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Review of smokers reviews

Reviews of smokers about Tabex are often positive. Many argue that the tool actually helps get rid of smoking. As a rule, a bad habit leaves already on the third day of treatment, and then a characteristic aversion to the smell of smoke already appears.

Some smokers leave reviews in which they note that an excessive heartbeat appears during treatment. Patients are also advised to drink more water immediately, as soon as there is a desire to smoke. Sometimes you can find reviews of this kind that Tabex does not help to cope with the problem. But, as it turns out, people just took the remedy, while continuing to smoke a lot.

Tabex Open Packaging

Doctors reviews about Tabex

Rating 2.1 / 5
Price quality
Side effects

In my opinion, a little expensive for a placebo effect. Adverse reactions are possible.

The manufacturer claims it as a drug for the treatment of nicotine addiction. But actually it is not. Only autosuggestion of patients that the drug helps them. I do not recommend for treatment. It is better to undergo hypnotherapy sessions with a psychotherapist, have a strong desire to quit smoking.

Rating 2.5 / 5
Price quality
Side effects

Just quit smoking and that’s it.

I do not recommend for use. It is impossible to quit smoking, relying only on these pills, most likely this will not happen. It’s much easier to just quit smoking and not spend your own money, and, by the way, health also on taking this drug has a placebo effect, it’s of little use.

Rating 0.8 / 5
Price quality
Side effects

Beautiful packaging. And that’s it.

I decided to buy these pills for my husband, because can't quit smoking on her own. Pretty expensive course, about 1 thousand in a cheap pharmacy gave. The effect of it is not enough. At first there was a little effect (that he felt bad even from the smell of smoke from smoking friends), but then, alas, the pills were like water. Strict hourly intake of pills strained not only him, but also me, because I reminded of the reception, constantly called.

Money wasted. It’s sad.

Rating 2.9 / 5
Price quality
Side effects

Still an inexpensive drug to treat nicotine addiction. It is quite effective for mild and moderate onset addiction.

Of the adverse gastrointestinal manifestations, it is impossible in smokers with diseases of the cardiovascular diseases (IHD, angina pectoris, rhythm disturbances).

Insufficient means for monotherapy without psychotherapy, intensive training and hypnotherapy. And the people want magic and go for treatment by drinking Tabex and going to traditional healers. There is absolutely no realization that nicotine is a drug. Tobacco treatment is a serious activity and requires concentration of spiritual efforts. The main symptom of addiction is weakness.


Tabex smoking pills have a round shape, which is covered by a thin shell of a beige film, with dark or light shades. An anti-nicotine product is produced in Bulgaria.

If we consider the composition of Tabex, then we can distinguish the main active substance - cytisine. This is an alkaloid, a large content of which is seen in the seeds of the plant Thermopsis lanceolata and Russian broom. One tablet of the drug contains 1.5 mg of this beneficial component. As a rule, it is used as a respiratory analeptic.

Even in the composition of the nicotine funds, a component such as lactose monohydrate is included. Its manufacturers use as a sweetener.

What Tabex looks like in new and old packaging

The old Tabex package was an ordinary cardboard box of white-green color, in which there were 5 blisters of 20 tablets each (a total of 100 tablets per pack) and a long paper instruction.

Tabex old packaging

The new packaging of tablets is much more beautiful and convenient. It also contains 100 tablets, but the blister is scattered every day. Each tablet is in a cell signed on what day and at what time it should be taken.

Tabex new packaging

The entire course of treatment includes 25 days.

How do pills work?

How Tabex tablets work is pretty easy to figure out. Cytisine in this product affects the body like nicotine. This means that he:

  • stimulates nicotinic receptors of the central nervous system,
  • provokes adrenaline rush,
  • contributes to high blood pressure.

That's why after taking one pill, the patient has the feeling that he recently smoked a cigarette. If you look into the past, you can find some interesting details. The leaves of the plants listed above in the previous section, mainly broom, were used as a substitute for tobacco during World War II. The plant even got its name - "fake tobacco."

This, perhaps, is the main action of Tabex. That's just cytisine does not cause strong cravings. On the contrary, this substance deceives the smoker's body, creating an imaginary overdose of tobacco. And this means that he wants to smoke less. In addition, the nicotine addiction decreases markedly over time, and the need for tobacco disappears.

The great advantage of Tabex can be considered that it reduces the depressive symptoms that are observed in people who quit smoking.


Just not in all cases, the drug should be taken. There are a number of contraindications when it is best to refuse Tabex:

  • arrhythmia,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • asthma (usually bronchial),
  • pregnancy, as well as lactation,
  • intolerance to the active substance, as well as other components of the composition,
  • a recent stroke that a person has suffered up to a year,
  • unstable form of angina pectoris,
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach, duodenum.

Negative reviews

I can’t quit, I drank four days, the result is O. I want to quit very, very. I began to smoke even more, or maybe it seems so, after work I smoke my husband’s cigarettes (they seem to be stronger), I still want to smoke! What to do. Smoking experience 30 years

Sheer rubbish. Does not help

Grandma from the village of Avlash helps with cigarettes better and cheaper

I have not smoked for 7 days. Tabex today I will not drink. Because chewing and headache, I think from Tabex. I recommend these pills of course.But I can’t stand it hurt.

Advantages: I was convinced that only willpower + character will help and nothing else!

Disadvantages: He began to smoke twice as much.

I started taking pills, after four days I began to smoke twice as much, or even three. I do not know more than one person who, using this drug, quit smoking for at least a year. Half a year maximum! draw conclusions gentlemen.

Advantages: Price. Help in the early days.

Disadvantages: Gaining weight.

Hello! I also have a problem how to quit smoking. Cigarettes are getting more expensive, and I am a smoker with experience. I have been smoking since I was 16, now I’m 35. About 7 years ago I tried for the first time, Tabex, while I was taking it, I didn’t smoke, I just stopped, a few days later I bought it again. A couple of years ago, again, I decided to seriously end the problem of smoking, and bought again,, Tabex, the price does not bite much, it lasted for a month. On the third day of taking the pills, I came to work completely swollen, then gradually began to gain weight. In a month of non-smoking, I recovered in two sizes. A month later, she lit again, but smoking has become much more. Now I do not have enough packs for a day. I want to say whoever has the will and the willpower can quit without any pills or adhesives. A pill may help, but just a little.

Advantages: Gives hope that you can quit smoking

disadvantages: hard to say yet

Today is the first day I drink Tabex. I drank 5 tablets, smoked 5 cigarettes. I want to smoke very much, but for now I hold on. She had high hopes for him, thought that after 2 - 3 tablets she would like to smoke less. Alas. I am determined to decisively drink the entire course.

General impression: Not yet understood

Disadvantages: no effect

Hello! Having read the reviews, I decided to buy Tabex tablets - against smoking. Smoking experience 20 years, quitting on their own does not work. Not enough willpower. I started taking pills: day 1, a terrible depression began, after which I wanted to smoke even more, day 2 stupidly vomited, I didn’t even want to eat, I smoked as usual, day 3, the side effect ended, nausea passed, I smoke in normal mode, disgust for cigarettes did not feel at all. I smoke and enjoy. It turns out that the tablets are full bullshit! As usual, make money on fools. Do not buy this rubbish, do not waste hard-earned money. Doesn't help - checked!

General impression: There is nothing at all about the pills! The poison of the body.

Disadvantages: completely ineffective

Smoking experience is 25 years. The last few years a pack a day. Personally, I did not feel absolutely no side effects (no nausea, no unpleasant taste from a cigarette, etc.). The final quit smoking effect is a complete zero. I smoked and smoked.

General impression: for me full zero

Disadvantages: A dummy is worth the money.

I used this tool for a long time and decided to tell everyone about the useless medicine. Then I was not yet such an avid smoker, as now. just a lot of factors came together and I had to quit smoking. Firstly, in the 90s a sharp jump in cigarette prices, and secondly, money was very necessary.

In the end, I bought pills. I quit smoking after 3 days. But this is not thanks to the pills. Their action was based on one. You endure it for a long time, then light it, but there is no pleasure from a smoked cigarette. Yes, salivation ends, the wild desire to smoke disappears and that’s all. As a result, I was enough for 2 months.

The other day, a friend quit smoking with these pills. I didn’t smoke for a month - I lit a cigarette. Attempt 2, it lasted for 3 weeks. The third attempt is 10 days.

There is only one conclusion - willpower and a wild desire to quit are needed, and all drugs are nonsense. Tabex including. If there is a desire to quit smoking and tremendous willpower, then nothing else is necessary.

True, two of my friends threw using these pills. But one of them + was bewitched by the witch, and the other is not present and will light up. I think it will soon break. Sooner or later, everyone is returning to this bad habit.

Neutral reviews

I have been drinking them for 8 days, I do not smoke and do not want to. Although the smoking experience is 18 years old, and I'm 32 .. I am sick of the smell of smoke, I hope this will continue. The only negative side effect. Headache, irritability, but the appetite has not changed and this +

can these pills be sold at the pharmacy if there isn’t 18?

I thought that I would never give up smoking. In my youth I quit on my own (it’s very difficult and couldn’t repeat it the second time), but I smoked again a few years later. And now I’m already 50. I have a long smoking experience. Here I learn from friends that they quit smoking with TABEX. I decided to try it, although there is an age limit of 45. I haven’t been smoking for three years. The truth is that I gained + 12 kg, but it was worth it. I managed with cigarettes and can handle the excess weight.

After Tabex did not smoke for two years. But he started taking and not smoking right away. Motility in the first month crashed, looking through the eyes of a cigarette.

I smoke, after half an hour I smoke again, drink and smoke even more.

Guys, I know for sure it’s advisable for a while to completely abandon alcohol. Drink Tabex and at least three months do not take alcohol. It can tear. Light a cigarette.

I have a strong cough after a three-day intake, what should I do?

Pills help! It is a fact ! but they are called to help! To make it easier to overcome cravings for cigarettes. I am now taking this course (I strictly follow the instructions) and. Since I, a smoker with almost fifty years of experience, felt shifts on the 4th day (I didn’t smoke a single cigarette), I simply don’t believe negative reviews. The lack of effect can only be caused by the expectation that water will flow under a still stone. For the first days I, too, like many smoked, scolded myself, but smoked (I parted anyway with the child) even cried, and because of self-pity and helplessness before nicotine and of my weakness - all at once. But every morning getting up I told myself again I will continue and here is a miracle on the fourth day I did not smoke a single cigarette. I ate a packet of seeds that I chewed all day but I did not smoke. I decided that I’ll lose weight if we give up, but I’ll get rid of the smoke either now or. In a word, this path must be passed. And the road will overpower the going! Stop smoking! And those who do not smoke - do not start NEVER.

I drink Tabex for 22 days. There are sausages and I want to smoke. I restrain myself. I have 30 years of experience. The side effects are strange, I don’t feel like eating anymore and get sick all the time. I’m still drinking the course. My family is against my smoking, I’ve been sawed off. I know one thing for sure - I could not stand the day without pills. They help plus your desire of course. With such smoking experience like mine is very difficult.

To begin with, my husband quit smoking on Tabex, has not been smoking for two months. I decided to quit too (I can’t smoke at all, type 1 diabetes for four years) Smoking experience 25 years (horror). I smoked about ten twelve cigarettes a day . I drink tablets only the second day (not much of course yet), but. on the first day I smoked four and a half .. in the second, that is today half a cigarette (in my mouth I started to muck, I was tired of brushing my teeth) And I can’t pull it anymore. I felt the side effects on the second day, I felt drunk (ten minutes after taking), nausea, bitterness, dry mouth. I intend to quit completely, I hope they will help.

I also took them. For a year, I certainly did not smoke. Started again, but it's my fault. At work, there was a problem that fell through. But everything needs strength of will.

Something like that and was built up. Today I bought pills, but I read reviews and. Although many friends quit smoking with great experience

Great desire to quit smoking. I bought a tabex. In the evening we walked well, in the morning my head did not come off the pillow, there was no desire to drink or smoke. I decided to start drinking pills. 1 day did not smoke. In 2,3,4 ears were swollen, everything infuriated and was very annoying, kept, smoking up to 7 cigarettes a day. 5.6, a day I read all kinds of articles about the dangers of smoking, I pull less, smoked 5 cigarettes and eat something all the time (fruits, seeds, sweets, chewing gum). 7.8 day there is a desire to smoke, but did not smoke a single cigarette.Today is the 9th day of taking Tabex, I’ve eaten less, I chew gum as soon as I wanted to smoke, I don’t get my ears shut, my husband smokes in the kitchen, I don’t like the smell. She began to feel better. True, the dream became very sensitive and shallow and the first 7 days of constipation, teas cleansing saw.

I drink tablets 7 days of smoking does not have any side effects. Before that I quit smoking five times at most 4 days I hadn’t smoked smoking experience for 14 years for a dog))) so I hadn’t smoked for 4 days and then, like drug addicts, there was a tantrum breaking shaking. I started to drink pills and I’ve been drinking seven for seven days. I don’t smoke. Two friends quit. Vobschem guys before you quit you need to want and not eat tablets and run to smoke and then say that the tablets are shit.

Some doctors treat Tabex positively, some negatively. However, you should understand that Tabex works. It helps to cope with nicotine addiction and even in spite of all its side effects and contraindications, if as a result, after taking the course of this drug, you do not break and finally quit smoking, then all disputes are meaningless. And the reviews about Tabex say that already a large number of people quit smoking with these pills.

However, according to doctors, it is worth remembering that cytisine, which replaces nicotine, is also addictive. This means that in no case can you drink Tabex constantly, you must strictly adhere to the instructions, otherwise you will replace one drug with another.

Many are interested in the opinion of doctors. Having studied the pros and cons, I will say that doctors' reviews about tabex are often positive. This drug really helps to get rid of smoking and helps to get rid of nicotine. As for the side effects, they are insignificant and pass in a short time, of course, if they are caused not by individual intolerance. Doctors confirm that it helps even those who smoke more than one year and cannot easily give up nicotine. Of course, there are contraindications for admission, which must be discussed with a specialist, but nevertheless, he is prescribed. Even if it does not help the first time, then, as a rule, repeated administration of the drug gives a positive effect.

