Things to do at home when bored

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Each of us in life has boring moments (standing in line, a long trip in transport, lunch break), which we are trying to brighten up somehow: some play favorite games on a smartphone, others browse popular sites, and still others hang up on social networks. But when all these entertainments get bored, you can visit one of the resources listed below and spend time with benefits for the soul, body and brain.

1. Make a list of achievements or skills that you want to achieve in the future

Perhaps a cure for boredom is at your fingertips. Sit and think about what you want to do in the future, what skill can come in handy or what you want to achieve. Next, write down all your ideas in a numbered list from the most important to the least significant. After the plan is ready, you can go down the points, wondering if it is now possible at home to take a small step towards the realization of your dreams.

3. Do the cleaning

Sometimes it’s worth cleaning up at home to clean up your thoughts. Also, well-being and the desire to create directly depends on the microclimate in the house. Wash the floors, vacuum the carpets, wipe off the dust and you will feel how fresh and clean the apartment is. Say “boredom”, but you still don’t know that during cleaning you can come up with great ideas on how to entertain yourself. Perhaps a clean apartment is a fee for the idea of ​​how to have a great day.

5. Watch a movie or series

Most often this is the first thing that comes to mind in your free time, but finding something worthwhile is extremely difficult. Here are a couple of ideas for finding good movies effectively:

  • best films **** of the year,
  • the best movie in
  • movies from,
  • films made
  • pay attention to the rating (cinema search / IMDb),
  • the budget of the picture says a lot
  • awards
  • read reviews
  • Check out YouTube movie critics or reviews.

6. Hobbies as a way to get rid of boredom

If you still do not have a hobby, then be sure to find it. It could be anything. Playing the guitar, embroidery, paper crafts (origami), solving puzzles, learning foreign languages ​​and much more. If you get carried away with something, then in the future you will definitely have no problem finding what to do in your free time.

7. Go in for sports

Exercising, stretching or exercising is not only useful, but also fun. Working on their body is already for many an important part of their life and it’s not a shame to give in to this trend. On YouTube you can find many training options that you can easily do at home and excuses about the gym will not work.

9. Invite your friends - it’s always more fun to be bored in the company

Movies and cooking are a great addition to a pleasant company. Delicious food, a good movie and a good friend are the perfect recipe for boredom. Do not be afraid to be refused. When calling your friends, you are likely to come across someone who also misses you today and will certainly agree to an invitation.

11. Go to bed early, you won’t be bored in a dream

It was evening, there was nothing. If you are in such a situation, then go to bed, as they say, “Morning is wiser than evening.” A situation may arise that you are simply tired, and really do not want to do anything so that you do not offer. Waking up the next day full of energy, you will come with a lot of ideas about what to do at home and not only.

What to do if you're bored and have nothing to do at home

Accustomed to planning everything in advance, we do not leave room for force majeure. So the question of what to do at home, when there is nothing to do, is by no means an idle one. It also happens that the situation gets out of control, the trip is canceled, friends cannot come, and an interesting film was replaced with a stupid comedy.

What to entertain a child and a husband, what to do at home, when there is absolutely nothing to do and all plans have failed? First of all, stop panicking to look for a substitute for entertainment, and try to impose your will at home. Maybe they are already quietly reading or watching the series. Here is a short list that you can use when the question arises about what to do at home, when there is nothing to do:

  • make a list of movies you’d like to watch, on those days he’ll help you out,
  • clean up your home office, sort seasonal items, sort out your wardrobe,
  • play board games
  • if the weather allows - go for a walk,
  • get involved in creativity, needlework or self-education,
  • read
  • cook food.

This list is far from complete and everyone can add points of interesting affairs and activities to it.

If you are bored together

Young people often have no idea why people are wondering what to do at home, when there is nothing to do. After all, there is no time to be bored. However, time passes, and the two of them are not so much fun. And even it seems that the relationship has exhausted itself. Do not make hasty conclusions. Perhaps joint leisure will return to the former passion.

