What is the dream of Earrings?

Almost all the female half of humanity wears these luxurious jewelry, because earrings always look relevant and stylish. What are the earrings for? The interpretation of such dreams may vary depending on many factors. This is how the dream book describes earrings: it is a symbol of seduction and flirting. What can mean if you dreamed earrings? This dream has many interpretations. So let's understand everything in more detail ...

The interpretation of sleep about earrings depends on how they looked, to whom belonged, and other factors.

Interpretation of sleep options depending on the details

Remember your dream in all details in order to interpret it most accurately and correctly. What were the earrings in a dream - gold, silver or jewelry? Were any stones inserted in them? Whose earrings were these? What did you do with them? Where were the earrings? Use our tips to restore the overall picture of the plot from such small pieces and get a true interpretation of your dream.

What metal were the earrings seen made of?

Why dream gold earrings - you are advised to cancel already outlined plans. By abandoning them, you will save yourself from unnecessary worries. You may be able to return to this case later. According to the dream book, the gold earrings received as a gift in a dream mean that you will in reality earn a reputation as a knowledgeable specialist and a good worker. Why dream of finding gold earrings - soon a loved one will reach great heights, and you will sincerely rejoice at his achievements.

Why dream silver earrings with beautiful gems - get ready to spend a wonderful night with your soulmate.

Why dream about earrings - jewelry portends futile chores and a lot of empty fuss. Moreover, the size and beauty of the product determines the number of worries. The more earrings from jewelry, the more beautiful they are, the stronger your dissatisfaction with the fuss and the more it is in your life.

What stones were inlaid in them?

  • And now let's figure out what the earrings with stones dream about. A dream in which earrings were decorated with chic bright scarlet rubies means that your feelings for a partner will be ardent and strong.
  • Why dream about earrings with diamonds - to the appearance of a wealthy man who will gladly provide patronage and take responsibility for you. That is, a dream with diamond earrings may well turn out to be prophetic.
  • Earrings in a dream with emeralds symbolize both wealth, success and happiness, and bear a negative color. There is a risk of becoming a victim of a robbery. Emeralds can also dream of getting a good legacy or good news.
  • According to the dream book, earrings with sapphire stones dream of peace, luck and prosperity. Sapphires are also associated with spiritual quest and self-immersion. If in a dream you were presented with such earrings, look for a spiritual mentor. So life will become more conscious and harmonious.

Who owned the jewelry that you saw?

Earrings in a dream - what is it for? If the jewelry belonged to you, such a dream can be interpreted as the need on your part to take responsibility for your life and happiness. In this case, you will be generously rewarded. It may also mean good news in the near future. And if the decoration belonged to someone else:

  • Mother- to a welcome date with a nice person,
  • Mother-in-law - to a casual conversation with her,
  • Sister's earrings - for an interesting trip with your family
  • Earrings of friends - she will come to your aid in a difficult situation,
  • Wife’s earrings - it's time to think about a surprise for her,
  • Beloved earrings - you will spend an unforgettable vacation together.

What did you do in the dream with the decoration?

Why wear earrings: such a dream is a harbinger of the fact that one of your cherished desires will soon come true. Most likely, this desire is materially and connected with the luxury item that you long for to acquire.

If earrings were presented to you in a dream, happiness and prosperity await you.

According to the dream book, wearing earrings in your ears means that your future will be calm and serene, without sharp turns and stunning ups and downs. Both psychological and financial condition will be stable. Your energy sector will also not undergo fluctuations in the next six months. You will behave calmly, confidently and serenely.

The dream in which you try on earrings, put on your ears, means the same as putting on earrings. This is the fulfillment of a cherished material desire. The most likely result, for which you dream of measuring earrings, you will receive a good long-awaited gift, which cannot but rejoice.

Buying earrings in a dream is about sharing information with other people. Moreover, the information can be very important both for you and for the host. Suppose that at the moment you cannot evaluate all the benefits that you receive, in the future you will realize how valuable and timely this information was. There is another interpretation, why dream of buying earrings, this may indicate the acquisition of a good new thing in real life.

If earrings are given to you in a dream, this is a great sign that portends happiness and well-being in the family. If you do not know the person who made such a generous gift, get ready for an exciting romantic meeting in the near future. If your friend gives earrings, you will soon go on an exciting trip, even a holiday romance is possible. When earring donors are your mother and father, such a dream speaks of reciprocity of feelings with the person you are thinking about. There is also a negative interpretation of sleep, in which earrings are presented. This is a sign of imminent separation from a loved one and disappointment because of this.

If you found someone else's earrings somewhere, know, soon an interesting person will appear in your fate. Perhaps you will be able to make friends with him, and this friendship will be fruitful and long.

Why dream of buying earrings - such a dream portends participation in a magnificent event. Most likely, it will be a wedding, which will be celebrated on a grand scale. And in a dream you were delighted with the jewelry that you saw on someone, in reality you can envy someone from your environment.

Where were the earrings you saw?

Earrings in the ears portend pleasant troubles. This may be a preparation for the arrival of guests. Most importantly, you will enjoy this hassle. There is also another interpretation of what earrings in your ears dream of - this is a harbinger of good news. If you see earrings in the ears of another person, such a dream says that someone is spreading false rumors and gossip about you.

If you dream of a box with earrings, it is luxurious, richly decorated and of excellent quality, such a dream portends the wealth and well-being in your family. If the box is wicker or very fragile, then happiness will be ghostly and short-lived. If you saw jewelry lying in a box, you are waiting for pleasant chores associated with the acquisition of real estate.

Are the earrings in a marble box? Such a dream holds true sincere love. If you dream about how you put earrings in a box, then in real life you will probably have to cheat. In this way, you will want to win the sympathy of the right person. Marble box portends happy love.

If in a dream you looked at beautiful earrings in a store window, but did not dare to buy them - this indicates self-deception. You yourself are afraid to admit how things really are in your personal relationships and to build an adequate forecast for the future. The table is a symbol of communication and friendship. Earrings lying on the table - an unexpected gift from a good friend.

Who saw the dream: man or woman

If a woman dreamed earrings, then she appreciates herself highly and is ready to share her wisdom with others and delight others with her beauty. She worthily accepts any gifts from life, realizing that if gifts come to her, she really needs it. If the earrings were dreamed of by a pregnant woman, then the birth of her girl is very likely.

A man who sees earrings in a dream is most likely at odds with his chosen one. Such a dream speaks of a routine in a relationship, a pair of love and a spark disappeared. You should work hard to fix everything and return the romance to your home.

Interpretation of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Wangi, Freud, Modern

As you can see, the image of earrings in a dream has conflicting meanings. They can mean both career success and happiness in personal relationships, and unpleasant emotions - envy and jealousy, and sometimes such a dream indicates that you have ill-wishers. Choose an interpretation based on the details of your sleep and your own emotions. See also how the compilers of the most relevant dream books of our time interpret this jewelry.