Review: Galushchak A.V., psychotherapist, Ph.D.

The drug really helps to quit smoking, and most importantly, this drug is therapeutic. It is used specifically for replacement therapy. Its essence is that it contains the active substance cytisine, which blocks receptors, thus craving is reduced. Its second effect - forms an aversion to tobacco. These two properties reduce cravings for tobacco, so the drug is considered quite good.

Smirnova EA, pharmacist of pharmacy A5

An excellent tool to combat smoking. Tabex tablets should be taken strictly as prescribed in the instructions, otherwise do not expect a special effect. There is also such a side effect in the tabex as irritability, a person who quits smoking already has it, but with pills everything can become even worse, so it would not be superfluous to take an additional sedative. Be healthy!

Tabex is a drug for nicotine addiction. It acts on nicotinic receptors that are found in the brain. Prescription pills, as it has many contraindications. Yes, in fact, if you go through a whole course of treatment, without interruption, it helps perfectly. All customers in the pharmacy praise him. Even those who have a very long experience. But be sure to consult with a specialist.

I had Tabex buyers who claimed that the pills did not help them, because surrounded by everyone smoking and quit failed.

Antipova T.M., pharmacist of the pharmacy Norma No. 1106, Kolomna

Nephew smoked for about 5 years from the institute. It seemed to him that at any moment he would be able to quit smoking at any moment. But recently, he began to notice that the skin looks tired, and the color of the teeth began to turn yellow. I didn’t have to guess the reasons for a long time - we must quit smoking.He began to try various candies, even some special patch bought, the result is zero. And in the pharmacy, Tabex was advised - the price is sane, the nephew bought, drank the course. As a result, the third month has not been smoking. Whether Tabex helped me or his decisive attitude, or maybe a tandem of both, but the result is positive.

In general, I decided somehow to quit smoking. Well, and having decided to rid myself of sleepless nights in which a cigarette would be my only thought, I decided to go straight to Tabex. I must make a reservation right away, THE INSTRUCTIONS SHOULD STRICTLY follow. On the first day I smoked as usual (this should not be done, you need to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked to a minimum) and took it one tablet every two hours. Because of what, at night I felt very bad. The next day I consciously the number of cigarettes smoked up to 5 per day. The next day there were already two of them. And imperceptibly for myself on the fourth day I was absolutely not drawn to a cigarette. And all this time I didn’t have such a mad desire to smoke, my hands didn’t shake, and my mind was clean. Now I have about 80 left, and I don’t know what to do with them. I will give it to my smoking relatives :)

Still an inexpensive drug to treat nicotine addiction. It is quite effective for mild and moderate onset addiction.

Of the adverse gastrointestinal manifestations, it is impossible in smokers with diseases of the cardiovascular diseases (IHD, angina pectoris, rhythm disturbances)

Insufficient means for monotherapy without psychotherapy, intensive training and hypnotherapy. And the people want magic and go for treatment by drinking Tabex and going to traditional healers. There is absolutely no realization that NIKOTIN is a drug. Tobacco treatment is a serious occupation and requires a concentration of spiritual effort. The main symptom of addiction is weakness.

Tabex Patient Reviews

I smoked all my conscious life. Hence chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath. They even diagnosed asthma. For a long time I was looking for a way to quit smoking, but I could not do it myself. Once in a pharmacy I saw Tabex. It then cost 200 rubles. Was in a green package. Started a course of treatment. Three days later, I no longer had a craving for smoking. But I drank a few days strictly according to the scheme. Result: I do not smoke for more than ten years and do not pull. But her husband took "Tabex" in black packaging. And he has a price of 1000 rubles. I drank it also according to the scheme, and the result was zero. He gave up treatment, started again. Did not help.

I bought myself the Tabex drug, drank according to the instructions. Frankly, the first three days I was very nauseous and had a headache. I drank the entire course, quit smoking for four months, but then started again, I don’t know why. From the pros: a cheap drug, and helps to well suppress addiction. Of the minuses: side effects in the form of headaches, nausea and heart palpitations.

I tried to quit smoking myself, it did not work. I resorted to the help of Tabex. They helped me. This should be taken when the desire to quit smoking is already ripe in the head, but there is no strength for this. Tabex helped me.

The period has come in my life when the question arose - continue to smoke and have an aggravation of problems that have already appeared, or try to quit and preserve the remnants of health. My first step towards the goal was Tabex and, frankly, it did not help me. When taking, there was no gradual desire to quit smoking. Yes, and a sense of disgust somehow did not appear. Also, the drug had side effects in the form of cuts in the abdomen after ingestion on an empty stomach. I ended up smoking, but not with his help, alas.

I will say from my personal experience that these pills very well affect the desire to smoke. I am a smoker with a rather long experience, so I, like no one else, needed help in the fight against this addiction. I began to seek help in pills and immediately discovered it for them. Here, the craving for smoking kills perfectly, and on the issue of cost a complete order.So this drug helped me a lot. It fully justifies its value.

This drug facilitates an acute impatience to cigarettes, if he himself does not want to quit, then drink at least ten packs according to the scheme, but the bad habit will still remain. My husband always tries to “smoke” stress with cigarettes, so he has tried unsuccessfully many times to quit, with and without these pills, and says that it’s certainly easier with them, but if you don’t make a final decision for yourself, then everything is useless. Personally, I think that there is no need to force yourself, if you quit smoking, then you should facilitate this process and buy Tabex, it works - this is an obvious fact.

Husband bought Tabex when he wanted to quit smoking. There is a time schedule, he set himself an alarm clock and took them as it should according to the instructions. At first I took and smoked, somewhere in a week I began to smoke much less, after three weeks I completely stopped smoking, we did not find any side effects, the reception schedule is complicated, the main thing is not to skip and take it strictly on time and then there will be an effect. My husband has not been smoking for three years already, the price of this drug is normal compared to the same Champix or Nicorette, from which there is generally no effect.

My Tabex beat off the urge to smoke only when I drank it. I did not quit smoking and the number of cigarettes per day, compared with the original, did not decrease. Of the minuses: the use of alcohol is contraindicated, it is not pleasant, especially on holidays. There are no complaints at the price, I took less than 1000 rubles, until I smoked for 25 days, the tablets paid off completely and I even stayed in the black. But it is better, of course, to try to throw without Tabex, there are a lot of side effects, and there are also contraindications.

Threw 3 times with Tabex. I concluded: "Tabex" is valid for about 1-2 months after the end of taking the pills. Then there is a strong desire to smoke. At this stage, it’s easier to use willpower than just quit with willpower, because already tasting the charm of life without cigarettes. Weight is gaining, but after six months begins to recover. Important! Do not lie on the couch!

I did not help. My first attempt to quit smoking with this drug was unsuccessful. After these pills, I began to twist my stomach strongly. The only thing that is - the craving for cigarettes disappeared a bit, I was even able to switch to candy canes. Everything, for me was not enough. Here it is necessary to comprehensively approach - to exclude the effects of cigarette smoke at work, stock up on willpower, well, choose other tablets. I agree that there is a greater placebo effect. For those who have just started smoking, perhaps this is the solution. In general, the effect is weak, I do not recommend.

The drug was used by the husband. He completed the full course and quit smoking. With the use of Tabex tablets, the craving for smoking is reduced, and gradually less and less you want to smoke. After completing the course, the husband quit smoking, but due to severe stress at work, he again took up cigarettes after two months, but began to smoke softer cigarettes. I will not say that my husband had a strong desire to quit smoking, therefore, I think that there is still an effect (the husband had smoked for more than 15 years).

Tabex is an excellent drug to quit smoking, better than everyone else. Personally, I quit smoking on it! The first time I quit for 1 month, saving 2 thousand rubles on cigarettes. The second time I could not quit. But the third one, just after the crises, decided not to waste money on cigarettes and bought Tabex, and he helped. He turned out to be the best drug, others did not help. Three more of my friends quit smoking on the Tabex, of which only one began to smoke again. So, if you decide to get rid of nicotine addiction, Tabex will help you, it will give you a chance. By the way, Tabex makes it easier to wean flour and does not contain nicotine, which is also a plus!

Husband smoker with a decent experience - thirty years. I tried to throw it myself, but it did not work out. I bought him a Tabex.The drug is not very expensive, and if everything works out, it will turn out to be profit, because cigarettes are more expensive. The husband’s attitude was positive, he believed in the medicine, but it turned out to be in vain. He drank pills and continued to smoke. And he didn’t feel any disgust. He said that there was no effect, like a useless candy, which would have been more useful. After a week of such therapy, the stomach began to hurt, although he had never complained about it before. I don’t know, maybe this is a coincidence, but the pain intensified and the husband stopped taking the pills. Here we have such an experience of weaning from cigarettes. I don’t know, maybe the husband has a special organism, but the Tabex turned out to be absolutely not working. Therefore, I can not recommend it.

Smoking experience 18 years. About a pack per day. The first pack of pills for me was just a sampler to understand if Tabex really fights the urge to smoke? With full confidence I declare now - Tabex really fights off the urge to smoke! Smoked 1-2 cigarettes per day when taking pills. About 12 days later I stopped drinking, after 7 days again 1 pack of cigarettes a day, but I was firmly convinced that I would buy pills again and try again. After 2 months, she repeated again without buying cigarettes from the first day of taking the pills. I managed! Only the mood is needed! Today is the 16th day! I forget to drink pills. I understand that this is not an indicator yet, but still. I advise everyone. It didn’t work the first time, try the second time.

I am a heavy smoker - about two packs a day. Going to quit - abruptly. Bought Tabex. I took according to the instructions: I smoked for four days, and then stopped. I drink the tenth day of the pill (course of treatment). The discomfort, of course, is to give up tobacco, but it is not critical. Hold on When I drank pills and smoked the first days, the sensations from smoking were not the same. I threw away my unfinished cigarette all the time. Tabex works. Without him, I certainly would not have been able. True overestimated dosage. Probably in vain. I believe that these pills are the most effective today to combat tobacco dependence. Many friends quit smoking with Tabex. Today it costs a little more than 1000 rubles - normal.

Oh and addictive addiction - tobacco. I’ve been smoking for 20 years and try to quit all the time. That Tabex really helps. Just forget about cigarettes. I think that if I take pills according to the scheme, everything will work out. On the third day I reduced the number of cigarettes from 25 to 5. Tomorrow I will not smoke at all. One hundred percent. The course of treatment 25 days for 1000 rubles is normal. Before that I tried all kinds of nicotine patches and chewing gum - I wanted to smoke even more. Whatever you say, almost all my friends quit smoking with Tabex. True, after six months or a year, many began again. But this is a completely different story.

I do not recommend it! Recently quit smoking. He was afraid of suffering from quitting smoking and bought a Tabex in the hope that he would help me. On day 5, he stopped smoking and continued to take the drug according to the attached scheme. When the drug was over, my craving for cigarettes suddenly resumed, and I broke. Threw in a couple of months without chemistry.

A very good drug, he quit smoking thanks to him. I have long been recommended "Tabex" to quit smoking, but I was skeptical about it, saying "why do I need some chemistry, I can do it myself." But five years passed, but I couldn’t. As a result, they stupidly stuck a record under my nose and said - drink! Already on the fourth day I was not drawn to smoking at all, and since then I have not smoked. In conclusion, I add, Tabex really helps to quit smoking only if the person has a real desire to quit!

Tabex - pills that certainly do not help quit smoking! My friends and I smoke for 10 years already, we decided to quit. And since we have no conscience and willpower, we went to the pharmacy and they advised him. It was necessary to drink the course, each tablet in time, after 4, 6, 8, 12 hours, it is very boring. The price is already very high, about 1.5 thousand.rubles! They are not worth the money! I personally drank the entire course and continue to smoke. Probably my auto-suggestion in a duet with these pills did not work. The first days she felt sick when she smoked, and then the symptoms disappeared. One of her friends did not have them at all.

I smoked for 25 years, quit in different ways of treatment. The most effective that helps is Tabex. I advise and recommend everyone! I have not smoked for 3 years, I wish you a healthy lifestyle, in our time it is very important, but also plus big budget savings.

I was helped by pills, I smoked for 17 years, drank the course completely and now I am proud of myself, I don’t smoke for 6 months, I could not quit without pills, they really help! I did not believe it myself, but there is a result!

I quit smoking almost painlessly! I didn’t even finish the whole course. There are still forty pieces left. Just a desire to get rid of this addiction was very, very great! Now I'm proud of myself. I do not smoke for 15 months. Smoker experience 40 years. This drug helped me. Thanks to those who created it.

Hello! Oh yes, the first time in 20 years I have not smoked for 3 weeks. Tabex helps if you help too. Only after eating a cigarette hunt and so on - for about five minutes. So really Tabex helps!

I got into alcohol, I hope, forever, and then I began to think about how to quit smoking. I myself did not succeed in any way. I already quit throwing. Still, I decided to try Tabex, because how much advertising on TV, and generally friends advised. I bought the packaging and started taking it. The first days I tried to smoke, as I did before. After each cigarette smoked a little dizziness began, but not for long. After a couple of days of intake, when I smoked a cigarette, my head was spinning even stronger, an unpleasant aftertaste appeared in my mouth. After a week and a half, I quit smoking altogether. I have not smoked for 3 months, although sometimes it pulls. I sometimes take pills at will, i.e. when there is a craving to smoke. It helped me, which I wish for everyone.

Pills really helped! I smoked for about 15 years, I wanted to try to quit myself, but it didn’t work out! Then, by chance, I saw these pills in a pharmacy window! I started drinking, the instructions said to give up cigarettes no later than 5 days, but from the first day I began to keep myself in the rivers! On the 3rd day of taking the pills, I already did not want to smoke at all! I drank pills for 10 days, and then I stopped drinking pills! But if in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a pill, then yes, it vomited!