Joint affairs of a guy and a girl:

  • read the same work on speed, and then exchange opinions,
  • watch the series and discuss the characters
  • play board games - cards, chess, backgammon,
  • invite your friends and have a spontaneous party.

Active leisure without leaving home

If you are used to moving a lot, then forced sitting at home will be a difficult test. The reasons can be different, from bad weather to the common cold. Let's figure out what to do at home when there is nothing to do and there is no way to get out, but I really want activity.

List of active home entertainment:

  • turn on your favorite music and dance from the heart - no one sees you, so you can jump as you please,
  • do yoga - it requires privacy and tranquility - the atmosphere is suitable,
  • go jogging - this idea seems absurd, but you can even run around the coffee table, there would be a desire,
  • do strength exercises and stretching.

Household chores - rescue from boredom

Housework never stops, but doing it is unbearably boring. Let's figure out how to simultaneously entertain ourselves and do household chores:

  • work to peppy music
  • make a plan and break it down into very small points, and after doing each, praise yourself and take a short break,
  • focus on one part of the work, for example, the desktop - wash it from all sides, wipe the lamp, disassemble the debris of papers, clean the keyboard, now you can relax,
  • work fast and recklessly.

And to facilitate the task, for those who are still inexperienced in homework, here is a list of what can be done:

  • wash, vacuum or sweep the floor,
  • remove seasonal clothes and shoes,
  • wipe the mirrors
  • fold clothes neatly in the closet,
  • wash the windows
  • clean the plumbing,
  • wipe the dust,
  • wash the washing machine and dishwasher,
  • wash the refrigerator, etc.

How to entertain yourself without a TV and computer

It is difficult to imagine a modern person without a smartphone or tablet in his hands, and at home we are waiting for a computer and TV. But, unfortunately, such a dominance of gadgets has a bad effect on health - vision deteriorates, posture worsens, and news can lead to a real depression. In addition, all such equipment is dependent on electricity, so it will be useful to have a plan - what to do at home, when there is nothing to do without gadgets.

What to do without a phone and computer at home:

  • read a book, if you don’t have one, take it in the library or from friends,
  • draw, this is a great lesson and it’s not at all necessary to have special knowledge, just a pencil, paper and desire,
  • do needlework - knitting, embroidery, weaving from beads, all these activities not only calm and entertain, but also bring tangible benefits in the form of a new thing,
  • hesitate, do exercises or a full set of exercises,
  • clean up or cook dinner,
  • chat with your household
  • meet your neighbors - even if you don’t keep in touch, it’s useful
  • go to bed - the modern person does not get enough sleep, eliminate this annoying misunderstanding.

What to do at home when there is nothing for children to do

It can be difficult for kids, and for older children, to find entertainment on their own. The older a person becomes, the wider his horizons, and the more interests. The adult's task is to guide the child, give him not only a good upbringing, but also protect him from bad influence. A bored kid can do something completely inappropriate for him, and a teenager is completely illegal.

How to entertain a baby up to three years:

  • give your child a pot and several plastic containers, silicone baking dishes, wooden spatulas and disposable tableware are also suitable - these items are safe and interesting,
  • put the child at the children's table, give him a bowl of water, a rag and a mug - it will take two years for half an hour,
  • play cubes with your child, show how to build houses,
  • read good and kind fairy tales to your baby,
  • dance, jump on the bed, build a castle out of pillows,
  • show the child a cartoon, but remember about visual hygiene and the quality of the visual product.

How to entertain a preschooler and primary school student:

  • watch a feature film or a cartoon, and then discuss it,
  • build a puppet theater and play a show,
  • involve the child in feasible homework,
  • play board games with the whole family,
  • build a “castle” of chairs and pillows,
  • invite your peers to visit.

What you should not do when you are bored and have nothing to do

No matter how bored you are, there are things that you should not do in any case. Never break the law, remember that ignorance of responsibility will not relieve you. In addition, do not violate public order and moral standards. Do not spoil anyone's property, do not break the silence after eleven in the evening and do not use dubious ways to have fun.

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