufacturers of cosmetics do not tire of coming up with more and more new shades, so blue-eyed can safely use, for example, gray-brown options. Light brown in combination with gold also looks very interesting.

Rules for choosing shades by hair color

If it is difficult to determine the color type of appearance, then you can use the tips for creating makeup for blue eyes in accordance with the color of your hair. We have already examined how this system works in makeup for brown eyes.

  • Blonde hair. Perfect makeup for blondes with blue eyes - coffee, as well as peach, coral, turquoise and violet. Silver, gold and bronze emphasize beauty no less favorably. Choose the intensity of the shade depending on the time of day - brighter colors for evening makeup, less saturated for daytime makeup.
  • Dark hair. Stylish makeup for brunettes with blue eyes, as well as for brown-haired women, may not be too bright. Dark curls do their job, creating the necessary emphasis around the face. Deep shades are not really needed in everyday makeup. Sandy, khaki tones, complex shades of brown will look good. For parties, vivid shadows and sparkles are appropriate.
  • Red hair. Owners of copper, bright hair and blue eyes with transparent skin should use light tones of cosmetics (apricot, peach and olive). For eyelashes, choose brown eyeliner and mascara. Black color is only suitable for playing contrasts when you want to look especially bold.

Wedding makeup for blue eyes

The bride should become the queen of the evening, which can be helped not only by a beautiful white dress, but also by appropriate makeup. With blue eyes, gray and brown tones, light pink chords, and solemn silver and golden shades are combined. It is not necessary to make the make-up too bright, restrained tones can emphasize the romantic mood of the beauty.

Blue shadows with pleasant tints that can be successfully combined with dark chords look advantageous. Between the colors we maintain a smooth transition that adorns the look with delicate notes.For greater expressiveness of the look, apply light colors to the corners of the eyes, add similar chords to the eyebrow. You can emphasize the natural bends with a black pencil, eyeliner.

3. An evening make-up for blue eyes with neutral shades of eyeshadow

If you have bright blue eyes, then the neutral tones look stunning. There is no need to use bright colors to show your shiny eyes. Earthy and neutral tones are striking and beautiful. If you really want to wear bright colors, you can add a juicy red lipstick that will brighten up your appearance. Do not be fooled by the main color of eye shadow, trust us and try it. You will be surprised and you will love the natural look.

Evening makeup for blondes with blue eyes: a master class and photo step by step

Many girls are interested in the question of how to do evening makeup for blue-eyed blondes, because experts say that it is important to consider hair color. Blue eyes and blond hair are a great combination that gives the appearance of tenderness and attractiveness.

Mostly such data is possessed by girls of Slavic appearance. Indeed, in order not to make the image vulgar and defiant, it is important to know what makeup to choose and how to apply it to the face of blue-eyed blondes.

When choosing a foundation, you should give preference to ivory cosmetics, brighter or lighter shades will not work, as they will make the face unnatural. When the foundation for makeup is applied to the face, you need to choose eye shadow.

Below in the photo a beautiful evening make-up for blue eyes and blond hair is presented in all kinds of options:

To create an evening look, makeup artists recommend choosing lilac, purple, and purple shades.

The eyebrows of blondes, as a rule, are also light, so the girls try to give them brightness and expressiveness. To do this, you can use an eyebrow pencil, but not black, but brown or taupe.

If you like eyeliner, don’t use too dark makeup, black arrows in such makeup will be inappropriate. It is worth paying attention to light brown and gray tones, blue eyeliner will also be appropriate. If you draw dark arrows, the image will lose its tenderness, on the contrary, it will look vulgar.

Instead of eyeliner, nevertheless, it is better to use an eyeliner, because naturalness is now in fashion. To create a natural make-up for blue eyes, take a golden pencil and draw a thin line on the upper eyelid along the growth of the eyelashes.

Do not use mascara in brown tones, such a choice would be wrong even for girls with light brown hair. Emphasize the natural beauty of blue eyes, while making them expressive will help black or blue mascara.

In the photo of evening make-up for gray-blue eyes, the make-up artist used black mascara, thanks to which the image looks unusually bright and beautiful, while it does not have a hint of vulgarity:

Girls with blue eyes and blond hair are most suited for lipsticks in pink and pastel shades. The lips, on which the transparent gloss is applied, will also look good.

He will not only give the image of tenderness, but also add volume to the lips. Lipsticks of too bright shades - raspberry, orange, red, violet, will not give the blonde attractiveness.

Adjust the shape

With the help of well-chosen eye makeup, you can easily adjust their shape and make them exactly the way you want to see them. Blue-eyed beauties very often encounter this problem, however, like owners of a different eye color. In order to fix something with cosmetics or to highlight it, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations, and for this it is not necessary to be a professional makeup artist.