Miller's Dream Interpretation - Career Ahead

If the earring is broken in a dream, this is not a good sign. Perhaps you are waiting for disappointment and failure at work. On the contrary, brilliant beautiful jewelry promises career growth and greater earnings. It turns out that the dependence is direct - the more beautiful the earrings, the greater wealth portends such a dream. Also, according to the psychologist, earrings symbolize the flow of information. They dream of good news and exciting assignments at an interesting job.

Dream Interview Wangi - you behave nobly

According to Wangi's dream book, gold earrings in a dream bring good luck.

Bulgarian clairvoyant associates gold jewelry with luck. If you dreamed about gold earrings, you should know that the “happy star” is already somewhere nearby and will soon “fall” onto your head. If you consider gold earrings in a dream with love, pleasure and interest, this indicates your worthy behavior. You behave like an aristocrat, which cannot but cause respect. And if in a dream the earrings are lost - it is quite possible to remain without material wealth in real life.

Dream of Freud - you will find luck in love

Trying to give someone your earrings in a dream? Freud interprets this as an indefatigable desire to support both himself and his partner. You do not trifle and think that you are worthy of a good income.

Buying gold earrings in a dream - that means you have a person who has not yet noticed your interest. You are trying in every way to win the love of this person. You even want to “buy” his love. Most likely, nothing worthwhile will come of this venture.

If in a dream you wear only one earring - soon you will meet the very only person, the second half. Build your happiness with him or her. Wear two earrings in a dream - such a dream portends a light flirt with several suitors. Choose carefully, fate is on your side.

Modern dream book - new challenges await you

Earrings can dream of upcoming cash and most importantly, interesting work. You will have new tasks that you can easily handle. Good luck will accompany you in your career advancement. Broken earrings mean that now someone is weaving intrigue behind your back. Do your best to maintain your reputation and good name.

Miller's Dreaming Earrings

Dreaming about earrings is a sign that good news and interesting work await you.

Seeing them broken - means that bad rumors and gossip can harm you if you do not show wisdom and discretion.

Gold earrings - to career growth, financial wealth, a happy journey.

Gold earrings - If in a dream you give someone gold earrings - in reality you have to make happy with your decision a person who largely depends on your opinion.

In a dream, lose gold earrings or one of them - to parting with your beloved, tears, failures.

If you dreamed that you were wearing gold earrings - beware of adventures and fleeting novels. Random communications can cause you a lot of problems and troubles, be careful and prudent.

Gold earrings - If you dreamed of broken gold earrings - you will have an unpleasant conversation with a person in a higher position.

Gold earrings are put on you in a dream, and they are in the form of rings - to repeated mistakes. Perhaps in the near future you will suffer from the same situation from which you have already suffered.

Intimate dream book - you envy someone

The dream in which you wore the gold earrings is the envy of someone else's beauty, beautiful expensive things. Giving someone - the desire to envy others. Lose - learn about the troubles of a person whose success is envy. To receive as a gift - someone in vain believes that he is superior to you in everything.

Hasse earrings

To find earrings - happiness and profit, to lose - fear, to wear - you will find out the secret, to buy - you will disappoint your relatives and friends, to break it is treason.

Seeing earrings in a dream is a harbinger of good news and interesting work. Broken earrings are a sign that your foes will spread evil gossip about you. Earrings in a dream mean your daughter and her fate, it is also a sign that you will be able to learn and keep strangers secrets. Putting on earrings - to troubles in love, low profit, gossip.

Earrings for the dream book of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

A pair of beautiful earrings in a dream is a sign of harmony and reciprocity of feelings.

To give a loved one or accept expensive earrings from him in a dream - portends life to you in happiness and harmony.

An unpaired earring is a sign of a possible quarrel.

To lose one of the earrings in a dream - means that some kind of quarrel with a loved one can lead to a break in relations.

Earrings for Fedorov’s dream book

To see earrings in a dream is a joyful event.

If you dreamed that you bought or received earrings as a gift, you will soon be presented with a valuable gift.

You dreamed that you put on or wear earrings - you have to find out family secret.

In a dream, you looked at earrings in a shop window - a more interesting work awaits you.

If you dreamed that you are taking off your earrings, you will soon hear a declaration of love.

You dreamed that you broke your earrings - hear new gossip.

Losing one or both earrings, giving them to someone, or selling earrings is a big loss.


We see that the dreams in which the earrings appear are interpreted in completely different ways, how many people - so many opinions. Read carefully the interpretation of sleep, remember as many details as possible, trust your intuition. And most importantly - do not get hung up if you see something unpleasant or disturbing. This is just a warning, trust in fate that everything will happen in the best way, and good dreams to you.

Islamic Dream Book Earrings

An earring is the birth of a son or the marriage of a daughter or trade for someone who sees her on the ear of his wife. If a pregnant woman sees gold earrings on her ears, then she wears a boy in her womb; if this is seen by an unmarried girl, she will soon get married. Silver earrings mean the birth of a female child. Dream Interpretation Earring - Pearl earrings in a dream - a sign of a beautiful and comfortable life. For a man to wear earrings in a dream - indicates that he has committed obscene acts or that he has the talent to sing beautifully.

Modern Dream Earrings

Dreaming about earrings is a harbinger of good news and interesting work.

Broken earrings are a sign that your enemies will spread evil gossip about you.

East Dream Earrings

Earrings - dream of good news and interesting work. And such a dream for pregnant women - promises the birth of a girl.

I dreamed of broken earrings - beware of gossip, dissolved by envious people.

Schiller-Schoolboy dream book earrings

fun, wedding, for married - childbirth.

Pocket Dream Earrings

If you dreamed about earrings, then you are waiting for good news, interesting and highly paid work.

If you saw broken earrings in a dream, then gossip awaits you.

Earrings by A. Vasilieva's dream book

If you dreamed about earrings, then you will have a romantic relationship and love affairs.

Islamic Dream Book Earrings

An earring is the birth of a son or the marriage of a daughter or trade for someone who sees her on the ear of his wife. If a pregnant woman sees gold earrings on her ears, then she wears a boy in her womb; if this is seen by an unmarried girl, she will soon get married. Silver earrings mean the birth of a female child. Dream Interpretation Earring - Pearl earrings in a dream - a sign of a beautiful and comfortable life. For a man to wear earrings in a dream - indicates that he has committed obscene acts or that he has the talent to sing beautifully.

Modern Dream Earrings

To buy or sell gold earrings in a dream is a personal problem. Perhaps you are waiting for a complication of relationships in the family, unhappy love, cooling relations with a lover. If you dreamed of gold earrings with a flaw, for example, broken ones, this is to falsity, to delusion and to tears. Beware of problems at work - the closest people can set you up.

What dreams about Earrings

Dreaming about earrings - for good news and pleasant chores around the house, if you had such a dream from Wednesday to Thursday, wait for the guests.

If in a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday or from Friday to Saturday you saw broken earrings or broke them by negligence, this warns you that gossip and rumors can harm you.

Dreaming about earrings is a harbinger of good news and interesting work.

Broken earrings are a sign that your enemies will spread evil gossip about you.

Earrings in a dream - mean the daughter and her fate, it is also a sign that you will learn and keep other people's secrets.

Wearing earrings is for trouble in love, low profit, gossip.

If you dreamed of beautiful earrings, then they will give you a gift, or maybe you will find out some secret.

