Who are the dresses with polka dots, current models and colors

Summer is the time for flying dresses, tanned legs and long walks. To add a little romance to your wardrobe, you should bet on peas. The main rule - the size of the peas should correspond to the scale of the figure. Otherwise, there are no rules. Mix things as you like, experiment and fear nothing.

Polka dot fabric, starting from the last years of the XVIII century, does not descend from the fashion catwalks of the world. And in the twentieth century, thanks to Yves Saint Laurent, this drawing became an attribute of fashion trends.

And today, a polka-dot dress is a constant favorite among its other competitors. You can wear it for a fashion party, for a date, for an office, or even for a summer walk. The main thing is to determine the style and size of the peas. After all, an incorrectly selected drawing can spoil the entire image.

Polka dot dress - classic

  • A dress with a combination of white peas on a black background is considered a classic. Such a pattern gives the figure a harmony, smoothing out such imperfections as a convex tummy. Stylists claim that this combination gives the face a fresh look.
  • A bright addition to this dress can be a bright red accent. It can be either classic shoes, a handbag or a belt, or a rather extravagant hat with wide brim, gloves or a bow in hair. This will give your retro look a special twist.

But too large peas on the dress will give the figure volume. This should not be forgotten, especially if it is peas on a white background. Therefore, if you are far from thin, consider this when choosing clothes with such a pattern.

The dress is dressed in small peas, and the slightly elongated large peas perfectly have the ability to hide volumes in the chest and hips. And, if it matters to you, be sure to use this trick.

If the trend is large peas, and you can’t boast of an ideal figure, you can choose a dress model with elements of a polka dot pattern. This advice can also be used if you simply have ripples in your eyes from an abundance of peas.

You can use the following design solution. Just choose a dress with a yoke made of fabric with polka dots, and let the bottom of the product be plain.

You can try another option. The coquette can be monophonic, and the skirt - in rare peas of different sizes. And you can combine materials with different sizes of peas in one dress.

Also, polka dot patterns can convey your mood and style in general. So, for example, putting on a black dress in small white polka dots, you thus emphasize your romantic mood and major mood.

And if you put on a white dress with black peas, then your mood is just fine and you are a very perky and cheerful girl. This is a vivid example of a dress that can be worn both at work and on a romantic date.

Who should wear a polka dot dress

Another important feature of this print on dresses is that it suits women of almost any age.

Stylists argue that such a pattern rejuvenates the appearance, so this is an ideal solution for mature women.

Not only peas are in fashion on a white background. Bright red, yellow and green dresses and multi-colored peas look very fashionable and original. One of the most romantic combinations is a pink or red dress with white polka dots.

Styles of dresses with polka dots

Of course, you can achieve the desired image due to the style of the dress. For example, a fluffy dress with a skirt - a bundle is considered quite relevant in the upcoming fashion season. A multi-layered skirt using crinoline will give the image a kind of puppet romance. This dress is usually tightly tied at the waist with a belt on the bow.

Another popular style is a model that resembles an hourglass in shape. In the new collections were presented long evening dresses with polka dots of such models. However, it should be borne in mind that the print should not be too colorful.

And, of course, a classic dress with a narrow skirt - a pencil - is in fashion. In such a dress you can safely go to the office. There you will be noticeable enough, but at the same time, look not vulgar. Again, peas can decorate, for example, only a skirt, top or yoke.

Among young people, the style of a short sleeveless dress with a skirt - a tulip is considered fashionable. The colors, at the same time, are selected the brightest. And the size of the pea is chosen completely different. For young girls in the new season, acid pea colors are also relevant. Such models look very original.

Polka Dot Dressing Materials - The Most Popular

On the world catwalks in the autumn-winter season, designers offered girls models of dresses made of fabrics such as silk, satin, cotton, as well as transparent fabrics. With shiny fabrics such as satin, a belt of the same texture, but plain will be perfectly combined.

A polka dot dress is a classic, so it will never go out of style. Therefore, dear fashionistas, be sure to replenish your stylish wardrobe with this piece of clothing!

  • Shades of red
  • Shades of black and white
  • Shades of yellow and black
  • Delicate beige and mustard shades.
  • Airy polka dot dress

Where to go in it

This outfit is universal, it can go to a party, a business meeting, a summer walk, to work. The dress is very relevant and as a beach option, the main thing is to choose the right style, pea size and color. Before buying, think in advance what exactly you will wear the dress with.