Owners of small eyes are recommended to emphasize the upper eyelids with dark shades, and the lower ones with light shades. In addition, in order to visually enlarge the eyes, the inner lower eyelids can be let down with a light pencil, which is necessarily waterproof, otherwise the effect will not persist for a couple of minutes.

If you do not like the roundness of the eyes, then French arrows can make them sharper.

With the help of mascara you can also slightly correct the look. You can make it more predatory if the edges of the eyelashes are longer, and closer to the inner corners of the eyes will decrease.

Basic tips

There are a number of tricks and little secrets for applying cosmetics. They will help to add a twist to the make-up, make it non-standard and incredibly stylish!

  • saturated blue shades are not suitable for fair skin,
  • the shadows corresponding to the color of the eyes merge with it and make the look blurry,
  • lavender and turquoise shades are combined with almost any color of blue eyes - you just need to play with intensity,
  • all the warm shades of brown, as well as golden and golden-green lightly emphasize the beauty of your eyes,
  • shades of gold and rich peach and orange tones are amazingly combined with blue eyes, further emphasizing their blue.

In makeup, the main thing is fantasy, experience and constant practice. Even if it seems that the color does not suit you at all, you should not refuse it: choose the right shade and your face will be transformed!

Simple evening make-up for brunettes with blue eyes

Makeup artists give useful tips on how to do evening makeup for brunettes with blue eyes, given all the rules for creating a make-up.

Such a make-up should be based on gentle tones, too dark shadows will not give the image of harmony.

Mascara should be exclusively black, because the hair is also dark. Owners of blue eyes can put on the eyelids not only blue shades, but also cosmetics of light green, purple, blue colors, most importantly, do not overdo it.

Below is a step-by-step photo of evening makeup for blue eyes and dark hair:

As for the choice of lipstick, it is much wider than for blondes. A simple evening make-up for blue eyes involves applying light pastel shades of lipstick. If a girl is going to a party, she can afford to make up her lips with bright lipstick - red, raspberry, orange.

It will help you learn how to create a beautiful evening make-up for blue eyes with a step-by-step video presented below:

It will become a faithful assistant for beginners in self-applying cosmetics on the face.

Video lessons of evening make-up for blue eyes from professional makeup artists should be used until you get certain knowledge and skills in creating make-up:

Lessons in evening makeup for blue eyes will teach you the right choice of decorative cosmetics, depending on hair color and skin tone. A master class of evening makeup for blue eyes will help to avoid common mistakes in choosing cosmetics and applying them.

Common mistakes

According to many makeup artists, the use of exclusively black colors in the makeup of blue eyes is not the best idea. For example, you can choose mascara color, brown is a great option. And the black shadows will be replaced by a huge palette of other shades, which in many respects are more successfully in harmony with this eye color.

Try to avoid red and brick shadows, especially in combination with black. Despite the fact that you do evening makeup, such a make-up will suit brown eyes, but not blue.

Be sure to do test makeup before an important event in order to have time to correct certain errors.

Daily makeup for blue eyes

Make-up yourself, following the instructions, is not so difficult. It is important to follow the standard steps, and beautiful everyday makeup for blue eyes is ready!

  • To get started, use the base under the shade.
  • Choose 3 shades from one color scheme: light, medium and dark. In the middle of the mobile eyelid, apply a medium shade, on the inner corner of the eye - light, and on the outside - dark. Gently blend the borders.
  • Using a small brush, work on the ciliary contour of the lower eyelid with a dark shade and also blend.
  • Paint over the inter-eyelash with dark shadows or an eyeliner.
  • The final chord is the application of mascara.

Another option for everyday makeup:

The perfect evening make-up for light or dark hair is a Smokey Ice for blue eyes. For its implementation, shades of saturated colors and shimmers are used. This technique of applying makeup will visually increase the section of the eyes, add depth to the look, and artificial cilia will make it more expressive and open. Now there are many options for the execution of such makeup, and the level of complexity varies from easy to complex.

In the photo you can see an approximate plan for the implementation of a simple version of makeup.

  • Even out skin tone masking imperfections around the eyes. On top of the eyelid, apply a base for the shadows.
  • Apply a dark shade to the entire moving eyelid.
  • Blend the resulting contour. Use a medium shade to reduce feathering, emphasizing the eye cavity.
  • Work the lower eyelid in the same sequence.
  • With a soft dark pencil, paint over the water line of the eye and work through the shadows of the lower eyelid in the same sequence as the upper
  • Apply shimmer shadows to the middle of the mobile eyelid and the inner corner of the eye.
  • Color the eyelashes with mascara. If your eyelashes are too rare, use several bundles of false eyelashes.

For a natural look with white skin and blond hair, choose brown and gray shades: deep black and blue will look bold and flashy. But for a rock image or evening make-up, such colors are perfect.