Smoked for over 12 years. Somehow I decided to try to throw Nicorette with chewing gum - no effect. Vomiting only terribly and palms sweated heavily. Then I read a book by Allen Carr, while reading, on the contrary, I ran almost every 30 minutes. to smoke. The same effect was from listening to his audio book. I thought everything, I must try myself. But it was hard. And here I think, let me try Tabex. I began to drink already with the thought that if they help - well, no - well, okay. The instructions say that on the 6th day of taking the pills, you already need to quit, if it does not work out, then it is better to stop drinking them and resume the course after a while. But I closed my eyes to this and continued smoking until 11 days. The number of cigarettes smoked, of course, decreased significantly (before the pack it was enough for 2-1.5 days, and then for 4-5 days), but there was still craving. It seems to me that sometimes she smoked out of habit, and not out of desire. I woke up on day 12 and decided to try not to smoke at all. I will not lie, the desire was, but not strong. As a result, I suffered literally 3 days, then everything. I have not smoked for 1.5 years. There is no desire. Many say that people who quit smoking due to the smell of smoke turn back cigarettes, but I am neutral towards him and have no desire. Health was not affected by pills, only an improvement in smoking cessation. So I thank them.

A completely useless thing. I felt like a complete idiot, throwing money away. I still want to smoke the same way, only nausea from the pills.

Tabex helped me. On day 5 she threw a cigarette and no longer smoked. Saw pills according to the scheme. I have not smoked for 3 years.Hookah I can’t even smoke, it starts to stir up. There were no side effects. But before using these pills, I checked the whole body. The doctor said that he was healthy and allowed to drink.

I smoked for about 15 years, I really wanted to quit, but failed. Friends advised Tabex! After a thorough study of the composition, I decided to try the reviews. There was no craving for smoking at all. Although in the early days you can smoke. When I decided to smoke a cigarette, it became very bad. Vomiting, sweating. This was my last cigarette)) I have not smoked for 1.5 years. There is no craving, no desire!

Really work. Before that, she threw 3 times and for a sufficiently long time - pregnancy and childbirth. When I first threw it, there was nicotine withdrawal. All the time I was nervous and ate everything. Now it’s only psychological, and that’s only because I want to finally smoke or out of habit. Only it seems to me that they will help only those who themselves want to quit. And just hoping that once you stop, it's stupid.

Very often I heard that you can take pills to effectively fight smoking. The pharmacy advised Tabex. Smoking experience 5 years with a break of 1 year. Pills are not cheap at cost. In the package 100 pcs., Designed for the course. Take strictly according to the instructions. On the first day, there was a terrible headache, while reducing the number of cigarettes. On the second day, everything is the same. Only on day 4 is the result felt. Craving for smoking has become less. But still, if you break, a very nasty and unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. The result - to get rid of this habit, should be laid in the head. Pills only as an adjuvant.

The drug really works. On the first day there was a strong side effect, almost everything that was written in the instructions in side effects. I thought I couldn’t drink it anymore, but the next day all the side effects disappeared. Now it's day 14, everything is fine. I do not smoke 10 days. When I woke up on the third day of taking the drug, I was surprised that there was no desire to smoke. Smoking experience 21 years. When I was about to quit, I expected a painful struggle, but to my surprise I found that quitting smoking is very easy for me. The main thing is that after the end of taking the drug, craving does not resume. Last quit smoking in 2009. Feelings are not comparable, I advise everyone and wish them luck in quitting smoking!

Tabex helped me. On the fifth day, you just need to throw away the cigarettes and continue to drink according to the scheme. There will be no thrust. But in the early days there were such side effects - first insomnia, then unreal drowsiness, a state of depression and irritability were also present.

I decided to quit smoking. His wife bought Tabex, because at that time he was actively advertised on TV. Of course, I believe that in this case alone tablets are not enough, it is important that there is also a desire. In general, I started taking pills according to the scheme. After a week of intake, I no longer smoked, but continued to drink pills. I didn’t finish half the plate, I just forgot. Quitting smoking helps, due to the fact that it reduces the desire. The drug works, but if there is no willpower, then probably nothing will help.

I tried and was surprised. He smoked for 34 years, after the adoption of Tabex, three days of craving died. He quit smoking, did not even finish the fourth part of the package, everything is fine, most importantly, he still has his own desire.

Hello everybody! If you want to quit smoking, then Tabex is what you need. I was advised by Valera, a security guard, who quit smoking thanks to these pills. I did not believe, having read Alain Kara, I thought that it was a nicotine-based substitute, but I bought it six months later. It turned out that Tabex just makes it easier to wean flour, but it does not contain nicotine. I have not smoked for a month. But he broke, looking at the welder with a cigarette. Something in me worked, and I realized that I could not control myself, and lit again. 2 years passed and I decided to quit smoking again. I bought Tabex, I set myself up very well, especially since I had little money then, and I didn’t want to pay 70 rubles a day for a pack of maxim, they ask too much.This time I did better, quit smoking. My workmate, too, looking at me, bought Tabex and dropped it too. So I would recommend this drug. But you need to convince yourself well that cigarettes are a divorce, and you never needed them, that all your passions for cigarettes are just an illusion and an addiction. So, if you decide to stop being a tobacco addict, then Tabex will help you!

Good evening. I want to share my story. Also from friends I learned about these pills, although I could not believe it, but decided to try it. They really help, everything goes quietly, without nerves, the desire to smoke disappears. The whole family decided to quit smoking (each experience of more than 20 years), and so far everyone has succeeded. Perhaps after taking the pills, desire will reappear, but willpower should already work there. I advise everyone to try, 1000 rubles. - This is not money compared to the money spent on cigarettes. Some write that annoying to keep track of time, take every 2 hours. I often forgot and could drink after 4 hours, but there was no desire to smoke sharply. And the doctor who advised to quit without pills is generally far from understanding the problem, even though there is a desire to try to quit pills, and without them, most smokers do not smoke like that, they smoke all their lives, even if they have diseases that make it impossible to smoke.

The husband began to choke, cough at night, we realized - these are the symptoms of a smoker. By this time he smoked thirty years. I knew he wouldn’t give up, he just didn’t have enough willpower. Purely by chance I found out that my neighbor has not smoked for a year, thanks to the Tabex tablets. I immediately went to the pharmacy, the drug was released without a prescription, we started a course of treatment. I can’t say that everything went smoothly, the husband became nervous and irritable, but he did everything according to the instructions. Every day I tried to smoke less, took pills. A month passed, the husband completely refused cigarettes, the smell of smoke annoyed him. He has not smoked for ten years. The lungs cleared and the cough disappeared.

I personally used this drug several times and I can say that Tabex helped me. Although I still smoke, but with the help of Tabex I quit smoking twice and broke off, only after two to three months when exposed to some kind of severe stress. In general, I believe that you can quit smoking with Tabex, the drug will help for a short time, and then it all depends on you and your willpower. So I would advise Tabex only on condition that the person did not hope, only on these pills, and at the same time showed his maximum willpower, only this will be the result.

I first tried Tabex tablets when I decided to quit smoking for the first time. I’ll say right away, I still smoke, but I recommend this tablet as a means of reducing craving for smoking. Smokers who quit smoking know that the main craving or, so to speak, withdrawal symptoms for smoking is the first 2-3 days. So, it is during this difficult period that you need to take pills. Really remove the "thirst" of smoking. Well, then, only your excerpt! You can stop taking them after the third day of non-smoking, because then only your body, and not the pills, will say no!

For a long time I did not believe in these pills, but when I bought them and began to use them, I realized that I was very mistaken. At first, the first days of 2, it seemed to me that they did not help. But then she noticed that the craving for smoking became less. And every day it decreased and decreased. I was very pleased with these pills, they really help. And this fully justifies their cost. I have not smoked for 3.5 months thanks to these miracle pills. I did not like one thing - for a long time I could not understand how to drink them.

We started throwing with the help of Tabex tablets together with my husband. Both my husband and I have quite a significant smoking history. As a result, he has not smoked for almost four years (quit in a couple of weeks), but I continue.Although I draw attention to the fact that Tabex removes cravings without any undesirable effects (nausea, disgust, etc.) Apparently, I myself do not want to stop smoking. I’m thinking again to try to take a course (perhaps this is self-hypnosis). It is necessary to quit the wild desire to apply also willpower + character.

Hello! The drug helps me personally. She quit smoking and at the same time started drinking pills 18 days ago. For two weeks I drank one tablet every three hours, and there was no particular craving for smoking, despite the fact that before that I smoked almost two packs a day. And then it either coincided, or the side effects started: there were pains in the liver, in the pancreas, discomfort in the digestive tract. Now I drink one tablet 3 times a day. I feel better, I don’t feel like smoking, but just in case I don’t keep cigarettes at home.

Tabex does not help everyone, but fortunately, it helped me! On the fifth day, I no longer smoked; I took it 25 days in total. I haven’t been smoking for about a year now, I am restoring my health by smoking: I treat gastritis, brush my teeth from tartar and restore my skin and hair. 8 years of smoking did not pass in vain, unfortunately From the good: I was really easy to get rid of this habit with this drug, now I feel like I didn’t smoke at all! Everyone has different ways: someone quits smoking with a tabex, someone does not. I am free now! My sense of smell and taste buds have recovered. I am happy, because now I will not envy this muck!

My husband’s smoking history is about 10 years. But he perfectly understood that this addiction should be abandoned. And we decided to buy Tabex medicine. At first, everything was fine. He began to smoke less and at one point he simply threw away his cigarette. But after a certain time, he simply could not stand it and started smoking again. After a while, we repeated the course again, but it also did not help. They just threw the money away. There is no sense in them.

After the Tabex tablets, my boyfriend quit smoking, although he had more smoking experience than mine. Therefore, I bought pills in the hope that I will give up this muck. There were positive aspects, I began to smoke less, and recently I really haven’t smoked. This lasted while there were pills. As soon as they were over, so started smoking again. I will not buy Tabex anymore, since just pills are not enough, I need to set myself up first, otherwise it won’t work. But to plant a liver is easy.

I have been friends with cigarettes for 21 years and of course there are results: shortness of breath, poor complexion, smoked clothes and hair. Previously, I tried to quit smoking only with the help of willpower, but pressure dropped, my hands literally shook and infuriated any trifle. I didn’t turn to professionals, but started searching for a suitable medicine via the Internet and decided that Tabex was just my way of saving. I was not mistaken - from the first taken pills an acute desire to smoke another cigarette was almost completely gone, my health was normal, I did not feel any side effects. On days 5-6 I did not smoke at all. But I let myself down - I didn’t have enough conviction that I definitely didn’t need this habit, and my doubts grew into fear and insecurity, and therefore, without finishing my course, I again lit a cigarette. “Tabex” I advise everyone I know now, but I warn you: tune decisively, drive tobacco out of your head first and drink the course to the end!

Quite a normal way to quit smoking. I don’t know how others - it really helps me. I haven’t smoked for almost a week now, before that I smoked one and a half packs of cigarettes a day, from the moment of taking the pills I switched to a rather sharp decrease in the number of smoked cigarettes without problems. Almost two or three, then one. For three days already I have not taken pills, there are still one and a half plates. A completely different sensation of tobacco smoke, the tastes of coffee, tea, just ordinary smells. Perhaps this is how the child felt the environment.

My smoking experience is 7 years. I decided to try Tabex and bought 1 record.I was pleased with the result, because after the course in one plate it turned out to quit smoking!

Smoking experience 33 years, started to smoke at 8 years old, decided to quit smoking and chose Tabex as an auxiliary. I took everything according to the instructions and smoked no more than five days, as recommended in the annotation, every day reducing the number of cigarettes, on the sixth day I did not even touch the cigarette. I want to say this, the drug really suppresses acute cravings, thereby reducing the withdrawal symptoms of tobacco withdrawal, but side effects personally did not pass me by, I suffered and not weakly. In fact, the main desire, without it, by and large, all these funds are nothing more than a placebo.

Helps relieve traction. Taking the system, I do not want to smoke at all. I heard that its action blocks some part of the brain in the head that blocks nicotine addiction. Many of my friends managed to quit smoking with Tabeks. It looks like small pills, but the effect is obvious. In my opinion, this is the simplest and most effective drug.

Experience - 19 years! I started taking pills (today is the eighth day), but it seems to me that I no longer need pills. Yesterday I missed three doses, now I think - to finish or stop taking the pills? Stopped smoking from the first day of admission!

Smoked for 30 years. I started taking pills and from the first day I have not smoked for three weeks. The habit of smoking remained in the head, there was no physical craving for smoking as before. I can explain the condition using an example. For a person with a hangover, a glass of vodka on the table is a salvation. Sober, if he wants to - he will drink, there is no desire - he will not drink. So I have a sober person, and I do not want to smoke. Tabex helps. Two acquaintances smoked for forty years, after Tabeks one did not smoke for two years, the second quit six months ago.

I took pills according to the instructions, before that I had been smoking for 5 years with a break of a year. The last time I threw it with the help of a book by Alain Carr, but then the craving for smoking reappeared. Now there is no craving for smoking, even the smell of cigarettes is disgusting. From the positive effects: the skin cleansed, and breathing became easier, the taste intensified.

The tablets are good, many people advise, I have not heard so many positive reviews about any others, and reviews are not on the Internet, but in life.

To quit smoking, you really want to. Pills help a lot - that's for sure. I do not smoke, quit for 4 years.

Hello. I have been smoking for about 12 years. The last 4 years he began to make attempts to get rid of cigarettes. When I heard about Tabex, I was interested in the fact that in the process of using the drug you continue to smoke. He took the drug for a month, but did not quit smoking, and instead of one and a half packs he began to smoke two a day. For myself, I came to one conclusion that not a single drug will help until you yourself overcome mental dependence.