If you dreamed of earrings in someone’s ears, then you need to beware of false rumors.

If you lost earrings in a dream, then you will be separated.

To receive earrings in a dream as a gift - someone will deceive you.

If you dreamed that you put on earrings - then you will become a victim of someone's gossip.

Also, the earrings you lost in a dream indicate the possibility of robbery. You should be extremely careful with your things in the near future.

For men, earrings in a dream can mean problems with a soul mate. As a rule, a spark disappears in a relationship, and, having seen such a dream, a man should do everything possible to restore lost romance and harmony.

By the way, in the countries of the East earrings characterize the social status of their holder. The more earrings, the more respected the wearer: in the nose, lips, eyelids, nails, navel.

This unusual piercing of various parts of the body is becoming increasingly popular in the West and in our country, called “piercing”.

Dream Interpretation AstroMeridiana

Why did you dream about Earrings

Earrings - Dreamed earrings and rings symbolize actions or events that will seriously interest you in reality.

  • Seeing yourself in expensive gold earrings is an event that will lead to the creation of problems through your fault.
  • You are holding in your hands gold earrings with pearls, in reality all your undertakings will be successful. This is the most favorable period in order to realize the most daring dreams.
  • A good sign is a dream with diamond earrings in your ears. He says that in the near future you will become the soul of the company among your colleagues, and this will help you achieve career success.

Psychological interpreter Furtseva

According to the dream book Earrings

Earrings - Expensive jewelry, including earrings, is interpreted by our subconscious as false and false.

  • Earrings with sapphire, according to the dream book - probably in reality you find yourself in an unpleasant environment that requires you either money or some other material things.
  • Another meaning is a dream in which you admire your own earrings. You subconsciously understand that you have great success with the opposite sex. Do not sit still, use this advantage for personal purposes, but do not forget that you can not hurt the feelings of others with your indifference.

Romantic dream book

Earrings for what dream

  • Earrings - Someone asks you for an earring in a dream, means breaking the relationship with your loved one.
  • To return the lost earring, portends that you will win on the personal front, and your enemies will get what they deserve.
  • To dream of gold earrings - to the fidelity and sincerity of the chosen one.

See also: why dream about jewelry, what dream about jewelry, why dream about.

Modern dream book for 365 days

Why do I dream about Earrings by day of the week?

Earrings - Wear earrings. For a woman - a Dream in the spring, to joy, in summer, to a gift, in autumn, it means that you will learn someone's secrets, and in winter, to a meeting with a person who is not worth trusting. For a man, a Dream in the spring portends a careless act in the summer, he warns that you should beware of the evil eye, and in the fall, warns that you must beware of deception. A dream in the winter - to the disturbing news.

Take off the earrings. For a woman - a Dream in the spring - to failure, in the summer, to loss, in the fall, to weakness and malaise, in the winter, to a meeting with a person who is trustworthy. For a man - a Dream that he dreamed in the spring - to be free from burden, in the summer - to be freed from other people's influence, in the fall - warns that you should beware of cheating, a dream that you had in the winter says that you should pay more attention to your health .

Dream Interpretation Taylor Joules

What dreams about Earrings, symbolic meaning:

Dream about earrings - Ear jewelry - earrings, rings, "cloves", pendants, clips - attract attention to the ear. What a dream is about: Any earrings in your ears can be a warning, advice to listen to others and pay attention to what you are told. See also Ears.

Islamic dream book

Earrings for what dream

Earrings - This is the birth of a son or the issue of a daughter's marriage or trade for someone who sees her on the ear of his wife. If a pregnant woman sees gold earrings on her ears, then she wears a boy in her womb; if this is seen by an unmarried girl, she will soon get married. Silver earrings mean the birth of a female child. Pearl earrings in a dream are a sign of a beautiful and comfortable life. For a man to wear earrings in a dream - indicates that he has committed obscene acts or that he has the talent to sing beautifully.

Big modern dream book

Earrings - what does the dreamer dream about?

Dream about earrings - You see earrings in a dream - soon you will learn good news, something will change in the world, and your affairs will improve. You dreamed of broken earrings - very unflattering rumors about you will spread in society, these rumors can adversely affect the course of your affairs.

A brief interpretation of sleep about earrings according to various dream books

A pair of earrings is a sign of mutual love. For young and unmarried people, sleep is also auspicious. He portends upcoming acquaintances, flirting and romantic relationships.

Dream Interpreter Fedorovskaya promises those who see earrings a joyful event in the future

  • The Mayan Dream Interpretation decrypts the wearing of earrings favorably. A dream promises an early meeting with an old acquaintance.
  • Miller's dream book: to an interesting proposal for work in the future,
  • 21st Century Dream Interpretation: earrings act in a symbolic way of daughters and their destinies, it also shows that you will be trusted to keep someone else's secret.
  • An old Russian dream book interprets earrings as a symbol of your vanity.
  • Esoteric dream book shares jewelry by value: cheap jewelry is a symbol of deception, and expensive jewelry with precious stones inserted means that you have trouble.
  • Dream interpretation of S. Kananita - to the fun. Possible the wedding of someone from the family or replenishment in the family.
  • According to Small Velesov Dream Interpretation, this portends receiving a gift or a fun feast.
  • Azar's Dream Interpretation is an ambulance or sympathy for you.
  • The Wanderer’s dream interpretation of different interpretations of the dream of earrings, depending on gender: men promises a pleasant acquaintance, women - involvement in someone else’s secret.
  • The family dream book promises those who have dreamed earrings pleasant troubles associated with the house. Reception is not excluded. For a married woman, having a dream with earrings is a good sign, meaning that she will soon become a mother.

On a note. Sometimes people confuse earrings and clips. In a dream, the latter, when on their ears, symbolize dissatisfaction with family life, and a broken clip clasp means giving up excesses, living for a little money.

The Islamic dream book prophesies to those who dream about earrings giving their daughter to marry or the appearance of a son

What does material, size and shape mean?

By the type of metal from which jewelry is made, one can judge their value. Dear, gracefully made earrings in real life serve as a symbol of luxury, emphasize the style. But what do metals and the shape of earrings mean in a dream?

Earrings in the ears often mean involvement in auditory associations and other people's secrets. It is important to look closely at the material and stones inserted in the decoration, as well as the size and shape. This will help to correctly interpret the dream, to refrain from impulsive acts in reality and to exercise caution in communicating with others.

Metal Type: Gold, Silver, Jewelry

Gold is a sign that you should get the better of your own desires. You will have to refuse from the conceived business in order not to create unnecessary chores for yourself.

When gold jewelry is dreamed more than once - this is a sign of your desire for a beautiful, luxurious, prosperous life. If in a dream the earrings belong to you - this is a symbol of the fact that you are able to achieve much in life, showing strength of will and perseverance.

The interpretation of gold earrings for men and women is different:

  • to the stronger sex, the jewelry seen on another person promises the emergence of a new commitment, a sense of responsibility for someone or something, to hold a pair of earrings in your palm - to increase wealth, as well as to the emergence of a new business proposal that promises benefits,
  • to a pregnant woman, a dream foreshadows a healthy boy,
  • girls and women should wait for sudden news that can strengthen their financial independence, this is a favorable sign that promises only positive emotions,
  • an unmarried girl to see massive gold in her ears - to the appearance of an overwhelming burden of all kinds of duties.