A variant of easy daytime smokey ice for blue-eyed girls:

The video shows the work of professional makeup artist Elena Krygina to create a classic smoky eyes.

5. Evening make-up for blue eyes with blue and purple eyeshadow

If you want colorful and summer eyes, look no further. Surprisingly, blue eyes blend well with blue and purple colors. But the rule is to blend the colors to make them smoky! It looks so good and perfect for evening makeup.

Color types

Since all the girls are individual, you cannot do the same evening make-up for everyone. It is necessary to take into account not only the features of appearance, but also the preferences of beauties.

Blond beauties with blue eyes It is very important to pay attention to the perfect complexion. Do not forget to use a concealer, which will help get rid of bags under the eyes, redness on the face and other imperfections. If desired, fix the foundation with powder with a slight flicker or matte. Blush can be selected by mood. Peach options will add warmth to the make-up, and pink ones will make the face rested and fresh. Bronzers will perfectly highlight cheekbones.

Shades of blondes with blue eyes can be used as matte or shimmer. To create a bright and evening make-up, blue, white and turquoise shades of shades are perfect. Only small accents can be set with black. If you want to make a Smokey Ice, then the classic version is better to replace with a colored one, for example, silver with turquoise. Pearlescent shades of shadows will come in handy.

Sexy makeup can be done with the help of clear French arrows, the double arrows of different colors will look very extraordinary. For a blonde, if she chose bright eye makeup, it is best to make her lips natural. For example, in shades of nude or use pale pink lipstick.

Beautiful make-up for brunette with blue eyes also, first of all, it requires an ideal face tone. To avoid the appearance of oily sheen throughout the evening, use matting tonal products and makeup bases. Such girls are perfect for lilac, lavender and other shades of purple, which are in perfect harmony with the dark hair color and blue eyes. Smokey Ice will also look great, for example, in a gray-blue combination. Or the arrows are silver or blue.

Silver, copper and other shades with brilliance will look good, but they are most suitable for blue-eyed ladies with an oriental appearance. If eye makeup is mild, choose a rich lipstick. Gloss mother-of-pearl options will look very attractive.

Star owners of blue eyes

Crystal clear sky blue or deep blue eye color is the property of many famous actresses of completely different types of appearance. It is worth taking a close look at their images in order to make successful decisions of stylists in your everyday makeup.

  • Charlize Theron

A Hollywood star with light hair color and sparkling blue eyes. She has roles where a woman appears before a viewer with black or brown hair and looks no less chic. But the golden blond in combination with the heavenly blue of the gaze is simply incomparable.

  • Zoe Deschanel

Bright brown-haired woman with charming, wide-open blue eyes, like a doll from a fairy tale about wizards. Her makeup is usually natural and tends to the style of the 50s of the XX century. Black classic arrows without shadows often complement the image of an interesting actress.

  • Nicole Kidman

The owner of very bright blue eyes and amazing red hair combined with a cold shade of marble skin. She does not abuse makeup, preferring brown tones, which so successfully complement the luxurious look. During her career, she repeatedly changed the shade of her hair, while maintaining the sophistication and sophistication of her image.

  • Diane Kruger

A blond-haired beauty with blue eyes, the shade of which gives off with pearl mother of pearl. Often chooses makeup in nude style, and also likes to highlight eyes with black. Her swarthy skin tone successfully complements the stunning image.

  • Marcia Cross

Fiery red hair and porcelain skin are the hallmarks of this amazing woman. Despite her age, the actress looks cocky, elegant and seductive.

  • Megan Fox

Burning seductive brunette with saturated bright blue eyes. With his contrasting appearance, he often resorts to retro makeup of the 40s or chooses the style of the 50s: an emphasis on lips and an even complexion, neat arrows and makeup are ready!

Blue-eyed girls have a special hypnotic look, and if you competently beat this eye color with makeup, the effect will be simply stunning!


We all know that black works well with any eye color, especially with blue eyes! Black eyeshadows look dark and mysterious, showing off your sexy blue eyes. This is a gorgeous black smokey look with a hint of brilliance. It is very glamorous and beautiful!

We do make up step by step

Whatever gentle, light or passionate make-up for blue eyes you choose for your evening, we recommend that you pay attention to the step-by-step application of makeup, which will help you correctly distribute all the means and avoid mistakes.