Experience 32 years. Smoked no more than 10 cigarettes per day, but smoked very quickly 5-6 puffs and no cigarettes. Tabex helped with physical dependence - but there was a requirement of the body expressed in pain in the left sternum and the stomach seemed to twist, but it stuck and washed down these indications for smoking. Still breathing deeply and for a long time to calm the heart rate. It seems to be easier. I have not smoked for three days. Removed cigarettes from everywhere. I drink a lot of tea and stuff, when a strong desire for psychological separation. There is probably still willpower. So I'm not really weak. I think I'll never bring cigarettes home. Tabex helped physiologically, but mentally I was ready to abandon a past ailment.

Tabex really helped: smoking experience of 35 years, I have not smoked for three months !! I advise everyone to start treatment, and there is no dependence - it's all invented.

Hello. I smoked for 18 years, two packs a day. I tried different drugs, but they did not help. Then she found out about the tabex and decided to try it. I spent 2000 a month on cigarettes, and 700 on a tabex.I've been drinking Tabex for 2 weeks now - I smoked for 7 days, though I have 6-7 pieces a day, and for 4 days now I haven’t been smoking at all and have not been pulling. Probably, you also need to psychologically want to quit smoking.

Tabex helps quit smoking, I drank it myself when I quit (I don’t smoke for 4 years), my friend quit it, although he was a very heavy smoker (smoked at least 2 packs a day). So, whoever wants to quit, but he doesn’t succeed, I advise.

Tabex helped me. I quit smoking consciously, I came to this myself, I tried it myself first, but I realized that I couldn’t, and after taking Tabex I was much less attracted to smoking, then it completely stopped. I quit six months ago, I do not smoke and do not intend to.

I read reviews about Tabex here, and I got the impression that people expect a miracle from him when buying the drug. So I bought pills, I started taking it, once that's all - I don’t feel like smoking. It’s the same as taking diet pills right after the cake and hoping that they will help. Tabex is designed to help overcome physical dependence on smoking, and this drug copes with it perfectly. And no pills will help to overcome the psychological dependence on cigarettes, you can get rid of it only by yourself or with the help of specialists. I myself smoked for more than ten years and smoked almost two packs a day, and in any condition, and when I was ill, including. Tabex perfectly helped to cope with physical dependence on cigarettes, and I coped with the psychological one myself. And she could easily quit smoking.

I smoked for 11 years, I could not quit. They advised these pills, drank a whole course - no effect, both smoked and smoked. I threw it only when I became pregnant. Then she criticized them with all her friends. Then I heard that these pills improved, something was added to them. I bought a husband. The cost has grown three times, they have changed their appearance, now they are released in a large expensive black box with shiny letters. The husband also drank the course, no result. I was disappointed again, only the design was changed, the contents remained the same. Of course, a lot depends on willpower, but I would not recommend anyone to spend that kind of money on a dummy.

I tried to quit smoking using Tabex, I heard a lot of positive reviews, or rather, I read. I decided to try it, I began to take them strictly according to the instructions. Aversion to cigarettes began - when you smoke, you feel nauseous, even from tobacco smoke it becomes uncomfortable. So, I took about 4-5 days, but then everything became as before, I drink pills, pulls smoking, I smoke and no unpleasant sensations. So they personally did not help me.

I tried this drug, took it according to the instructions, but did not see any effect. If the pills repaid at least a little craving for cigarettes, then there might be an effect, but, unfortunately, I did not feel this. There was a desire to quit, and for this I bought them. But it turned out that until noon until 4 p.m. I just suffered, and after that I caught up on the lost and smoked the same amount of cigarettes as always. Since the instructions say that if after three days the number of cigarettes smoked does not decrease, you need to stop drinking, which I did. He returned to this drug several times, but did not achieve the desired result. I am glad for those whom I helped, maybe I will find a means for myself.

I smoke for the sixth year, I saw an advertisement for these pills on the Internet and decided to try it. I didn’t really believe that it would help with the beginning of the intake, but surprisingly the desire to smoke began to gradually disappear. No, of course, it didn’t disappear at all, and sometimes the hand reached for a cigarette, but with taking the pill it became easier. I liked the fact that they are without any flavoring additives (such as sage or lemon). The first three days the body, as they say, got used to them (there was a desire to smoke). I drank the tablets for 11 days, although the course is designed for a longer time, and for a month now I have not been smoking. And the price is very acceptable. In general, I advise everyone to Tabex who has a desire to quit smoking.

There is also experience with the use of this drug. A few years ago, at work, the staff and I firmly decided to try to quit smoking with Tabex tablets. Then they were not cheap, so there was great hope in them. Applied according to the scheme, everything was done in good faith. At least, for my part, I can say that the efforts were made. However, no result was obtained - no one quit smoking, pills did not help. With confidence, I can now say that until the person himself is psychologically ready to get rid of a bad habit, neither Tabex nor other medications and methods will help.

Tabex took the tablets for a very long time, in the hope of eliminating its not-so-good habit, which, of course, causes not only health problems, but even psychological discomfort. To be honest, I still didn’t quit smoking. It seems to me that when using these pills, the placebo effect simply works, more self-hypnosis works here. I could not completely overcome the craving for smoking with these pills. Tablets "Tabex", I think is a good addition to the sincere desire to quit smoking. Only in this case will everything work out. Count on one tablet, after all, is not worth it.

I smoked for 5 years, first dabbled, then got involved and did not manage to quit myself. My friend, who works as a doctor, advised me to buy these pills - a herbal preparation. At first I took 4 tablets a day, then 3 tablets each, and so I reduced the intake to 1 tablet a day. Now I do not take Tabex and I feel fine without cigarettes.

About these pills I was told by a friend who took them for the first time completely unsuccessfully. As she said, they did not help her. However, after a while she began to drink them again and they helped her, for example, she completely ceased to take out the smell of tobacco and the slightest smoke in the distance, so it is quite possible to get rid of smoking while taking Tabex.

The husband asked him to buy a drug to help stop smoking. I, on the advice of friends and users of the forums, chose Tabex. When my husband was at home, I controlled the frequency and pattern of admission, but when I was at work, he sometimes forgot. After drinking 1 pack, I decided not to continue further, citing the lack of effect. Although I personally noticed that I began to smoke less at home, and at work - constant nervous breaks, or for company, it is naturally difficult to quit. The psychological dependence on smoking is very strong, therefore, you first need to decide to quit, and Tabex will simply become an excellent assistant to you in this difficult matter.

At one time, I often heard about Tabex a lot of good. Several of my close friends quit smoking thanks to him and have not yet started again. I decided to try it, it’s almost a penny for money, in case of failure I wouldn’t lose anything anyway. I took it strictly according to the course, as written in the instructions. I agree that the physical craving for cigarettes is removed. If you take Tabex and smoke at the same time, a condition similar to an overdose of nicotine occurs: it makes you nauseous, dizzy, smack in the mouth, tinnitus, etc. Therefore, as an option, Tabex even helps if the dependence is purely physical in nature.

I have been a smoker for 16 years, smoked more than a pack a day. When I was planning a pregnancy, I decided to quit. Before that, there were many attempts to quit, and read books and gnawed carrots. Maximum did not smoke for 2-3 weeks, then again broke. At a city forum, a girl talked about these pills. Pills are not cheap, but it took several times more for cigarettes. I drank the full course, stopped smoking on the fifth day of admission. I can’t say that I was not at all drawn to smoke, I was drawn, but you can endure pills. Sometimes there was a feeling that the pill was a placebo, and that's probably what was intended. It turned out to throw.Not strong cravings persisted from about a month after the end of the intake, then it completely passed. I have not smoked for more than 2 years.

How to take to quit smoking?

Often, not all smokers can understand how to take Tabex to get rid of the problem. Some at first easily dispense with cigarettes, and after some time they smoke again. It is not enough just to drink nicotine pills, hoping for their magical effect.

On the fifth day, you should forget about smoking altogether. If a person continues to smoke, then Tabex will provoke nicotine poisoning of the body, as a result of which heart and breathing problems may appear.

The first three days of taking Tabex can be considered test. It’s just not always possible to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked to a minimum. Then treatment is best stopped. It is recommended to start a new course only after two or three months.

Consider how to drink Tabex. Usually, treatment should be carried out according to the scheme. The first stage is considered preparatory. Its duration, as described above, is only three days. First, you should take one tablet, and every two hours. The main thing is that the number of drunk tablets does not exceed six in one day.

According to the official and verified instructions in the early days of Tabex, not very pleasant sensations arise. However, you should not focus on them, because they will pass as soon as the patient smokes less. It is also recommended to drink more water, which removes harmful toxins from the body.

When the first stage is successfully completed, proceed to the second. Let's consider it in more detail.

  1. From the fourth to the twelfth day, Tabex is taken five times a day every 2.5 hours. It is very important to observe just such a time interval. The correct and effective intake of the active ingredient in the body depends on this.
  2. From the thirteenth to sixteenth day, Tabex should be drunk three times, one tablet per day. The time interval is usually four hours.
  3. From the seventeenth to the twentieth day - one tablet, and three times a day. The time interval should already be five hours.
  4. And finally, the completion of treatment from the twenty-first to twenty-fifth day. In this case, one or two tablets should be taken. The time interval is seven or eight hours.

This phased treatment regimen can be considered the most effective if the patient seriously decided to get rid of his bad habit. Most importantly, the method of administration and the dose of Tabex should comply with all requirements. Often, on the fifth day of treatment, most patients give up cigarettes due to bad feelings.

It also happens that a person stops smoking prematurely. But then it’s still worthwhile to continue treatment, since the need for smoking may appear again.

Positive reviews

It really helps me

Good evening. Here I read reviews about Tabex, and with pleasure I want to share my experience. I had a smoking experience of about 20 years. I started smoking at the age of 15, now I am 35. Headaches, ailments in the body, coughing and others began to torment me. And it became a pity to spend money on cigarettes. I began to think about how to quit smoking. She herself tried, could not. I read a lot of reviews about Tabex and Nikoret. All the same, I chose a tabex and bought it. There you need to drink tablets according to the scheme strictly. I set myself alarms for a certain time, so as not to forget. So I drank the whole course without any problems. I want to note that my craving began to disappear from the first tablet and from the first day. I didn't smoke anymore. And I don’t smoke for 7 months. The first five days I unconsciously wanted, but the desire to overcome and quit smoking was even greater. Then nothing, it was my pride that I quit smoking. I began to feel even better, my head became lighter, wheezing and coughing went away. I'm glad that I chose the tabex (although I also did not believe it)
She advised her smoking friend .. she did not believe it, but still decided to try it and also quit it, though on the third day.
Yes, of course, I began to get better, but took up myself. I do not eat after 6.))
People, I advise you, try not to be afraid, it really helps).
And I always say to myself - "I didn’t stop smoking in order to start again."

Great tool! Threw on the 7th day! Now 3.5 years have passed during this time and there was no thought to smoke, although almost all smokers are around me! Recommend! Health to all!

Great tool! Threw on the 7th day! Now 3.5 years have passed during this time and there was no thought to smoke, although almost all smokers are around me! Recommend! Health to all!

Smoking experience 18 years. There were cases when I did not buy a month and a half. But it was on the strength of two times. My husband and I have long wanted to quit. But I didn’t succeed either. As much as I think, I should stop smoking so often. The result of a pack for a day was not always enough. Well, my last hope is pills. She told her husband and in the evening he bought them. Started to take together. Already on the first day I smoked not 20 but 12-13 cigarettes. On the second 6-7, on the 3rd day five climbed a little. The instructions say that if after 5 days it did not work out, then you need to postpone the idea for 2-3 months and stop taking the pills. I managed to refuse on the 6th day. My husband is on the 7th day. Sometimes there is a desire to smoke, but it is not so physically difficult to bear as before. There is enough mint candy or chewing gum or something that will be felt for a long time to taste. Now cigarette smoke is perceived as something that blocks the throat. I want to move away from the person who smokes nearby. And at home, if the guests smoked on the balcony and closed the door badly, I open the windows so that it disappears because it is disgusting to be.
I advise everyone who is not contraindicated. The effect is clearly there.

I am 51 years old, a smoker experience of 33 years. I decided to quit with Tabex, I have been taking it for 3 days. there are no side symptoms. I noticed that less attracted to cigarettes. There are a couple of puffs, and the sensation has somehow smoked the whole. Probably just a strong desire to quit, but Tabex decided to finish it to the end.

These pills helped me, I didn’t smoke for 2 years, and then I smoked dope, I thought that I wouldn’t smoke one more and then I didn’t feel like it either, but in the company I decided to drag out again and away we go. Now I bought it again and will drink strictly on time and the scheme, then they only help. Good luck. My friend drank some taletki, now he has not smoked for 10 years. Good luck to all.

Really help .. for a day I smoked only 10 cigarettes .. and earlier in the evening the pack was over .. I caught myself thinking ... already I didn’t smoke for three hours. I don’t want to smoke .. in the afternoon when I smoked the feeling that I had smoked the first cigarette in my life

Many thanks to the developers of Tabex. I do not smoke for 1.5 months. I am proud of myself that I no longer smoke. Without pills, nothing would have happened. If someone writes that the pills do not help, then they have no desire to quit smoking. Advice to anyone who wants to quit smoking. Some people mistakenly think that if they don’t quit within 3 days, it doesn’t help. For example, I completely refused cigarettes on day 11, when the number of smoked cigarettes per day dropped to 5. I was a heavy smoker, smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day. The only thing when using the pills is to find the strength to tell yourself that you don’t smoke anymore from now on and that there wouldn’t be cigarettes at hand, you yourself feel that you don’t want to smoke and you don’t get any pleasure from the smoked cigarettes, but only habit. And he told himself that I no longer smoke at 23 a.m. and threw out the last 4 cigarettes. In the morning I had no agony, but there was only a slight feeling that something was missing and that’s all. For all the time I smoked 3 times in a dream and woke up in horror. Remember that pills to facilitate smoking cessation. When taking pills, there is no such effect as from cough tablets, drank and stopped coughing. Tabex reduces the urge to smoke.