Stylish looks

Fashionable things and trends are constantly coming back. Another confirmation of this is a pea dress. Which model to stay on? What to wear a dress with peas?

A great addition to this outfit is a bright red accessory. Classic bright shoes, a beautiful bow in his hair, a belt, a bag, gloves, beads, and, finally, a red hat with wide brim can serve as it. The emphasis on red color will complement your image and make it unique.


Dresses with a fluffy multi-layered skirt and a wide belt with a bow on the waist line do not go out of fashion, which will give your image a doll-like romance. Also relevant will be the shape of the dress, resembling an hourglass.

Because floor dresses are very popular this season, then you will look very fashionable by wearing a long dress in small peas of just such a style. Remember that long dresses in motley large peas can look vulgar.

The classic dress model with a pencil skirt is popular, wearing such a dress you can safely go to the office for work.

Dress in peas and their colors

A combination of white and black is considered a classic option. A black dress in white peas or vice versa will give you harmony, smooth out the shortcomings of your figure (alas, each of us has them) and give a peculiar and unique highlight to your image. The combination of these two colors will refresh you, and you will surely draw attention to your person.

We all know that with the help of clothes you can convey your inner state and mood. For example, wearing a black dress in white peas, you create the appearance of a romantic lady, with a major mood. White dress in black peas, says about your cheerfulness, that you are in a great mood.

Multi-colored dresses in peas are also considered very fashionable, a combination of yellow with green, red with black and white, blue with yellow, etc. Any combination of colors matching each other is welcome. We remind you that you should not forget about age criteria, young girls will go very bright dresses in peas, and mature ladies should choose more delicate and light shades. A combination of pastel color and small white peas looks very beautiful and gentle. This color is suitable for ladies of any age.

Red polka dot dress with catwalks

The most popular outfit model in 2020. This trend first became popular in the 50s. Just imagine fashionable dudes who adored wearing white peas on a red background!

Red outfits in black polka dots are no less in demand. This is a new trend in the world of haute couture. He is preferred to wear conservative young ladies who prefer versatile stylish things.

Blue and Blue Pea Dresses 2020

This is the choice of self-confident beauties. Fashionable in 2020 will be blue dresses with a contrast print. The dark blue dress is a universal outfit that fits into both a casual and a solemn image.

Going for a walk with a young man? Choose a blue polka dot dress with a flared skirt.

Who is suitable for

Lightweight and versatile clothing with a stylish color wheel design suits almost every woman. Such a product will replace a sundress, a tunic, imitates a jumpsuit, outwardly it will resemble a continuous set with a skirt. Fashion 2018 dresses with peas is a variety of cut knitwear, beautifully decorated materials, category stretch. An updated assortment of collections will allow you to choose up-to-date, perfectly fitting models to fit your wardrobe, which are suitable for a particular woman, regardless of age, status and physique. You need to be able to choose your own style to decorate the figure, complement the image with an exquisite outfit. Let's consider in order:

  • Polka dot midi model - a red dress is ideal for young and slender brunettes, well-groomed blondes under 40 who feel confident, know their worth,
  • A chiffon summer dress red with a white pea maxi is a suitable option for younger women under 35 years old, quite active ladies after 45 with a sporty figure, who know how to monitor their appearance, who like to impress in a bright way,
  • A pink dress with a red pea mini will appeal to miniature, short girls who prefer to complement the set with a bright or contrasting belt.

When choosing summer dresses and polka dots in the photo in the catalogs of 2018, pay attention to the news presented by tight knitwear. Such styles are far from all girls. Do not replenish your wardrobe with tight-fitting things if the figure is full and the proportions are violated in it. It is better to choose a semi-adjacent or A-silhouette that suits any type of figure and will look great, regardless of age and environment.

Stylish midi dresses with polka dots with a semi-fitted silhouette ranked among the classics. Such models are suitable for almost all women, regardless of age: tall, miniature, full, skinny, with short stature, having imbalances in silhouette. The maxi option is more suitable for taller and slender women who prefer extravagant dresses for parties, visiting a restaurant, on vacation.

Picture size

The size of the peas depends on what result you want to get in the end. Too large peas will make your figure more magnificent and voluminous and, conversely, small peas will add sophistication and sophistication to your figure. A medium-sized pea cloth helps you hide volumes around your chest and hips.