According to Miller's dream book, earrings made of gold - to a new pleasant job, promotion (rank)

Silver accessories promise emotional outbursts: excitement, falls and take-offs with a successful outcome await you.

Non-precious (cheap) metals with gilding and cheap glass instead of stones - to a possible deception.

Large or small: meaning

Large jewelry seen in a dream indicates the size of the mystery that you will know in the near future. Also, the large size of earrings may mean some pleasant communication in the near future, perhaps you will become a participant in a significant celebration. The catchy look of accessories suggests that the compliments of others will gradually develop into envy.

The heavy earrings of the old work symbolize your regret for the lost time and opportunities.

Small earrings (classic earrings), which you saw in a dream, promise a fleeting joy that turns into sadness.

Earring shape: rings, long, flat, earrings and others

To see earrings in the form of closed rings is a sign of cyclicity. The situation in life will remain unchanged, the previous "rake" awaits you, on which you will come across again and again. This is the return of an unresolved problem from your past.

Long elongated earrings on Longo's dream book are a dangerous symbol. You face failure. In other sources, this is interpreted as a prolonged, but unpromising flirting.

Flat round earrings made in the form of coins - to a meeting with a mercenary person who will manipulate you for your own benefit.

See earrings from Enigma dream book

Fancy original earrings? This is a sign of temptation and temptation, they indicate the futility of action or, conversely, a quick enrichment. Be sure to look at the appearance and features of the products.

Small and modest ones indicate mutual understanding, while large or shiny ones indicate deception, falsehood. Long pendants suggest that you do not value what you have, so you can lose it.

It is best to receive earrings and a chain as a gift from a beloved man in a dream. After such a dream, the Enigma dream book guarantees a speedy marriage. Moreover, you will live, as they say, happily ever after.

Earrings with stones (pearls, diamonds, ruby, green stones and others)

Seeing any gems inserted in earrings in a dream is a chore. Sometimes a dream bodes a quick trip or business trip. The interpretation of stones is based on the energy of minerals:

  • Diamonds - to the patronage of a powerful person or the conclusion of a successful marriage. For a woman, this may mean the appearance of a child.
  • Aventurine - to the emergence of inspiration.
  • Pearls to tears. Unlike European dream books, Islamic interprets pearls in a dream as a prophecy of a comfortable life.
  • Rubies, according to the dream book of Felomens, portend luck in everything, luck.
  • Emeralds, according to Freud's dream book, promise harmony in relations with a loved one. It can also mean spiritual growth, a craving for self-knowledge.
  • Gems for decoding Felomens - to self-praise.
  • Diamond inserts - to a solid material jackpot. You can safely play the lottery or risk investing your own money.
  • Topaz predict a meeting with positive people, the establishment of warm relations. Winning or concluding a profitable transaction is not ruled out.
  • Blue stones (turquoise, etc.) symbolize deception. But according to Tsvetkov’s dream book, turquoise is a symbol of bright pleasant memories, and sapphire means widowhood.
  • Jewelry with amber inserts suggests that you risk finding yourself surrounded by people unpleasant to you, and it will be impossible to get out of it.

Buying amber earrings in a dream means excessive financial expenses

  • if there are a lot of them (of different colors or the same ones) - to small household chores that you cannot quickly get rid of, you should not expect an easy carefree life,
  • one large stone - expect a love confession.

If you have a trip, you should focus on the shade of stones:

  • dark, saturated tones (deep red, etc.) - expect to see people unpleasant to you among your companions,
  • bright and bright colors (blue, green, yellow) - the path will be successful, because nice people will accompany you.

For a married lady, a scattering of small bright stones is a negative sign, portending tears and resentment against her husband. The reason for this may be a misunderstanding or the machinations of an opponent.

It's important to know. Seeing clouded stones in a dream inserted into earrings is a test of fate.

Why do you dream of broken

  • To dream of a broken decoration (one or several) is a problem in the team, after that you should be careful. According to Miller's dream book, broken accessories mean the spread of gossip about you.
  • With his own hands to break an earring (clasp), according to the dream book of Kananita, portends the news of a betrayal of a person close to you. It can also mean unreasonable disappointment in one of relatives or friends.
  • A pair of gold earrings, where one of the ornaments is broken, according to Miller’s dream book is a negative omen. Gossip in society will weaken your reputation, reduce credibility among colleagues or at home.

Interpretation of the numerological dream book

This dream interpreter offers a very pleasant interpretation. If you tried on large earrings in front of the mirror, then in reality the desire of a romantic nature will come true, you may get married.

If the clips are the same, then this will happen exactly the next two weeks. If different, then you have to wait two months. Was there only one pendant in a dream? Alas, the desired will not come true soon.

Men see and even more so wear earrings much worse. Dream Interpretation believes that on the 11th day after the dream there will be big trouble at home or at work.

Beautiful earrings that dreamed on Saturday promise peace and pleasure. Seeing them in a dream on Monday is an unfortunate incident. If on the night of Thursday or Sunday they gave the pendants to another person, then in the very near future you will begin to compete with him.

Find, lose, seek or steal

Losing earrings - to a possible robbery, a major loss. According to the interpretation of S. Kananita, the loss of jewelry is to get a fright. According to Medea's dream book, this dream is to separation from a loved one.

If a golden earring is lost in a dream - beware of a ridiculous quarrel that can destroy a strong relationship with a loved one, do not succumb to provocations. Also, a dream predicts the appearance of doubts and fears of an unknown future. For a man, such a loss promises the appearance of problems in relations with his beloved woman, the loss of a love spark, romance and mutual harmony.

According to Hasse's dream book, the loss of earrings in a dream portends a fright. To lose jewelry donated by someone is to the loss of trust from a respected person, to disappointment.

If in a dream your earrings are stolen - this is a negative sign. Parting with a spouse is not excluded due to the fault of the opponent or opponent.

However, if you stole an unloved couple, to which your soul did not lie, the dream is favorable. This means that you will soon get rid of an unpleasant obligation.

Find earrings in a dream - to the emergence of a new friend. According to the dream book of S. Kananita, finding in the form of earrings means gaining happiness. For male businessmen, the dream stands for a profitable completion of the business thanks to partners. According to Hasse's dream book, the earrings found in a dream promise profit.

If the decoration was found in the middle of the road, Tsvetkov’s dream interpretation interprets this negatively. In real life you will meet your fate, but this person will not reciprocate.

To find an earring you once lost from a pair is to unexpected luck. Found someone else's jewelry - to the news (the value of the stone will indicate the importance of the news).

If the dream is connected with the search for earrings, it reflects the real life situation: perhaps you have been looking for something very significant for yourself for a long time, but you just can’t find it (meaning in life, loved one, etc.).

If you are lucky to find earrings with diamond inserts in a dream, this promises the appearance of a wealthy gentleman. However, Miller’s dream book warns: you should not prematurely rely on such a person until you know more about him.