Good day to all!
I want to say one thing about Tabex, it helps only those who really want to quit smoking!
I myself smoke somewhere 19 years old (though there was a 3-year break, then I quit myself).
The number of cigarettes I smoke began to approach 2m packs per day! I realized what’s next "business-pipe", I decided to quit. Long tuned, but ........ I realized that this time I just couldn’t. I know people who quit smoking with Tabex. Without hesitation, he went to the pharmacy and bought two packs (for himself and his wife).
We accept the 2nd day. I can say the following about my feelings: yesterday (the first day) I smoked, but less and less with each pill ... This morning (second day of intake), after a long-term habit, after breakfast, my hand found a cigarette and a pack, I had a desire to smoke, but not like usually, and so - after the first puff I realized that smoking is not so desirable, a cigarette is rubbish! In general, I smoked a floor of a cigarette somehow, rather out of habit. Now when I write with us, the time is 11:07 (in the morning) I just smoked another half a cigarette, plus the first morning. I think this is a VERY good indicator for myself (in normal mode, I would have already destroyed 4-5 cigarettes). I believe that the drug fulfills its purpose at 100%. If there is time, I will try to describe the next days of admission, as the sensations that I experience inspire real optimism.
P / s: Guys (I appeal to those who began to smoke 4 times more after starting treatment), it is obvious that you simply expected a MIRACLE, start drinking pills and recover from tobacco dependence. Alas, this does not happen .... We are all smokers - people are dependent and without our own hard desire nothing will come of it. At least drink Tabex, at least go to Grandma. Good luck and a speedy victory over nicotine (and most importantly over YOURSELF.)

I have been taking Tabex for 19 days. I have not smoked for 4 days already from these 19. Sometimes, out of habit, I am eager to go and smoke, but I hold on. The bad news is that for the first 3 days without cigarettes, the nerves scandalized just awful. I hope that I will not even take up this muck. I think I still stop drinking pills. It all depends on you and the pill is support for the body.

I have been smoking for 20 years. There were attempts to quit smoking, lasted no more than a month. Tabex was advised by a friend, he quit not smoking already, and his wife also has not smoked for six months. I drank for 5 days, I do not smoke the second day. Pills make smoking cessation easier and it is written in the insert for them. The rest, i.e. I completely have to give up smoking myself! Good luck to those who chose to live on without "tobacco" smoke!

I bought Tabex in black packaging. She smoked normally for the first 5 days, but in the following days, she began to realize that I had an aversion to every cigarette I smoked. The longer I continued to drink at the rate, the less desire to smoke a cigarette, not because I do not want to, but because when you smoke it becomes disgusting. So my 15-year experience has come to naught

Today is 1 day I no longer smoke 7 hours

I bought pills in 2018, drank ... Half a course ... And for 5 months I am free .... . At first it was bad, but I had 7 days ... I used to smoke 2 packs a day. I admit that a smoker with experience of 21 years .... Her husband's dream came true. Do you want a good result, do not worry. Beat alcohol, otherwise everything is in vain ...

Smoking experience for more than forty years. He quit smoking on the ninth day of taking Tabex, I have not smoked for six months already. You could quit even to understand how cool it is not to smoke. Tabex will definitely help you

Girlfriend quit smoking the seventh day, drinking pills and not pulling. And today I was motivated by the second day as I drink pills and smoked one cigarette so it became so disgusting.

Pills help, you still need desire and motivation. Follow strictly the instructions.
I threw it with pills and the result was, it didn’t pull at all ... ... I started on the scales and ran for cigarettes ... stupid, I had to switch to a normal diet. The second time I decided to quit and set myself up (a lot of money goes away! The smell of clothes! You’re always looking for a place to smoke .... A respectable lady, aged, but how ... most importantly, I was surrounded by people who did not smoke, self-esteem appeared ... Throw with a tabex, but first set yourself up.

I came to the decision to quit smoking, I smoked for 30 years, I am 44, I bought Tabex, I was skeptical of course and started taking it, strictly according to the prescription, I was still drinking sedative.It helped, I don’t smoke. Two months, a desire arises but can be quickly repaid, there’s no breaking, I’m done. I coped very glad, straight threw off the kondalas.

Good evening! So I bought the Tabex, which I hope for. I understand very well the suggestion itself. But honestly, many of the symptoms are true! The first days hold on, in the rest you fight with yourself. It’s very difficult, although there are close ones who support! May God help you. I want this! I have 9 days today, but I still smoke (((((but I smoke a lot less. There is such a moment, you smoke and you understand that you don’t taste the cigarettes. And you just hold the cigarette in your hands. As you understand, what you jerk, you gobble this cigarette! I still have half a course, I hope it helps me) and not only me! STOP SMOKING. AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL))) GOOD LUCK IN THE BEGINNINGS, I WISH SUCCESSES.

To brag early, but! Very tired of smoking, my head constantly hurts, fatigue, etc. with her husband decided to quit smoking until ng. Bought Tabex. We drink, do not smoke. I drank 15 tablets and quit. I didn’t smoke. I lit a cigarette. To cigarettes is not that disgust, but the buzz is not the same. But I smoked hard. And smoked again in all the chimneys. The other day, I started drinking pills again. On the third day I smoked 2, 5 cigarettes. Today, 2 days without cigarettes. I am drawn to smoking, but as I recall, there will be no more buzz and that it is fighting off all hunting. I continue to drink pills. I’m gaining weight, but not from the pills, I’m thinking of buying a new danger)))

I decided to write my review. Smoking experience is 15 years. There have been many attempts. The biggest 3 months did not smoke. Then he sat on the electronic for 2 years, after she lit a cigarette. Now I started to drink Tabex.
I drank the 4th day. Stopped smoking (desire disappeared) on the 3rd day (after smoking 2 cigarettes in the morning). Now I haven’t smoked a single cigarette. At times, there is not a significant desire such as "smoke", but after a full breath by the chest, all thoughts disappear. I believe that the teacher is working, but provided that the brains are properly tuned. Go ahead.

The first time I threw it without pills, it broke hard, I didn’t smoke for two years, then I bought it again and tried to quit, my friends didn’t smoke tobacco for two years, I decided it’s okay, it’s not breaking, let's see what happens next.

To quit smoking, you still need tremendous willpower. I took Tabex for only five days, just so as not to vomit inside. I don’t smoke for two weeks. I am determined to quit smoking and try not to even think about it.

I agree it absolutely will not help if you are lazy, do not know how to pull yourself together, everything in your head to quit you need to remove cigarettes from home, if you smoke a cigarette in the trash and say goodbye to everyone who smokes, I come to my brother-in-law to grab a cigarette in the bathroom everything smelled of smoke cigarettes on the washer always lie now I don’t go to him and don’t hang out with those who smoke and all is well no cravings but it is worth meeting a smoker immediately you want to smoke avoid these people at least for the first time

Hello everybody! This is a miracle pill! I quit with them for the second time, but in the end, the third, first time after 14 years of smoking, broke off after 4 months due to nerves and I had a greater psychological dependence, the second time I quit because I got pregnant, without the help of pills, well, what am I to you guys I’ll say this hell is to survive these breaks! I didn’t smoke for two years, then I started working with my husband, I smoked again, smoked for six months, quit, not toods, I can’t despair, and then I remembered the tabex, ran to the pharmacy, the first day of the reception didn’t smoke at all, as usual, on the second day a whole cigarette didn’t go to me on the third day in the morning I made coffee and went out on the balcony to bribe a cigarette, and she nasty and terribly stinks, didn’t smoke until noon, took another cigarette, didn’t get any pleasure, took a couple of puffs and gave the neighbor a whole pack, hands stink in your mouth disgusting, horror, m nya simply turned away. And those who talk about willpower there, it’s all bullshit, sorry, I don’t have it, I just know the difference between when you quit smoking by willpower and tabex is heaven and earth. And those who write that they do not help, then for those like you, dear, there is an instruction in which it is written in black and white that if there is no effect, it should be stopped and repeated after 4 months. And those who break in again and smoke more than we smoked, it is unlikely that the pills are to blame, you yourself made your choice.

You are all fools, I personally know the heavy smokers and quit everything, they have not smoked for a couple of years now. No desire, don’t start. Someone writes, do not waste your hard-earned money, so of course it is better to spend these hard-earned money on tobacco producers (here are idiots.) I personally, already thanks to the tabex, have not smoked for 4 years, with more than 10 years of experience .... And if If you don’t have any desire, then don’t get here at all, nicotine addicts.

The first time I threw it from Tabex for 10 months for the new year, I smoked. I smoked a month and started taking Tabex again the 3rd day I stopped smoking, it helped a lot before smoking 20 years

Tabex is a great tool. On day 5 I forgot that I need to drink pills! The main thing to overcome a physical habit is to smoke during a break, in advertising, talking on the phone, etc. smoked for 16 years I have not smoked for 3 weeks. And I’m very afraid to start again, because it’s easier to overcome yourself for 2 minutes than to poison the body with necotin all your life! The first 2 days were hard, but with Tabex it’s easier! When she threw herself 2 weeks she was tormented. And she lit a cigarette at the first feast with alcohol, but she does not pull with tabex and alcohol. People only1000 r. Stop smoking and do not regret it !!

I’m drinking the second day. I smoked one and a half and two packs a day, before the red ones, now they’re light. I’m just getting sick from the first year, I went straight to the minimum, practically didn’t sleep at night. Today, on the second day, now it’s 20 minutes after four, I smoked while 4 cigarettes .. Easier. But this is my achievement, I think. I was preparing for it ... Morally. I knew that there would be a pipe ... Well, I don’t know, we’ll look further on. I’m going strictly at the rate

Hello! My experience is 40 years. Tabex decided to try because there is strength and will, but there is not enough willpower ... Before starting, I studied a couple of forums and made sure that with a certain degree of confidence in success I can get rid of this bad habit. I still can’t boast of quitting completely, but. Day after day I began to smoke less. Yes, I admit, this is the second week, not so fast with me as with the stronger ones. But I do not stop believing and fighting. Nearly 55 I might not have another chance. I don’t know how the audience will react to my advice, but I’ll say: Tabex is just help. We must be able to use it, and not wait for "mercies from nature." Good luck to everyone.

He quit 2 times with Tabex, didn’t smoke for a month, then started again. Here, willpower is needed.

Smoked for 8 years. I didn’t want to quit. A friend gave the pack a try. The first 3 days I smoked a lot, on the 4th day I decided to refuse consciously! I wanted to smoke only 1 cigarette in the evening. On day 5, I smoked 1 cigarette in the morning. I didn’t smoke on day 6! On day 7, due to stress, she smoked about 7 cigarettes. On day 8, there was a complete cessation of smoking and pills. I don’t want to smoke and I don’t need pills. The main desire to quit and willpower, if not, will they help?

A real incentive is needed. You cannot quit without incentive. For example, my daughter had an allergy to an allergen exhaled by a smoker, I began to drink Tabex to ease the craving for nicatin. I drank half the course. Dry mouth appeared and the taste and pleasure of smoking was no longer received. Gave up. Smoked for 16 years.

My husband and I gave up smoking with the help of these Tabex tablets in the new version and smoking does not pull at all. At first there was dizziness and nausea in the morning when I tried to smoke, it was worse from cigarettes. It was even easier for my husband, since he did not often smoke, I have been smoking for 16 years and have 20 years. We tried a lot of anti-smoking drugs and it didn’t help, but that’s all. It’s the best way to quit smoking. Praise to the developers of the drug. They also took it strictly according to the instructions.

Thanks to the tablet maker! On day 8, I completely gave up cigarettes. I advise you to drink it to those who have a dream to quit smoking and there is no willpower.

A wonderful remedy. I gave up cigarettes already on the second day. I drank a course of 50 tablets according to the scheme. I don’t smoke for a month, I don’t pull, I think I will never smoke again. I have 24 years of experience. Good luck to everyone and it’s real

I smoked for 25 years then quit on a tabex. For the past 6 years I have not smoked or been drawn. True disgust from cigarettes still has not passed. Do not pull. I advise if you drink according to the scheme it will definitely help. I’ll try to give my husband dates too.

I recommend Tabex, smoking experience was 10 years, I quit using these pills to really remove cravings, I have not smoked for 4 months

I do not smoke 10 days. Smoker experience 22 years. I tried to engage in a bad habit more than once; after tobacco I started to smoke even more. This time I bought them again, I became really crazy, until I can understand the felts this is their effect or I want to smoke. I bet another box of beer, I’m principle, I think I don’t want to lose the argument than the tablets help. Two years ago my 5 (tel) buried in my room, my wife says I’ll buy 6, just quit smoking, so I went and bought the 6th, but did not quit smoking. These pills are all garbage, this time I have a serious attitude, Beer warms my soul and no longer smoke health, as you smoke at least expensive and cheap ones and feel that this is not tobacco.

I threw using Tabex (experience 13 years, 1 pack of cigarettes for 1.5 days). Smoking stopped altogether already on the third day. Tabex stopped drinking on the 10th (she just forgot to forget). I have not smoked since 10/07/2009 in the summer of 2010 I began to smoke again (about 1 cigarette per week). Now I smoke periodically so as not to smoke, sometimes I drink Tabex. In 2009, there was a strong desire to quit. And now he is gone. Tabex helped me + my own motivation.

Hello . You all, like myself, quit smoking with Tabex .. and no matter what many say, these pills really help .. and most of all it helps and stimulates your desire to quit smoking. For example, I quit smoking on the 4th day of using the pills today, the seventh and I don’t even want to smoke (and I stopped taking pills from this 7 day). and I am satisfied .. but most of all my wife is happy))))))))))

I have been a smoker for 16 years, smoked more than a pack a day. When I was planning a pregnancy, I decided to quit. Before that, there were many attempts to quit, and read books and gnawed carrots. Maximum did not smoke for 2-3 weeks, then again broke. At a city forum, a girl talked about these pills. Pills are not cheap, but it took several times more for cigarettes. I drank the full course, stopped smoking on the fifth day of admission. I can’t say that I was not at all drawn to smoke, I was drawn, but you can endure pills. Sometimes there was a feeling that the pill was a placebo, and that's probably what was intended. It turned out to throw. Not strong cravings persisted from about a month after the end of the intake, then it completely passed. I have not smoked for more than 2 years.