  • On pre-cleaned and tonic treated face cream. Let it soak into the skin and only then distribute the base under the make-up. Do not forget about the base for the shadows, especially if you are going to make “smokey” or something very bright, which should last all evening and all night.
  • Disguise all imperfections on the face with the help of corrector.
  • Via brush, sponge or fingers apply foundation. Shade it thoroughly so that there is no mask effect.
  • Highlight cheekbones with blush or slightly refresh the "apples" of the cheeks.
  • Performing classic makeup using several shades of shadows, apply the main color to the eyebrows, for example, cream, and mix blue and gray along the edges, smoothly going over the main one. Complete the make with brown or black arrows. Place small accents in the corners of the eyes with silver pigment.
  • Make up mascaras using mascara. Pay attention to both volume and length. If you use artificial eyelashes, it is best to use black glue, because with blue eyes, white will be very noticeable.
  • Do not forget and about eyebrows that can be adjusted with a special mascara or eyebrow pencil.
  • Make up lips with a delicate pink or cream tint. If the eyes, in your opinion, are not very bright, then make the lip color more saturated. Be sure to choose a pencil in tone lipstick.

Green Makeup with Gold Chords

The charming make-up harmoniously looks against the background of light blue and gray-blue eyes, emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl and highlights her feminine charm. The first step is to create the necessary foundation for makeup. Next, apply a light touch to the border of the upper eyelid, envelop the surface with deep green chords. We draw a smoky brown accent above the working surface, we emphasize the lower border with shadows with green pigment. Add light shadows to the inner area, emphasize the lower border with a black pencil. We end the magnificent symphony with a graceful golden arrow. Beautiful makeup can be tried on for exquisite evening celebrations, family dinners and fun gatherings with friends.


Like rose gold, copper color has also been trending and has become increasingly popular over the years. The blue eyes mixed with the stunning shimmering copper color of the eyeshadow look incredible. This works great. Copper color instantly adds shine to your eyes and emphasizes blue.

Makeup Tips

  • If you have any special ideas, then boldly bring them to life and experiment with makeup. An evening make up with blue eyes should not be dull. Although, it concerns not only the eye. Use highlighters, highlighting the convex parts of the face.
  • If you have never done a face sculpting, then train in advance, do not experiment immediately before going out, the effect may not be so predictable.
  • Use colored liners or pencils to draw colored arrows. Blue and white options are perfect for blue eyes.
  • Do not be afraid to mix contrasting shades of shadows and shine in evening makeup. If everything is profitable to beat, the make-up will be very effective and memorable.

If you still don’t know what makeup you should choose to look truly luxurious this evening, we recommend that you pay attention to the following selection of blue-eyed celebrities. They always know how to look their best.

  1. Famous blonde Taylor swift, stepping on the red carpet, makes calm evening make-up, focusing all attention on bright lips. She emphasizes her eyes with the help of golden eyeshadows and long, perfectly separated eyelashes.
  2. Beauty Top Model Natalia Vodianova You can often come across with a smoky ice in glossy fashion magazines. At the same time, the model has bright lipstick.
  3. Victoria's Secret Angel - Candice Swanepoel loves complementing her blue eyes with bright pink lipstick and black arrows.

How to do evening makeup for blue eyes, see the next video.

Summer mood

You can create colorful makeup that will remind you of past warm days at any time of the year. First of all, we create the necessary foundation, which will keep the makeup in perfect condition for a long time. Next, add light sandy shades, we envelop the area above the main surface with bright brick chords. Outline the lower eyelid with sparkling green shadows, underline the upper border with a brown pencil. The resulting image is striking in its smooth transitions and a beautiful combination of components. Evening makeup for blue eyes is suitable for special occasions at any time of the year.


This is the wedding season and summer, so no doubt you will be invited to many parties. If you are looking for something different and striking for blue eyes, take a look at this look. By combining black and white eyeliner, you will create an evening look that will look amazing throughout the day. Make sure you add a white eyeliner to the bottom waterline to open your eyes.


Silver works just as well as neutral and copper colors. The only difference is that the eyeshadow is already a light color, so it will not give a dark and mysterious look. This is a great feature of these eye shadow. It is also a great party view. When the sun shines, eyes will sparkle all day!

Original Smokey Ice

Themed events or the corresponding mood is the reason for creating a unique make-up in dark colors. Rich chords and flowing lines are the perfect combination to bring glamorous make-up to life. We cover the upper eyelid with dark shades, add smoky accents over the eyelid. We carefully emphasize the lower border, draw a graceful arrow along the growth line of the upper eyelashes. A unique detail is a golden line repeating the bends of the eye. Bright and extraordinary make-up will suit a spectacular outfit and become a real find for creative ladies.


Dark colors are ideal for light blue eyes. This dark green glitter combination will enhance your blue eyes and add a bit of glamor. To create a dark but wide-open look, make sure you add a shade of white to the corners of your eyes. This will dissipate the darkness a little. The colors blend so well together. Combine with a light lipstick.

Watch the video: How To Make Blue Eyes POP! Client Prom Makeup Tutorial MAKEUPMEJORDYN (February 2020).