If in a dream you stole earrings from someone and tried on yourself, this is a warning, there is a risk of committing an unseemly act, which later becomes impossible to hide.

What do Miller, Wang and others think?

Other interpreters provide equally ambiguous interpretations. For example, Mr. Miller believes that earrings promise an interesting business or news. But if you accidentally broke them, then due to indiscretion you will become an object for bad rumors and gossip.

What are the dreams of gold products? According to the Muslim dream book, they promise the appearance of a wife or lover. Islamic promises money that will bring disappointment and spiritual discomfort.

Seer Wang associates earrings with her daughter and her fate, as well as other people's secrets. She guarantees a man an acquaintance with an interesting person. If earrings were dreamed in a dream, then Dr. Freud is sure: this is only a reflection of a strong attachment to a loved one.

Why dream new earrings

Why dream of beautiful earrings in a shop window? An interesting project awaits you. You can put on new clips for a love adventure. Had to measure pendants made of gold or silver? Get rich or find a patron.

To see cute little things on others means that get rid of laziness, spleen and take up the implementation of plans. Earrings with stones characterize a romantic connection. The dream interpretation offers such values:

  • Emerald - reconciliation, renewal of relations.
  • Ruby is a fiery but fleeting novel.
  • Turquoise is a surprise, a surprise.
  • Amber is a happy marriage, a loving husband.
  • Amethyst - liberation from resentment.
  • Sapphire is love that brings suffering.
  • Pomegranate - fulfillment of promises, hopes.

Buy, sell, give, give or receive as a gift

Try to remember what kind of earrings you presented in a dream, whether you liked them, what metal was and other details

Buying earrings is a possible hassle associated with work. According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, this action portends an improvement in relations with people around you.

Dream Interpretation Felomens interprets the purchase of cheap jewelry as an upcoming meeting with a stingy, hunks. Spending on base jewelry with various defects indicates the machinations of ill-wishers directed against you.

Purchasing earrings also means a warm welcome in the community to you. Relations with new friends will develop successfully, and the authorities will make concessions.

The interpretation of sleep about buying earrings also depends on the dreamer's gender:

  • A man such a dream portends the emergence of problems with the official authority. Verification of the business and identification of shortcomings, which will turn out to be expensive, is not ruled out.
  • For a young girl, a purchase predicts the appearance of an annoying, insincere, self-serving fan.

Selling earrings, according to Felomena's dream book, can mean:

  • treason on the part of loved ones,
  • Your failure to keep a promise made earlier
  • loss of love

In real life, it is often practiced laying jewelery in a pawnshop. Seeing this in a dream promises love losses. But if you managed to pick up the pledged earrings from the pawnshop - this is a favorable sign, foreshadowing a new thing.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, accepting earrings as a gift in a dream is a warning sign. You should not take everyone’s word for it, any information that comes to you will require a thorough check, fraud and swindle are not ruled out.

But Vanga's dream book interprets this dream differently: to receive earrings as a gift - to happiness and tranquility in family life. For a pregnant woman, this means the birth of a daughter. For an unmarried girl, it is important who gives a valuable gift:

  • if the present is from a man - expect an ardent declaration of love,
  • if a woman handed them to you - to the manifestation of signs of attention from a man from among your friends.

According to Fedorovskaya’s dream book, accepting a gift or purchasing earrings means receiving a valuable gift in reality. Getting gold accessories is a new business acquaintance. Perhaps this will be the merit of your soulmate (spouse).

Taking earrings as a gift from a deceased relative is a warning. Refrain from spontaneous behavior or a rash act, as they can greatly change your fate for the worse.

To give earrings to someone, according to the dream book of Birthdays - to great surprise. Expect a pleasant surprise from fate.

Dream interpretation of Fedorovskaya interprets the presentation of jewelry earrings as a presentation or their sale as a negative sign promising to receive a major loss. But if you give jewelry - it is for the upcoming competition.

Seeing in a dream how you lose your donated earrings foreshadows an early parting with your loved one

Dream of old jewelry

Often, old earrings suggest that a meeting with the chosen one is destined for you by fate itself. But to see them in tandem with an old necklace - to a marriage of convenience, which will not bring happiness.

What are amber earrings for? Dream Interpretation promises a happy marriage. Dreamed of ruby ​​earrings? It is a symbol of power, wealth and energy. But the emerald are considered an act of blessing, a sign of self-knowledge, spiritual growth.

If pearl jewels were featured in a dream, then suddenly changing circumstances will help to reveal the secret potential. But if you lost an expensive jewelry, then miss your chance.

What does inexpensive jewelry mean?

Did you dream about cheap jewelry in a dream? You will try to attract someone’s attention by any means, but you’re unlikely to get what you want, because you will perform stupid actions. Are there any damaged items in the pile of pendants? An unkind person has conceived evil against you.

Why dream of a lot of nice little things? The dream book prophesies: life will be full of events, meetings and news of various kinds. Be sure to note their color.

  • Blue - execution of plans, fun.
  • Blue - understanding, humility, coldness.
  • Green is abundance, healing.
  • Pink - illusions, fantasies.
  • Red - passion, overexcitation, anger, threat.
  • Black - concentration, deep feelings.

See on yourself or on another person in a shop window

According to Kananit, wearing earrings in one’s ears inadvertently becomes involved in someone else’s secret. According to Fedorov’s dream book, putting on or wearing such jewelry promises you to expose your family secret.

If in a dream you notice earrings on other people living in real life, expect a feast or a luxurious wedding. Perhaps it will be a fun friendly party. The more luxurious the decorations, the better.

If the product you saw on another person you especially liked, perhaps in life you envy him.

Seeing different earrings in your ears is a sign that you should carefully control your emotions and not succumb to the provocations of others, otherwise you will not avoid an unpleasant scandal.

The married woman seen on another lady's gold earrings prophesy rumors and gossip. Perhaps their distribution is the work of your rival. Do not trust fleeting female acquaintances and “well-wishers”, and also try to devote more time to your spouse in order to prevent parting.

According to a gypsy dream book, wearing an earring in one ear means being with your loved one. If a couple is wearing ears, it means flirting on several fronts, with several gentlemen at the same time.

In a dream, see earrings in a shop or store window, according to Fedorovskaya’s dream book, to receive an interesting job offer.

According to Medea's dream book, to see earrings on a deceased relative, for example, on a deceased grandmother, means deceiving and spreading false rumors about you.

Dreamed different earrings

What does it mean if in a dream you decide to wear different earrings? The dream interpretation warns: you will suffer serious losses if you succumb to some temptation. At the same time, different earrings suggest that some of your ideas will be extremely successful.

What is the dream of wearing only one earring? You will be with the person you love. Wearing several pendants indicates the enthusiasm of many at once. In the night they sorted out trinkets, not knowing what to wear? A very difficult choice to make.

Why remove and give earrings

To remove or lose earrings in a dream is always bad. This is a signal of deterioration in relations, position, voluntary abandonment of plans. Lost only one thing? Get ready for a serious engagement with your loved one.