Action of tablets

Tabex relieves withdrawal symptoms, i.e. the state of discomfort that occurs in a person who quit smoking. It removes the physiological dependence of the smoker on nicotine.

This is achieved due to the content in the Tabex alkaloid cytisine. This substance by its mechanism of action is very similar to nicotine, but does not have such harmful properties. The effect of cytisine on metabolic processes in the human body creates the effect of nicotine replacement. Therefore, a person taking Tabex tablets does not feel as much craving for smoking as before. There is a peculiar "deception" of the body: I ​​received such a pill - as if I had smoked a cigarette.

If you combine Tabex with smoking, you get unpleasant sensations, as with an overdose of nicotine. Thus, taking this drug, a person involuntarily smokes less and less cigarettes every day, and then completely refuses them, without experiencing any pain: the body is "euthanized" by the action of cytisine.

How long should I drink?

To the question of how long to drink Tabex tablets there is a definite answer. British scientists from University College London have done a little research. Patients who smoked more than ten cigarettes in just one day were given cytisine according to the above scheme.All this happened for twenty-five days.

So it makes sense to trust British scientists, not exceeding and not minimizing time intervals.


If the dosage of the drug is not observed, an overdose of Tabex is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • dilated pupils
  • general weakness
  • tachycardia
  • clonic spasms
  • respiratory paralysis.

If the patient has an overdose, urgently: the stomach is washed, activated charcoal is prescribed, water-salt solutions, glucose solution (5%, 10%) are infused, anticonvulsants, cardiotonics, respiratory analeptics are prescribed. Strictly controlled work of the respiratory organs, pressure and heartbeat.

Important notes for quitting smoking with the drug

Some patients should take Tabex tablets with extreme caution. First of all, this applies to those who have diseases of this kind:

  • diabetes,
  • reflux disease
  • high levels of thyroid hormones,
  • significant damage to the kidneys or liver,
  • coronary artery disease,
  • heart failure,
  • renal as well as liver failure,
  • some forms of schizophrenia.

Before starting treatment, in no case should you exceed the dose, which is due to the instruction for use of Tabex tablets. At elevated doses, the patient complains of weakness, nausea, his pupils dilate, and then convulsions and respiratory paralysis appear. In this case, you should definitely start emergency treatment. First you need to rinse your stomach. Also, such medical products as activated carbon, various anticonvulsants, and respiratory analeptics will come to the rescue.

Patients over forty years of age should first consult a doctor before drinking Tabex tablets to quit smoking. The medicine contains lactose in its composition, so those who have a hereditary intolerance to this component should not be treated with Tabex's nicotine addiction.

Tabex has no effect on the general mental state of the patient, his ability to think, and also on the rate of reaction. So during treatment with tablets, you can drive a car and work calmly with industrial aggregators.

Side effects

Even useful medicines have an adverse effect on the body. Side effects of Tabex are no exception. Most often, the patient complains of the following symptoms:

  • heart rate
  • sore and dizzy
  • excessive irritation
  • chest pains
  • sleepy
  • it’s dry in my mouth
  • the taste of food is changing.

In general, the drug is well tolerated, and side effects are not always particularly pronounced, moreover, they are observed quite rarely. All of them are usually associated with nicotine addiction. Passing, but a little later.

How to take Tabex (method of application and dosage)

Tabex tablets are swallowed with plenty of clean water. You do not need to chew the tablet, it is swallowed whole. With the time of eating, the drug is not associated.

The course of treatment with Tabex is carried out according to the following scheme:
1st - 3rd days: 1 tab. every 2 hours, only 6 times (for example, from 10.00 to 20.00). The daily dose, therefore, is 9 mg (6 tablets).
4th - 12th days: 1 tab. every 2.5 hours, only 5 times. The daily dose is reduced by 1.5 mg and is 7.5 mg (5 tablets).
13th - 16th days: 1 tab. every 3 hours, only 4 times. The daily dose is 6 mg (4 tablets).
17th - 20th days: 1 tab. every 5 hours, only 3 times. The daily dose is 4.5 mg (3 tablets).
21st - 25th days: 1 tab. 2 times a day, then 1 time a day. The daily dose is reduced to 1.5 mg (1 tab.).

The number of cigarettes smoked per day should gradually decrease, and on the 5th day of treatment, the patient should completely stop smoking. If this effect cannot be achieved, Tabex is discontinued.After 2-3 months, the treatment is started again, if this attempt is unsuccessful, the patient should look for another way to quit smoking.

Short description

Tabex (cytisine) is a medicine for the treatment of tobacco dependence of the group of n-cholinomimetics from the Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma. The active ingredient of the drug is the cytisine alkaloid extracted from broom. It interacts with n-cholinergic receptors, acting as a nicotine antagonist. Cytisine stimulates the receptors of the ganglia of the autonomic nervous system, excites chemoreceptors located at the site of expansion of the internal carotid artery (the so-called carotid sinus) and contributes to a more intense secretion of epinephrine by the adrenal cortex. Increases blood pressure and stimulates the respiratory reflex. A feature of Tabex is the ability to systematically give up smoking to a person who does not have sufficient willpower once and for all to abandon a bad habit. Smoking must be stopped no later than the fifth day from the start of pharmacotherapy. The effectiveness of the drug was tested in randomized clinical trials involving patients with impressive smoking history. About 60% of them completely gave up smoking, in 30% of cases a partial result was achieved, consisting in reducing the number of smoking episodes during the day from 20-30 to 4-5. Only in 11% of cases a negative result was obtained, which in most situations was caused by an unmotivated refusal from pharmacotherapy until the required saturation of the body with the active substance of the drug. The pharmacological effect of Tabex is based on its ability to cause unpleasant sensations of a nicotine overdose during smoking, which motivates a person to completely abandon this habit or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

In Tabex packaging - 100 tablets of 1.5 mg of active ingredient. The course of treatment is 25 days, the average number of tablets per course is 100. The dosage is determined by the doctor individually. For persons with low smoking intensity, it may be lower: its selection is carried out based on the patient’s well-being. The drug does not affect the psychophysical state and does not impair the ability to engage in activities that require concentration and attention. With a mechanism of action similar to nicotine, cytisine has a much higher toxicity threshold. Tabex is prescribed only to those patients who, with complete seriousness, decide to work on a complete cessation of smoking. For persons with a smoker experience of more than 40 years, the drug is prescribed only after an interview with a doctor. Drug therapy with Tabex against the background of continued smoking can cause potentiation of the negative effects of nicotine and, ultimately, provoke nicotine intoxication. Subject to compliance with the established doses and the recommendations of the doctor, the drug has no serious side effects. During treatment and upon completion, an improvement in the general condition of the patient is noted in connection with the elimination of nicotine intoxication.

What drug effect do tablets give

The desired effect is achieved thanks to the active substance Tabex - the cytisine alkaloid. It acts on the autonomic nervous system, stimulates the respiratory center, helps the adrenal glands secrete adrenaline from the brain, and also increases blood pressure.

The effect of cytisine is similar to how nicotine acts on the body, however, cytisine is less toxic and has a larger therapeutic index.

Due to cytisine, the effect of nicotine on the corresponding receptors is suppressed, due to which the nicotine dependence gradually decreases and disappears.


N-cholinomimetic.It stimulates the nicotinic receptors of the autonomic ganglia, reflexively stimulates the respiratory center, causes the release of adrenaline by the chromafin cells of the medular part of the adrenal glands, and increases blood pressure.

Reduces nicotine addiction (due to the competitive relationship in the field of the same receptors and biochemical substrates with which nicotine interacts in the body). It causes a change in the taste of smoking (making it unpleasant), reduces the desire for smoking and facilitates the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation.

The mechanism of action of cytisine is close to the mechanism of action of nicotine, which makes it possible to gradually quit smoking and at the same time prevents the development of withdrawal symptoms.


Champix are ordinary film-coated tablets. Are made in the USA. The main component is varenicline tartrate, which plays the role of the so-called nicotine antagonist.

If you compare Tabex or Champix, it should be noted that the second drug contains an impressive list of side effects, which is why consumers have the wrong opinion about the supposedly safer use of Tabex. As with all drugs manufactured in the USA, Champix has strict requirements for clinical trials and verification of their results.

An important difference between Champix and Tabex is that the former has less m-cholinomimetic effect: excitation of the nervous system, release of adrenaline, increased pressure. This is a significant advantage, especially for the treatment of tobacco dependence in people after 40 years. These advantages affect the price of Champix, which is much higher.


Nicorette contains nicotine. Forms of release are so diverse that there is an individual right to choose. Someone prefers fruit or mint chewing gums, some prefer mint flavored candies, and some only benefit from patches, as well as various inhalers or sprays.

Quitting smoking with Nicorette is a two-step process. At the first stage, the manifestations of withdrawal syndrome, which are usually associated with the fact that a person quits smoking, are noticeably attenuated. Nicotine enters the human body, but already without harmful tar and carbon monoxide. And in the second stage, the patient no longer smokes.

In case of an overdose, there are certain risks. As a rule, this is severe poisoning. So, Nicorette should be taken clearly according to the instructions.

But if you choose Tabex or Nicorette, then here you can rely on the reviews of those who used to smoke. According to these reviews, only those who really wanted this could solve their problem with Tabex. But Nicoretta helped get rid of the malicious craving for tobacco, even the most heavy smokers. Most patients used chewing gum.

What are the alternatives to Tabex

Alternative Tabex drugs are available to help you quit smoking.


Available in the form of solutions, sachets, tablets, plasters. Most often, the latter type is used. Thanks to the use of the patch, there is a decrease:

  • the need to use tobacco products,
  • the number of cigarettes
  • smoking cessation symptoms.

Nicotine is contained in minimal doses in plasters. Method of application: apply to intact skin of hands or hips in the morning, remove before bedtime. Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance. Duration of use is three months.


Another analog of Tabex. It has a very low dose of nicotine, which excites the respiratory and vasomotor centers, enhances the synthesis of adrenaline in the adrenal glands.

  • unstable angina,
  • heart rhythm disturbance,
  • recent stroke
  • gastrointestinal ulcer
  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding.

Side effects in the form of:

  • headache,
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • anxiety
  • bloating
  • hiccups
  • stomatitis
  • heart palpitations,
  • skin redness
  • itching
  • allergic reactions.


It is a multilayer patch of rectangular shape. As part of a small dose of nicotine, together with auxiliary components. The application of the patch is to stick to the skin once a day.

Special instructions

Although Tabex removes the physiological dependence on nicotine, psychological dependence remains, and the smoker must overcome it by force of will. Therefore, starting treatment with Tabex makes sense only when the patient's intentions to quit smoking are serious enough. Otherwise, when the patient takes this drug, and at the same time does not reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, nicotine intoxication may occur.

Tabex has no effect on the neuropsychic state of a person, on the ability to mental work, on the reaction rate. This tool can be safely taken by drivers and people whose work is connected with machine tools and various industrial units.

Release form

Tablets, film-coated, light brown, round, biconvex.

1 tab
cytisine1.5 mg

Excipients: lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, magnesium stearate.

The composition of the film coat: brown opadry II (hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, titanium dioxide (E171), macrogol 3000, triacetin, yellow iron dye (E172), red iron dye (E172), black iron dye (E172).

20 pcs. - blisters (5) - packs of cardboard.

General information

The birthplace of these anti-nicotine tablets is Bulgaria. Two companies are engaged in the production of the drug: Farmahim and Sofarma AO.

The composition of the tablets contains plant extracts, a sweetener, lactose monohydrate, dye and cytisine, which has an active effect on the body. Each tablet contains 1.5 g of this substance. This is an alkaloid with a similar mechanism of influence on the body as nicotine, while its toxicity is much lower.

The purpose of the drug is to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed per day or completely quit smoking. In both cases, the course of taking Tabex showed excellent performance.

The cost of the drug in pharmacies in the Russian Federation is in the range from 700 to 1000 rubles per pack of tablets for a monthly course of admission.


The drug is prescribed for 3 days at 1 tab. 6 times / day (after 2 hours) with a parallel reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked. If there is no effect, the drug should be discontinued and after 2-3 months a new course should be started.

If the result is positive, treatment is continued according to the following scheme:

Treatment periodMultiplicity of receptionDaily dose
from 4 to 12 day1 tab. every 2.5 hours5 tab.
from 13 to 16 day1 tab. every 3 hours4 tab.
from 17 to 20 day1 tab. every 5 hours3 tab.
from 21 to 25 day1 tab. every 6-8 hours1-2 tab.

Smoking should be stopped no later than 5 days from the start of treatment.

Tabex principle of operation

Once in the body, the active substance cytisine acts on it like nicotine:

  • Increases pressure
  • Provokes adrenaline rush
  • Excites nicotinic receptors in the nervous system.

Acting as an agonist of acetylcholinergic receptors, the active component of Tabex prevents their reunification with nicotine, which gradually reduces the person’s dependence on smoking.

When taking pills, when you try to smoke a cigarette, you feel an unpleasant taste in your mouth and nausea occurs. This greatly facilitates the withdrawal syndrome, which allows you to quit smoking without the sensations of loss, suffering, anxiety inherent in this process.

Instructions for use

The recommended regimen is designed for heavy smokers, so some in the early days may feel nauseous or dizzy, as if they had smoked a lot of cigarettes. If such symptoms occur, the daily dose should be reduced in consultation with the therapist.

How much do you need to take Tabex? The full course lasts 25 days and is divided into 2 stages:

  • Initial - lasts 3 days, taking 1 tablet 6 times a day every 2 hours. At this stage, the number of cigarettes should be gradually reduced. If no result is observed, try again after 2 months. If there is rejection for smoking, they proceed to the second stage.
  • 4-25 days (4 periods with different frequencies and the number of tablets per day). On the fifth day, the patient should give up smoking, otherwise nicotine poisoning will occur.

Pharmacological effects and composition of the drug

The Latin name of the drug is Tabex, and the ATX code is N07BA. As part of plant matter, the main component with the biological activity of cytisine (cytisine). Company- JSC, located in Bulgaria.

Release form - tableted. One tablet contains 15 mg of cytisine. As additional compounds, the annotation indicates the presence of MCC, milk sugar, talc, magnesium salt and stearic acid. The shell consists of polyvinyl alcohol (partially hydrolyzed), macrogol No. 33350, talc, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and brown opadra 2.

Description of tablets - round, biconvex, shell - light brown color. They are in blisters of 20 pieces, packed in packs of cardboard. Inside is a paper instruction for use.

Tabex refers to H-cholinomimetics. Tablets act on the nicotinic receptors of the autonomic ganglia, have a stimulating effect on the respiratory center, provide the release of adrenaline, and lead to an increase in systolic and diastolic pressure.

All these biological processes in the body stop the craving for nicotine. Against the background of the use of Tabex, the taste of cigarettes becomes unpleasant, and over time, dependence on cigarettes is leveled. A natural drug reduces withdrawal symptoms due to smoking cessation. The effect of Tabex on the human body can be compared with the effect of nicotine, due to which craving for cigarettes disappears, and the severity of withdrawal symptoms decreases.

No pharmacokinetic data have been reported. No studies have been conducted in humans, only in animals. The active ingredient is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract quickly, but not completely. In mice, after oral administration, the degree of absorption is 42%, and in rabbits by 8%. The maximum concentration of the substance in mice is observed after 120 minutes, and in rabbits after 35 minutes.

The maximum plasma content of cytisine is recorded in the liver, adrenal glands and kidneys.

  • Sold over the counter
  • Good tolerance
  • Availability - sold in almost all pharmacies

  • Negative reviews of doctors
  • High price
  • Long course of therapy
  • A large list of contraindications

Tabex helps reduce cravings for nicotine

If I ask if you smoked, most of you will answer yes. It so happened that in our society there are very few people who at least once did not hold a cigarette in their hands. Some, of course, did this out of interest or curiosity and on this did not continue their “friendship” with a smoker, but for some this “friendship” dragged on. And these people understand that it’s easy to start smoking, and quitting is much harder.

Therefore, if you do not smoke, then it is better not to start. But still, if this nicotine habit has dragged you on, try to quit, because sooner or later this habit will affect your health and will not lead to good.

And precisely because I understood this and sincerely wanted to quit smoking, I succeeded, however, not without help, Tabex tabletscontributed to this. With them, the process of giving up cigarettes is much simpler and easier. I have something to compare with, since before I started drinking Tabex tablets, I tried to quit smoking myself.But what I was experiencing at those moments was terrible, but the saddest thing was that I returned to my bad nicotine habit over and over again.

And realizing that I couldn’t do it myself, I started looking for options to quit smoking, and as the most suitable option for me, I chose Tabex tablets.

The tablets themselves are small, it is easy to swallow such a tablet even without water, the first days are drunk by the hour up to 6 pieces per day, then the intake is gradually reduced.

I lost my desire to smoke after the 4th day of taking the pills, but Tabex continued to continue, as expected.

As a result, I managed to quit smoking, and I can say that Tabex definitely participated in this, since the attempts that I made before ended only with my breakdowns.

Of course, without your desire, some pills will not help, but if you really want to quit smoking, then Tabex helps to reduce cravings and addiction to nicotine, which saves you from breakdowns.

Do not smoke. See a healthy lifestyle.

Most common side effects

Tabex tablets rarely cause side effects, but in practice such cases are still found. The main reason for the appearance is pharmacological properties, which in rare cases can negatively affect the human condition.

Side effects affect various functional systems of the human body.

Most often they are reflected in the digestive system. The work of the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted, which leads to the following consequences:

  • nausea,
  • diarrhea,
  • vomiting
  • constipation,
  • pain in the stomach and intestines.

In addition, smokers may experience dry mouth. There are cases when the taste sensations of a person undergo significant changes. Patient appetite is also prone to fluctuations: a person may constantly eat or he will have an aversion to food.

The central nervous system of a person can be adversely affected, as evidenced by the reviews of doctors and patients. Moreover, among the fairly common side effects include:

  • headaches of various degrees
  • insomnia or, conversely, a constant desire to sleep,
  • dizziness,
  • excessive nervousness
  • short temper
  • irritability.

If Tabex causes side effects, then they are not pronounced. As a rule, they take place on their own and do not require additional medical care.

Waste of money or placebo effect.

My husband is a smoker with a half life experience.

He promised to quit smoking after each significant event. After the wedding (stress after all.), After the birth of a daughter, after vacation, after moving to a new quarter, after the birth of a son, etc. 15 years have passed in a circle slowly.

But if you yourself don’t really need it, there is no willpower, then at least get motivated, only the smoker himself can quit smoking and without options.

In general, I have long given up attempts to support, motivate, wait, and endure the psychos of non-smokers (and when I try to quit, I am always the psycho).

A man is an adult, independent, his health, his choice, his head. If only he would not smoke at home, because second-hand smoking of children is another matter (smokes on the balcony).

And I tried different means, and chewing gum, and a book on how to quit smoking, and an electronic cigarette, etc.

AND Tabex tablets bought CAM (already without my attempts to say that it would be nice to quit smoking). Now the daughter is actively sawing: "Dad. You promised to quit smoking !!" Recently a son has been added.

My husband bought Tabex tablets last year. I drank for a while .. Result - smokes now as before. DO NOT DROP!

I honestly said to my daughter, do not trust men and promises :)) You must understand from your youth that you won’t put your own head on anyone, forcing someone to get rid of addiction will not work if the person does not want to do this ..
The main thing for me now is that the children themselves do not smoke and do not have to get rid of this habit.

P.S. in my example and the example of loved ones, I often see the alternation of generations of smoking.
My father smoked - instilled an aversion to this habit. No one smokes in the family anymore (well, I tried as a teenager, but not for long, I quit without any pills).
My husband’s parents are not smokers - since adolescence he smokes like a steam locomotive. No one instilled disgust seems :))
But still, I am inclined to the fact that children still need to set a positive example with their own actions.

In fact, if a person does not want to, he will not give up and he must understand and realize this with his head, then you are absolutely right, you will not bother your own.

But Tabex reduces the craving for smoking, I felt this on myself, if I still want to smoke the first days of taking it, then on day 4-5 it is completely gone, and there is even some kind of disgust.

In any case, the first step to quit smoking should not be bought pills, but awareness and desire. And the fact that your husband bought CAM tablets and drank, but didn’t make any efforts to quit his bad habit, says that look, I’m just not doing it, I can’t quit smoking, so don’t drip me it’s not my fault. So, keep on dripping, he doesn’t like it, which means that there may be a result!

Ways to quit smoking a lot, I chose Tabex

I was already a little familiar with this drug, because thanks to it my husband quit smoking this summer.

I hesitated for some time whether to buy Tabex for myself, but after trying to quit smoking myself a couple of times, I decided to buy Tabex smoking cessation pills.

Tabex cost me 920 rubles. I bought it in a regular pharmacy, it is sold in the public domain, but still there are some contraindications, so I advise you to read the instructions, although in principle you can do without reading it, since Tabex itself has a very convenient layout with clear instructions for use.

Tabex pack contains 100 tablets. they are all placed on one blister, which from afar resembles a notepad and opens like a book.

One package is enough for 25 days of admission - this is how long the course laststo be drunk. Taking pills every day is slightly reduced.

I washed down the tablets with plain water, they are round in shape and small in size.

In general, I am very pleased with these pills, as I was able to quit smoking, and most importantly, then after the end of the intake I did not start.

A good drug that really works and helps quit smoking)

Drug Compatibility and Special Instructions

After refusing cigarettes, side effects from the drugs Theophylline, Ropinirol, Clozapine, Olanzapine are possible. When combined with drugs Rivastigmine, Pyridostigmine bromide, Distigmine, an increase in cholinomimetic negative phenomena (increased salivation, lacrimation, narrowing of the pupils, nausea up to vomiting, frequent urination, increased muscle tone cannot be ruled out).

If you combine Tabex and Lovastatin, Simvastatin, Fluvastatin, then the likelihood of muscle pain increases. Concomitant use with antihypertensive agents weakens the effect of the latter.

  1. To start taking Tabex is necessary in cases where a person has seriously decided to permanently give up cigarettes.
  2. Persons with long smoking experience and over 40-45 years of age are allowed to use only after consulting a therapist.
  3. It is forbidden to increase the dosage prescribed in the instructions.
  4. During the therapeutic course, it is necessary to observe the time interval between the use of tablets.
  5. If you take Tabex without quitting smoking on the 5th day of therapy, then the risks of side effects increase.
  6. Cautiously take tablets if a history of renal, liver failure.

It is forbidden to combine Tabex medicine with alcohol. Alcohol adversely affects a person’s self-control.The combination of alcohol and tablets provokes a loss of taste sensations, side effects are manifested: severe heartburn, heart palpitations, increased arterial parameters.

Helped quit smoking, and it also saves MONEY

To begin with, I'm glad.
And I'm glad because I was able to quit smoking. For seven years I was addicted to cigarettes, and now I'm free. And now, the money that went into cigarettes, I can spend on my beloved by buying something from cosmetics, for example.
So no smoking is very beneficial.
Now I only ask myself one question: “Why haven’t I done this before?”

And apparently because she had no idea how easy it could be with Tabex. I myself would not be able to quit smoking, as I made several attempts, one of which was with a good binge, but as soon as the body recovered, my hand reached for a cigarette.

But taking tabex no smoking it's just. All you need is to take pills, there are notes on the pack, how many pieces and after what time to take them, so everything is convenient in this regard.

Well, that’s all, after a few days of taking cigarettes, it begins to literally turn back, right up to nausea, and I don’t want to smoke everything, so it’s quite easy and simple to survive the moment of weaning from cigarettes.

In order to quit smoking I needed one pack of Tabex, I bought it at a pharmacy for 920 rubles, to be honest, in a month I spent more than a thousand on cigarettes, so Tabex’s price pretty quickly came true, and now it’s also generating income - in the form of money saved.

The pills themselves are small, I washed them with water, but I know that there is an option to chew them, I confess, I did not try to take them.

Not much time has passed since the moment when I do not smoke, but I already feel with full breast how cool it is.

Tabex: basic rules of use

  • Great desire to quit smoking. A person who has decided to quit should have an unlimited desire to leave this bad habit in the past, and Tabex should be just an assistant in the fight against smoking, but not a means to make it want. Without desire, the effect of taking the drug may not appear, but the components of Tabex are likely to cause side effects.
  • Unconditionally following the instructions for use of Tabex. You can not independently increase the dose!

Is it worth buying these smoking pills

In addition to endorsement of the application, Tabex has several other advantages. Demand for this drug does not stop growing and is in no way inferior in position to anti-nicotine patches and other pharmacy products. The popularity of Tabex can be explained by its low price and natural composition. To date, the cost of funds in Russia varies from 800-1150 rubles per package. The price of Tabex, according to smokers, is acceptable for everyone. The amount of money they spend every month on cigarettes can significantly exceed the cost of a 25-day course of treatment for nicotine addiction. Along with an affordable price, a plus can be called the possibility of over-the-counter acquisition and use of Tabex.

Sensations of people who take Tabex

Mostly there are positive responses about this tool. Some patients respond negatively about the drug due to side effects that have arisen such as irritability, nausea. Most former smokers claim that Tabex helped them get rid of nicotine addiction in a short time.

It is impossible to judge the effectiveness of the pills by the results of the first day, but still, some changes come very quickly. Patients, starting to take the drug, just a few hours later notice how the taste of cigarettes changes. Of course, on the first day, the desire to smoke does not disappear, I still want to take a long drag on tobacco smoke, but new sensations make it difficult to enjoy a once-pleasant pastime.Tobacco products, which have always been a pleasure, suddenly become bitter and unpleasant. Moreover, bitterness, as many note, is felt not so much in the mouth as in the throat itself.

On the second day, the burning sensation noticeably increases, and cigarettes almost completely lose their characteristic taste. Around the fourth day, smokers have increased appetite and increased craving for food. This side effect can be explained by the fact that the body is trying to find a replacement for one habit with another. Moreover, in the annotation to the drug, the possibility of sharp weight loss is mentioned. Also, most users, sharing their impressions of the use of Tabex, complain of increased thirst, which leads to the consumption of large amounts of water.

Some patients have thoughts of aversion to cigarettes; others start to have a headache even with second-hand smoke, that is, by inhalation of tobacco smoke. Despite the aversion to cigarettes, on a psychological level, the desire to smoke can still remain.

For many, nicotine withdrawal symptoms begin to appear on the fifth or sixth day of treatment. The smoker may feel tired, decreased attention span, becoming irritable. Often apathy appears, and one and the same thought constantly revolves in my head about how it would be nice to drag in tobacco smoke. The use of Tabex alone, according to doctors, is not enough during this period. To improve well-being, smokers are advised to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as take antidepressants.

Patients who give up and follow their desires will be tormented by a strong cough and a condition similar to food poisoning. This moment becomes a turning point for many: some reach the end and without exaggeration become winners, others continue to smoke as before, complaining about the ineffectiveness of the drug and leaving negative reviews about Tabex against smoking wherever possible.

If the desired result did not come, this does not mean that the drug turned out to be a “dummy”. The main objective of the drug is to reduce physical cravings for nicotine, but the psychological aspect of the problem will have to be fought independently. In this sense, success depends solely on the smoker, or rather, on his motivation, desire to quit smoking, and notorious willpower.

What to do to quickly and easily give up cigarettes?

We think you already realized that this is not about specific pills: black is Tabex or green, or another medicine in general. The composition of the medicine and the debate about whether it is harmful or not are not important here. None of them will help to give up cigarettes, if you do not get rid of the main thing - from psychological dependence. And if you carefully read the reviews of smokers who could not quit, it will become obvious.