Did you consciously decide to give or sell your usual jewelry? Dream Interpretation is convinced: there will be major losses, a break in communication on your initiative. If you managed to break the product, then you can not keep this obligation.

At night, looking for earrings means trying to please some person. If found, actions will succeed. But accidentally finding jewelry on the road is worse. In reality, you will become a victim of a malicious slander.

Put on, try on, take off, hide in a casket

Earrings, in a dream with difficulty slipping through the ears - to a close quarrel with a loved one. There may be difficulties in communicating with family or colleagues.

Trying on earrings - to show your curiosity, it is possible that someone else's secret will interest you. Sometimes it shows your indefatigable craving for new knowledge.

If you hid a pair of earrings in a casket, this means that you secretly want to have a family and are mentally prepared for this

If you put on accessories in a dream against your will, this is a warning: refuse a rash transaction, as good luck is not expected.

According to Pythagorov's dream book, trying on in a dream the same earrings in front of a mirror is deciphered in different ways:

  • For girls and women - a favorable sign. The fulfillment of your love desire will happen in a few weeks. If the earrings are different (in color, size), the fulfillment of desire will last a little bit (up to a couple of months).
  • For men, it’s a negative symbol promising the boss’s nit-picking or breaking the family.
  • For students - a positive sign, meaning successful and easy passing exams. Difficulties are possible with only two subjects, but everything will end happily.
  • For single people - to the long-awaited acquaintance.

But Medea's dream book deciphers putting on earrings on himself as a negative sign. Perhaps in the near future you will become a victim of slander or gossip. The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation interprets donning jewelry as troubles in love affairs. According to the 21st century dream book, putting on earrings promises trouble in love affairs or earning meager profits.

Interesting to know. Sorting your own jewelry, not daring to prefer one pair of earrings? Such a dream may dream of a woman who in reality leads a tumultuous and hectic personal life, has several fans, but cannot stop at one of them. The dream warns of the complexity of the situation: someday you still have to choose.

Another non-standard situation, if someone outsider puts on a woman’s earrings. This is a dream warning: you should not commit rash acts or embark on an adventure, there is a risk of spoiling your reputation.

In a dream, a man finds gold earrings promises successful deals, successful business and increased profits

Choose your dream 👇

Try on earrings in a dream

Why do I dream of silver earrings?

Find earrings in a dream

Why dream about earrings with stones?

Why dream earrings in my ears?

Why dream of gold earrings?

I dreamed about earrings in a man’s ears

For a man to see an extraordinary dream in which the fitting of earrings takes place is a warning sign, it displays confusion in reality, shows that in real life a person changes masks and roles, but does not find himself, hence the occurrence of stress and emotional tension.

According to the Islamic dream book, if a man sees earrings on himself, he should be wary of committing an indecent act. Sometimes this indicates his singing talent.

If a man tries on earrings on himself and can barely cope with the clasps, Felomena's dream book promises him a beloved woman with a complex and unpredictable character.

The interpretation of dreams with earrings is diverse and multifaceted. All details of jewelry and actions that occur in a dream are of importance.

Questions to the author

  • Zhanna Petrishcheva: In a dream, I had a puncture in my nose with a silver clove inserted. And although in reality I’m unlikely to dare to conduct such experiments, what can I expect after such a vision?
  • Inga Arkhangelskaya: Most likely, grandiose changes will occur, and they will be the result of your non-trivial act. At the same time, a clove earring symbolizes a long-awaited date.
  • Anna: I dreamed that I wore a couple of very extravagant clips (in fact, I don’t have one). The girlfriends were very envious, but I was proud and showed off in spite of them. What does it mean?
  • Inga Arkhangelskaya: In the very near future, get acquainted with a very extraordinary young man and fall in love with him. Judging by the behavior of friends, this feeling will be mutual and strong.
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I dreamed of long pendants with pebbles very beautiful.

This is a sign of the upcoming novel! The prophecy will not come true tomorrow - you need to wait.😊 Another such dream may portend a very favorable offer from a man. I wish you both interpretations come true!)

I dreamed that a young man (I don’t know him) presented me with very expensive diamond earrings, such hanging and a fur coat ... I went into them and everyone looked at me, and then my dead mother came and was so happy for me ... and with me stood ... what is it for?

Marry a wealthy and reliable man 😊. This event will be only your merit. You know perfectly well what you are striving for. And do not exchange for trifles.

I dreamed that my one of the earrings had broken, and right there I looked, the same earring lay, I dressed and was delighted.

Meet the person who complements you perfectly. Not necessarily talking about a soul mate - it could be a friend. You simply cannot live without each other, your connection is so strong 😉.

I dreamed that my mother gave silver earrings with a blue stone and I stand, and admire them in the mirror. What does this mean?

In a dream, a former mother-in-law gives a lost earring.

I see a dream. How I remove the gold earrings from my ears and give them to my niece.

She wore long new earrings with a price tag, and when she looked in the mirror, she saw that she wore 2 pairs of earrings, some long and others short.

Large hanging old earrings

I dreamed that I was looking at various beautiful silver earrings in my hands. One large and the other small, but both with the same stones. And I wondered why they are different, because I bought the same ones, how did I wear them like that. Probably fashionable and even prettier, I thought.


I dreamed of a ring that I broke on my finger and earrings, I put them on, but then I began to look for mine and found it.

Dreamed: that I was presented with three different earrings and they are all on the same ear, in the middle is an earring with a red diamond.

Hello. I dreamed that I put on earrings, it turned out to be one short and the other long, and I chose which one is prettier, why?

I dreamed that my mother brought me old gold earrings. There were no two precious stones in one earring, but in the other. I woke up with a feeling, how can such earrings be worn?

I dreamed that some girl stole my earrings from me, then returned them to me, but my boyfriend took them and brought them back to me, after which I was offended and started to leave, but when I turned around I did not see him, he just did not follow me. What does this mean, please tell me.

For two consecutive days, I have dreams that I measure my daughter’s earrings and measure the donated earrings. What is it for?

Girls, I can say that if you lose an earring in your life, then soon you will break off your relationship and meet a new love. Tested on yourself, if you find an earring, then this will not be a long relationship.

I dreamed that I had a gold earring unbuttoned, and a stranger saw and buttoned it.

I dreamed that there was no ring on the ears of the earrings and on the finger, as if they had removed and stolen the sleeping one from me, waking upset, what’s it for?

I dreamed of large earrings, consisting of only two large, connected together, pale green stones (similar to jade), and silver laced inserts on top of the stones. Someone gave these earrings to me in a dream, as if they gave them to me, at first I held them in my hand and examined them, admired them, and then I put them on, and they turned out to be not at all heavy, in spite of their massiveness.

I dreamed that I gave the deceased's sister-in-law a pair of earrings and put them on me, but they were three different. I also asked where the third one was, but I remember well one earring was a heart, and I really liked the earrings, but then I saw the husband of the deceased as if he had arrived with his family, and I was shocked when I saw him. He hugged him strongly and he me, it was such a happiness, but it was just a dream.

It was a dream that they gave white woman earrings to another woman, and I examined them for a test. It turned out to be high and the stone is only large.

I dreamed that I find earrings simple even with a little rust, but with amazing bright multi-colored stones of unusual beauty. In a week I find out that I am pregnant. We look forward to the appearance of the baby, probably a girl once earrings. They wanted a boy.

I dreamed that on the ears of the earrings they are very beautiful and long, why would it? Thanks.

I dreamed that I was given a very, very many gold earrings with different precious stones. What is it for? Thanks.

Why do I dream of a whole box of jewelry earrings, hairpins, crabs?

Please tell me what I dreamed about, I hold on my palm one white metal earring with an English lock, and is decorated with one large white transparent stone, and around a scattering of small same stones. I took this earring with my other hand and spoke a phrase fastening it: yes, original, but jewelry.

Hello. I dreamed that I was presented with earrings made of fresh flowers, but I still haven’t seen such beautiful ones in my life and they were disassembled, I didn’t have time to put them together in a dream. I put it a little on my ear and admired it, and I was happy that I was presented with them, even though they were in this form, but still of an amazingly beautiful product.

Good time of day! I dreamed that my husband’s friend gave me very expensive earrings.

For married women, the dream of buying or receiving earrings as a gift, to soon motherhood, good luck to everyone.

I dreamed that a friend whom I had not seen in year 3 gave me gold earrings.

In the morning I dreamed that I had found a golden chain, and another golden chain without stones, broken and broken into pieces, both beautiful and large, and silver earrings were also fun on the tree, and also very beautiful! When I tried them on, I put on earrings, I didn’t put on chains, but I had a gold bracelet in my hands, I don’t remember where, but they are not mine.

In a dream I dreamed that I found earrings, but one of them was broken and I gave them away to return to the owner.

What does halva dream of?

I dreamed that I was stealing green stone earrings for two nights in a row. What is it for?

I dreamed that I choose cheap earrings. What does it mean? Thanks.

I dreamed that my husband had an earring in one ear (a carnation with a pebble) and not in the other. A friend is also sitting next to him and earrings are on his ears, they are hanging and dark in color. Why would such a dream? Tell me the answer.

I dreamed in a dream that my earrings, gold with amber, on another woman. She is the wife of the person with whom I talk. But the face is completely different and the teeth are yellow, terrible. She smirked 🙁

I dreamed that one earring was lost due to a torn ear, and the second one was almost torn, and the earring hangs, but will also fall soon ... What does this mean? Thanks…

Good afternoon! I dreamed that I was presented with gold and ruby ​​earrings, what is it for? Thanks.

I dreamed that in a dream I read the prayer of our father. And so for three nights in a row. What does it mean.

Feel that evil is near. It can be anything - a person (even a loved one), a disease, someone’s deception, intrigues at work, an erroneous decision, danger, etc. May concern you or a loved one.

Earrings according to the dream book of E. Avadyaev

If you dreamed of earrings in someone’s ears, then you need to beware of false rumors.

If you lost earrings in a dream, then you are waiting for separation.

To receive earrings in a dream as a gift - someone will deceive you.

If you dreamed that you put on earrings - then you will become a victim of someone's gossip.

Stuart Robinson Dream Book Earrings

Earrings in a dream. Buying gold earrings - to confusion, giving earrings - to chagrin, putting on earrings - to quarrel with your beloved, selling earrings - do not keep this word. Gold earrings dream of good news and interesting work. If you dreamed of broken gold earrings, try to show wisdom and discretion. Otherwise, bad rumors and gossip can harm you. Gold earrings in a dream - Someone really likes, earrings with stones - a love adventure. To find one earring is to take away someone else's happiness. Break the earring - cheat on a friend.

Gold earrings in a dream - soon there will be separation from relatives, this is a bad omen. New gold earrings in a dream - for the wedding. Wearing gold earrings on yourself - a warning, stealing gold - you will lose respect, give - you will be at a wedding, lose - a loss, have a lot of gold and silver - there are a lot of parasites around you. If in a dream the gold earrings begin to climb around - benefit. Buy gold earrings with your dream - the expected things will not come true. To see a large number of gold earrings in your casket is a desire to be very rich. Lose gold earrings dream of parting with a loved one.

Women's Dream Book Earrings

If you dreamed that you were holding gold earrings in your hands - in reality you will succeed in all your endeavors, you will be happy in love.

Gold earrings - If you received gold earrings as a gift in a dream, you are going to marry from selfish motives. Think carefully - such a marriage will not be happy and, in addition to wealth, will bring you profound frustration and emotional dissatisfaction.

Gold Earrings - Finding gold earrings in a dream is a good sign. You will receive a gift or a monetary reward for your work, easily resolve any issue.

Gold earrings - To lose gold earrings in a dream - due to your own indiscipline, you will miss the most important chance in your life for a bright and cloudless future.

Earrings in a dream

Earrings have many meanings. Ornaments usually tell us about our relationships at home or at work. Jewelry means something expensive and good, cheap or old materials can have the opposite meaning. You can determine the meaning of sleep by the actions you have done with earrings, as well as by their appearance and material.

Mayan dream book earrings

Good value If you dreamed that you are wearing earrings, then in the near future you will meet an old friend. For a pleasant meeting, throw something silver into a cup of coffee for a week before drinking coffee.

Bad value If you dreamed that you were looking for earrings, then they would rob you very soon. To prevent this from happening, put on as many jewelry as possible in the evening and take them off with the first rays of the sun.

Dream book earrings for women

Dreaming about earrings - for good news and pleasant chores around the house, if you had such a dream from Wednesday to Thursday, wait for the guests.

If in a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday or from Friday to Saturday you see broken earrings or broken them by negligence, this warns you that gossip and rumors can harm you.

Dreambook earrings for the whole family

Dreaming about earrings - for good news and pleasant chores around the house, if you had such a dream from Wednesday to Thursday, wait for the guests.

If in a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday or from Friday to Saturday you saw broken earrings or broke them by negligence - this warns you that gossip and rumors can harm you.

Online Dream Book Earrings

Why dream about earrings? This decoration - symbolizes that you will receive joy from work.

If they are broken - this is a warning that your enemies want to harm you.

It was a dream that you measured them - there is a risk that your personal life will not go wrong.

The acquisition of this thing - means that you will be gifted with something very valuable.

Shooting them in a dream is a warning that someone will reveal their feelings to you.

The loss of earrings is a sign that you are waiting for big expenses.

To dream about how you put on earrings - be prepared for the fact that all the evil languages ​​in the area will only think about you.

If it seems to a man, and at the same time it is difficult for him to cope with the decoration

According to the dream book, gold earrings - promise you a very interesting activity that will bring you moral pleasure and material benefit.

Find an earring in a dream - you will receive very useful and positive information that you will be surprised at first, but then you will realize how valuable it is to you.

According to the dream book, losing an earring - something and in reality will make you worry, you will worry about some material values.

According to the dream book, a broken earring of gold - they warn you to be extremely careful, as your foes spread absurd rumors about you that can harm you.

Silver earrings in a dream - promise a woman the birth of a boy who in the future will be endowed with nobility and kindness.