So what to do? How to get rid of addiction?

Take advantage of the method that has helped millions of people around the world. Its peculiarity is that it has no side effects, because it does not involve any pills, injections, or other effects on the body. He works with your beliefs and attitudes, helps to change them and thus stop wanting to smoke.

Of course, we are talking about the world famous Allen Carr's method. What needs to be done to try it? Read a book, watch a video course, and it’s best to get training. Just one day and you will forget about cigarettes forever!

Customer reviews of tablets:

  • Ulyana, 31 years old: “My smoking experience is more than 10 years. She repeatedly tried to quit, but to no avail: at the moment of stress, the hand itself reached for a cigarette. As a result, more than a pack of cigarettes a day. I tried a lot of anti-smoking drugs, from cheap lollipops to expensive adhesives - all for nothing. A colleague advised Tabex and decided to give it a try.I decided for myself: if he doesn’t help, I will no longer torment myself and my body, and stop trying to quit smoking. But Tabex really helped! For the past 6 months I have not touched cigarettes. Moreover, even cigarette smoke is disgusting! Now I lead a healthy lifestyle and feel much better. Thanks to the colleague and the Tabex tablets!
  • Irina, 34 years old: “After giving birth to her second child, she began to recover. At one of the forums I read “useful advice” that for weight loss you need to start smoking. And I started. People, do not repeat my mistake! Excess weight is nowhere to go, of course. But there was a persistent dependence on cigarettes. She woke up even at night to smoke. After 2 years, a morning cough began to torment me, and my look became worse. I decided it was time to tie this up. I am a woman and mother, after all! They advised Tabex, tried it. At first, it was very difficult psychologically, although I did not feel any physical need for nicotine. Now I have not smoked for 4 months, and I can say for sure that Tabex is an effective drug. The main thing is to tune psychologically. You really need to want to quit smoking, strictly follow the instructions and do not skip taking pills. ”
  • Ilya, 40 years old: “I smoked, it’s scary to say, 23 years out of 40! Health took a lot of health during this time, and for the money I spent on cigarettes, some manufacturer of this muck bought a Mercedes. Yes, and enough for gasoline. 2 weeks ago I decided - that's enough! And bought a Tabex. To be honest, I did not expect a special result. But (lo and behold!) The pills really work! I don’t smoke for 10 days, and I don’t even pull! Even with beer and after dinner! I don’t know who invented all this, but he definitely needs to erect a monument! ”

What are Tabex tablets

At first glance, this tool is noteworthy no different from other pharmacy products. In reviews of Tabex tablets, patients pay attention to the fact that the drug is drunk easily - this is especially important for people who have an increased vomiting reflex. The pills are round and convex on both sides, covered with a film of light brown shell. Tabex is produced in blisters of 50 pcs. In one cardboard package 2 blisters.

One will have to disappoint those who, having read approving reviews of Tabex, hope to get rid of tobacco dependence by simply taking pills: the pills themselves are not a nicotine substitute. Apply Tabex only for one purpose - overcoming the “breaking” syndrome. Many smokers in their reviews of Tabex confirm that this particular drug saved them from smoking, but it would be more correct to say so - it provided support during the period of nicotine withdrawal.

Due to the similarity of cytisine and nicotine, the absence of cigarettes goes unnoticed by the smoker. In this case, the patient does not develop addiction to the active substance of Tabex tablets. Unlike nicotine, cytisine does not have such a detrimental effect on the whole body. The regular use of Tabex at first completely compensates for the body's need for nicotine.

Which is better - Tabex or an electronic cigarette?

Those who use an electronic device to simulate smoking emphasize its following benefits:

  • After applying the electronic cigarette, no ash remains.
  • With direct inhalation, fetid tobacco smoke is absent, so you can “smoke” with such a cigarette even in a room.

At the same time, experts assure that the liquid contained in electronic cigarettes contains nicotine and various flavors that can cause allergic reactions, the development of diseases of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract.

The main difference between Tabex and electronic cigarettes is the principles of their action and the mechanism for achieving the desired effect. In reviews of Tabex, it is often written that smokers experience psychological discomfort due to the inability to carry out their usual ritual - to hold a cigarette in their hands, drag on at the right time.At the same time, the tablets help compensate for the lack of nicotine in the body and stop the withdrawal syndrome, so the patient's general well-being practically does not suffer, with the exception of side effects.

In comparison with Tabex, according to experienced smokers, the electronic cigarette operates on the opposite principle: it does not remove the nicotine “breaking”, but at the same time completely replaces tobacco products, so the patient does not have psychological discomfort.

Indications for use

The main indication for taking pills is the presence of nicotine addiction. The drug does not eliminate the need for therapy of psychological dependence, it only facilitates the physical abandonment of smoking. This tool is especially indicated for long-term smoking experience, the inability to refuse cigarettes without medical assistance.

Tabex cannot be taken with intolerance to any component, allergic reactions to the constituent substances. It is prohibited in severe forms of heart disease - heart attack, advanced angina pectoris or its unstable type, with arrhythmias. Tabex is prohibited with such pathologies:

  • atherosclerosis,
  • lactase deficiency in the body,
  • galactosemia.
  • The medicine is strictly prohibited during pregnancy, lactation. Also, in men and women, it is contraindicated in cases of stroke - if the pathology happened a month earlier before starting Tabex therapy. Under the supervision of doctors, treatment is carried out for any form of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris, even with asymptomatic, vasospastic and microvascular.

    Take Tabex is prohibited for patients suffering from:

    • hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug,
    • acute myocardial infarction,
    • unstable angina,
    • arrhythmia of the heart,
    • recent cerebrovascular accident,
    • atherosclerosis,
    • severe arterial hypertension,
    • lactase deficiency, galactosemia.

    Tabex is also absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding and under the age of 18 and over 65 years.

    Caution when taking the drug is necessary for persons with the following diseases:

    • stable angina pectoris,
    • asymptomatic myocardial ischemia,
    • vasospastic angina pectoris,
    • microvascular angina,
    • heart failure
    • high blood pressure
    • cerebrovascular disease
    • hyperthyroidism,
    • gastrointestinal ulcer,
    • diabetes
    • renal and hepatic failure,
    • some forms of schizophrenia.

    In addition, smokers with a long experience or whose age exceeds 40-45 years are at risk.

    The drug Tabex is recommended for use with nicotine addiction and smoking in order to abandon addiction.

  • increased susceptibility to the components of the drug,
  • damage to the heart muscle,
  • heart rhythm disturbance,
  • angina pectoris
  • cerebrovascular accident
  • hemorrhage of blood vessels and capillaries,
  • chronic arterial disease of elastic and muscular-elastic type,
  • high blood pressure
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum in the acute stage,
  • pulmonary edema,
  • asthma.
  • schizophrenic disease,
  • ischemia
  • diabetes
  • adrenal cancer
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease,
  • hyperthyroidism
  • acute kidney and liver diseases,
  • children
  • elderly patients.

    Alcohol compatibility

    Pills instructions It does not contain information about the possible consequences of taking the drug in combination with alcohol. The manufacturer leaves this option to the discretion of the consumer, but it should be borne in mind that alcohol contains ethyl alcohol, which negatively affects the body.

    Taking the drug with alcohol can provoke an increase in heart rate, increased blood pressure, oxygen starvation, loss of orientation, psychomotor agitation and dizziness.

    Under the influence of alcoholic beverages, a person erases psychological prohibitions and increases the craving for smoking. This can lead to a breakdown., and the treatment will be considered completed, since further administration of the drug will be useless. The next course can be repeated no earlier than two months later. Thus, side effects of Tabex and reviews of doctors suggest that the combination of the drug with alcohol is unacceptable if there is a persistent desire to get rid of tobacco dependence.

    They lie until you want something that doesn’t help ..

    I smoked, from almost a young age, at first I smoked a little, there was no addiction, but later, the dependence strengthened, especially in the company, when there were people drinking alcohol and stress, I smoked a lot, there were 1-2 packs a day, sometimes 1 pack for 3-4 days.
    When I wanted to quit, or rather self-knowledge and awareness of my personality came, I wanted to quit smoking, bought Tabex tablets, they cost decent considering for me, with a small income, I studied full-time and worked, of course I earned a little. Tablets must be taken strictly by the hour. With a break.
    Yes, I say, they give a negative feeling when smoking, but they do not remove psychological dependence. And excuse me, but personally I don’t believe that with a negative unpleasant physical sensation you can get rid of addiction. On me it is checked, any negative sensation can be overpowered, get used to!
    As a result, I tried several courses, zero sense! smoked with experience from 14 years old, quit 6 months before pregnancy at 25 years old.
    You know how, came from the day of birth, drank wine, not so much. I met a friend at the entrance, I have a pack of Winston, thin, for ladies (and what, spectacularly), lit a cigarette! And then I got insight, insight, like a current from the ceiling to the head and toes pierced! Tired of smoking! I'm tired of hands stinking, hair, clothes, even though I am a girl, but the smell of tobacco does not decorate a lady like holding a cigarette in her hands! Tired of washing things constantly so that they smelled on the contrary femininity. I at that time smoked a floor of a cigarette, I extinguish. I give the pack to my friend. She is surprised, why? I answer, I DO NOT WANT MORE! And we go home. Since that evening, I spent 1.5 weeks at home, honestly, I didn’t want to smoke, but I knew that I would smoke in the company! I can not resist! My MCH, and my husband smokes now, but smoked in the corridor, came, washed his hands, changed clothes. It was hard for me and him. I crouched in the refrigerator.
    Nose I think that this is a lie! How then I weighed 39 kg, I ate, everything in a row, I didn’t get better, not counting pregnancy, and now again 39 kg and I'm 27 years old! (((
    At that time I was getting rid of psychological dependence, these are seeds, candy candies, and just employment! After 1.5 weeks, I could visit friends who were smoking, he smoked separately from me, since I started having unpleasant tobacco smoke, coughing, suffocation, sore throat.
    And now I don’t smoke for 2.5-3 years and don’t think about it! I'm happy.
    I’ll say that until you find strength and desire in yourself, no means will help you!
    Although I will not dispute the moments of strong psychological desire and the effect of pills. BUT I do not believe in them, personally verified!


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    Analogues of this drug against nicotine addiction can be considered drugs in which cytisine is used as the main active substance. The release form is in the form of tablets for oral administration - Cititon, Citizin, Lobesil, films for external use - Cypercuten and other films with citisine.

    Films and adhesives for sticking to the skin have different names. For example, TTS Ziperkuten - decodes like a transdermal therapeutic system.

    Reception schedule

    To get rid of nicotine addiction, an effective Tabex regimen has been developed. When treating, you must adhere to the following schedule:

    • In the first 3 days, 1 t. X 6 times (the interval between doses is 2 hours).
    • In 4-12 days, 1 t. X 5 times (interval between doses 2.5 hours).
    • On days 13-16, 1 ton x 4 times (3 hours interval).
    • On day 17–20, 1 t. X 3 times (5 hours interval).
    • In 21–31 days, 1-2 tons per day.

    This technique is designed for a quick effect. After 5 days, you should completely stop smoking, otherwise an overdose and nicotine poisoning are possible. During treatment, you can not drink alcohol. In cases where the addict cannot quit smoking after 5 days of taking the medicine, it is necessary to stop treatment and repeat Tabex after 8-12 weeks. In case of repeated unsuccessful start of therapy, you can abandon this method and look for other ways.

    Does Tabex help? (drug reviews)

    Most of the reviews about Tabex are positive. Many smokers, even with a long smoking history, managed to get rid of nicotine addiction with Tabex. People note that the drug gradually and imperceptibly removes the physiological dependence on cigarettes.

    Some reviews are filled with genuine surprise: patients did not believe that they could quit smoking, and agreed to receive Tabex only at the insistence of loved ones. However, during the treatment process, they unexpectedly noticed that the craving for smoking weakened significantly, and then completely disappeared.

    A very small part of the reviews mentioned side effects, mainly dry mouth and a strange taste of food in the first days of treatment. Then these symptoms disappeared by themselves.

    Many reviews approvingly mention the affordable price of the drug.

    There are, but much less often, negative reviews about Tabex about this content: "I tried everything, nothing helps, and there is no sense from Tabex." Further it turns out that the smoker himself did not exert any efforts and was not going to overcome the craving for a cigarette. He expected a miraculous deliverance from a bad habit, but a miracle did not happen. After all, Tabex does not remove the psychological dependence on nicotine.And the instructions for the drug emphasize that a person should be serious about quitting smoking - only then treatment with Tabex makes sense and has a positive effect.

    To summarize: Tabex helps get rid of nicotine addiction, but only if the person is determined to quit smoking.

    No. 1 - Smoke Out

    Price: 990 rubles Buy

    Smoke Out is a spray based on natural ingredients: St. John's wort extract, medical nicotine, gotu cola and peppermint oil and menthol. The course is designed for two weeks, after its completion the general health condition will improve: the bad breath will disappear, the skin and hair will look much better. The spray will help smokers with any experience: whether it is a year or 20 years. Feedback from Vladimir.

    At the same time, during treatment, a person is not exposed to mood swings and increased appetite, so that giving up a bad habit will be painless. The advantages of the drug include the absence of side effects. An allergic reaction may occur if there is an individual intolerance to its components, and so the tool is suitable for absolutely everyone. Buy for 990 rubles

    Does Tabex help quit smoking?

    This tool is declared as safe, which does not affect the physical and mental state of a person. Most reviews of smokers are positive. The course of treatment has helped many to get rid of the physical craving for smoking. Even addicts for 10 years or more have noted the effectiveness of Tabex.

    The effectiveness of the drug is also indicated by studies in London. The experiment was carried out for a year. 740 smokers took part who consumed up to 10 cigarettes per day. Participants were divided into 2 groups. One received cytisine according to the scheme, the other group dealt with placebo. The result was checked after 12 months. As a result, about 8% of the participants treated with cytisine completely abandoned the habit. From the placebo group, up to 3% of people quit smoking forever.