Why dream gold earrings

Gold jewelry indicates material well-being. But in order to succeed, you need to be careful and persistent. Also do not forget about loved ones. But many commentators say the dreamer is too reckless. He’s better not to risk it, otherwise problems will happen.

If gold earrings are often dreamed of, a person dreams of luxury. He should not worry, because he is already on the path to wealth. If gold belonged to you, you have all the means and skills to achieve the goal. You only need to concentrate and overcome obstacles.

Many interpretations also say that gold means human prudence. He is purposeful, goes to the goal, but is distracted by minor problems. If the earrings were in the ears of a person next to you, the dreamer will soon be entrusted with an important task for which a good reward awaits him. And earrings in your hand mean paying a premium or increasing profits at work.

Gold in a woman's dream can mean the appearance of a healthy child. If there were precious stones on them, you will also find success at work, an increase in salaries and career growth. Gold with emerald stones means a family and a home that will become cozy. In addition, happiness awaits you.

If the girl has earrings in her ears, she will attract the attention of the stronger sex. She will have many suitors. But fake gold means fraud. Do not trust others, someone wants to trick you, slander you or take your place at work.

Earrings in the ears of a loved one for mutual love. You can be sure of your soulmate, she will not betray and will not leave you. Find gold - you will achieve the goal, and there will be no difficulties. In addition, you can do it yourself. Just work and everything will come by itself.

If you receive them as a gift, you are waiting for a change for the better. Usually this is a hint of an expensive gift, for example, an apartment near work or a car. Another such dream may indicate a marriage that will be beneficial to you. Another interpreter points out that a gift means a secret that one of your friends will soon tell you. And you should not tell a secret to others, you will benefit if it remains a secret.

Also try to remember from which particular ear the earring disappeared. Right means problems that will be easily handled. And as a result of the dreamer, wealth awaits. But if the earring was with a blue stone - you will have problems with your loved one, he will let you down. Red stone - unrest in love affairs.

If you lose your left earring, problems await you and you will have to defend yourself. You will spend a lot of energy. Earring with a stone - you need to act today, otherwise major troubles await. Accept responsibility and become independent. The loss of expensive jewelry means parting with a dear person. It may also indicate lost opportunities.

Pythagorean Numerological Dream Book Earrings

In a dream, trying on beautiful earrings in front of a mirror is favorable only for women; this dream promises them a quick fulfillment of a love desire.

If both earrings are the same - the wish will come true in two weeks, if the earrings are different, then in two months, and if one of the two is immediately lost, then in 47 days.

In a dream, a man wearing earrings is a sign that in 11 days your bosses will humiliate you or abandon your spouse. Students have a dream like this - it guarantees easy study and quick passing exams, there will be a hitch with only two subjects, but if students repeat difficult disciplines two days before they pass, then they will succeed.

Dream silver earrings

Silver earrings mean that the dreamer is a person who is responsible for his actions.A determined person who is capable of much. This indicates that you do not need to chase big money, but it is important to pay attention to material independence.

Silver may also indicate friends who will not be abandoned in trouble.

Sometimes precious metal means change. They can be good and bad, make a person happy and unhappy. That is, life will not be stable, new events will constantly await you. But do not be afraid, everything will end well. You will achieve the goal, especially when it comes to work. Just pay attention to it.

Dreaming earrings with stones

The dream interpretation of earrings with stones claims that everything depends on the stone:

  • Pearls may indicate chagrin. But a number of commentators point to a prosperous and rich life.
  • Diamond - a happy marriage, an influential husband.
  • Topaz - new friends or acquaintances in business.
  • Ruby - good luck in all matters.
  • Emerald - mutual understanding in the family. Man grows as a person.
  • Gem - no need to be so boastful.
  • Amber - Avoid communicating with bad people, they conceived something unkind. You may have a lover, but his goal is to set you up.
  • Various stones indicate minor problems. If the stones are large, the troubles are also large. Perhaps there will be problems at work or a homeowner will appear.

Lose an earring in a dream

The loss of earrings means trouble. Perhaps your life will change for the worse. For example, your husband will leave you. It’s best to just wait. No need to act, you will only make it worse. If the dreamer lost his earring and then found, he will meet his love. Relations will be strong and serious. If the jewel is lost in your home, wait for the news that will make you worry. And on the street - a scandal with neighbors.

If the earring was not valuable, you should get rid of unnecessary things, and also avoid meeting with unnecessary people. Otherwise, changes will happen, and they will be bad. The young girl has lost the earring that she has in reality - soon there will be a sorceress who will try to take your husband away from you. If only one earring is gone - a scandal in the family between husband and wife. Most likely, the marriage will break up.

Dream Interpretation Find Earrings

If you find gold earrings, you are a persistent and determined person. This will help you solve problems, achieve your goals. Interpreters say they can find someone who will become your companion. Such a dream can mean getting a lot of money.

If a man saw this dream, he is waiting for a profitable deal at work. If you walked at night and found earrings on the road, you will fall in love with one person, but your feelings will not be mutual. And if someone else's jewel is found, luck awaits you. The presence of a diamond indicates that you are waiting for a meeting with a rich fan.

In a dream gave earrings

The gift should be taken incredulously. This means that in reality you are being deceived, a rich life is being promised, and you believe in it. But other interpreters argue that the gift means family well-being.

If a woman saw a dream, soon a baby will be waiting for her. It will be a girl.

If a man gave them, expect recognition from one of your friends. And if a woman, a young man secretly loves you, but he is still afraid to confess. Sometimes a gift means acquiring useful connections. Perhaps this does not concern you personally, but your other half, which will soon succeed. If the earrings were given by the one you do not like, be careful, a conspiracy was launched against you, perhaps the same person who made the gift.

Measure earrings in a dream

Trying means that you are an inquisitive person who pokes his nose everywhere. Perhaps soon you will try to find out the secret of another. You should not do this, you will learn something that will affect your life badly. Sleep can also mean fulfilling a wish, but if the earrings are different, it will take some time.

But for men, sleep is of poor importance. You will have a quarrel with the boss and trouble in the family. Perhaps the wife has a lover and plans to divorce you. A single man - a short-term romance that ends in a breakup. Students are promised successful exams at the university. Sometimes fitting means a small salary or a small bonus. There will be so little money that the dreamer will be upset, because he expected more.

Other dreams

  • Earrings purchase means worries related to your work. You will have to build relationships with others. Perhaps you can convince your enemies, and they will become good friends.
  • Imitation of jewels mean greedy person. If there are defects in the jewelry, its greed can hurt you.
  • If a man bought jewelry in a dream, he is waiting for problems with representatives of the law. Perhaps the tax service is scheduled to visit his office or you plan to break the law. Do not do this, very serious problems await you.
  • If a girl bought earrings, she is waiting for a meeting with an unpleasant type who will try to use her. He may also try to separate you from your loved one.

A broken earring means misunderstanding among colleagues. Perhaps your ill-wishers are about to make false rumors about you. If you broke the jewelry yourself, expect betrayal from the second half. In addition, you may be disappointed in one of the relatives. That is, expect trouble from the person you trust. Broken gold jewelry means a loss of respect due to rumors that have been launched by ill-wishers. Try to find your enemies and warn loved ones about slander.

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