If fabric products with large peas are in fashion, and you want to buy a fashionable outfit, but your figure does not allow you to do this, then choose the style of the dress that suits you with elements of fabric in peas.

You can also use some trick, choose a dress model whose yoke is made of fabric into peas, and the bottom of the dress is solid, or vice versa, the yoke is solid and the bottom is pea. Also a little trick is that in some models different materials are combined, each of which has a different size of peas.

Popular models

Among the popular models, it is worth highlighting classic dresses with red peas - for women with an active lifestyle. They are made with a full skirt sun-flared or pencil. Middle-aged women are particularly attracted to midi products of the popular A-silhouette. Shuttlecocks, ruffles and fashionable ruffles add romance to models of medium length polka dot dresses. A looser cut from the maxi and midi category is suitable for the wardrobe of young mothers and pregnant women.

For everyday life, modern women choose outfits of medium length and moderately short, preferring a fitted, semi-fitted cut with a straight skirt or a tulip skirt, half-sun. An A-silhouette that adorns any figure that does not go out of fashion is represented by a low neck and beautifully decorated sleeves on cuffs. Open shoulders, if you choose a model on the straps, look great in corset models with fluffy and flared skirts.

Models with Basque, contrasting inserts on the sides in the thigh area will choose corpulent girls. Lightweight clothes with a yoke on a skirt are popular among donuts, which allows them to be more confident in their appearance and hide excess weight in problem areas. Among the summer floor-length models, it is worth highlighting the flowing cut of chiffon, which is liked by young, romantic people. When choosing styles of dresses, peas, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • Fashionable models of corset dresses made on straps or with a set-in sleeve ¾,
  • Classics, where the product is decorated with a skirt in the shape of: “tulip”, sun-flared, half-sun, pencil,
  • Effective finish of sleeves made of mesh, guipure, organza or fashionable translucent stretch,
  • Modern cut: with inserts of wedges “godet” on the skirt, elements of an asymmetrical hem, with imitation of “smell”,
  • The current trend of 2018, in which models of dresses with chiffon peas are made with a "smell", are decorated with bows, fluffy sleeves in the form of flashlights with cuffs or elastic,
  • The assortment of stylish styles is presented by models of fitted dresses with polka dots for girls. They are characterized by a lush multi-tiered bottom, a length above the knee, cuffs on the sleeves and a similar collar, which emphasizes the owner’s excellent taste.

Difference of styles

Stylish outfits, the styles of which combine the original cut, trim and accessories, can be divided into such models:

  • A universal floor-length dress with blue peas is ideal for red-haired beauties, young brunettes, as well as blue-eyed blondes of any age,
  • Beautifully designed models with a corset, wedges of "one-year-old" or Basques will hide problem areas on the hips and waist,
  • The spectacular style of retro dresses with polka dots is characterized by a full skirt, which will serve to create a fashionable image of the 60s,
  • The classic version of black and white is suitable for youth parties, prom,
  • A stylish model with an open top strap can fully replace a summer sundress. Perfect for every day for slim women,
  • Practical dresses with polka dots for pregnant women, made with a gathered front or in the form of a silhouette A - ideal for expectant mothers and young mothers.

Evaluate the quality of the material, the style of execution. Sewn from fabric with polka dots, the retro dress on the straps in the photo look very attractive and modern. Especially spectacular is yellow with white peas: he will want to wear it in the summer, spending a vacation by the sea.

How to choose a dress for a full figure

This trend is suitable for absolutely all girls. However, for complete young ladies, the choice of style should be approached as responsibly as possible. Pyshechki should choose models with large peas. Variants of bright colors look quite attractively on the magnificent figure. Want to buy a white pea dress? Then choose a model with a smell.

Pea Sizes

The range of prints with different sizes of peas is large.When choosing a classic style, pay attention to the average size of the picture. For summer, children's dresses in large polka dots from staples made of 100% cotton and viscose are suitable. A fairly soft, well-draped fabric with small circles of up to 1 cm is used for sewing a romantic outfit. In the collections of 2018 leading designers, dresses with an average pea for overweight women are presented with a corset option. White dress with black large polka dots put on by younger people.

The size of the picture can be very different. Choosing a chic fluffy dress with peas, it is better to prefer a medium or small print. This decision will look unobtrusive, suitable for women of any complexion, age, height. It is recommended to evaluate the benefits of their appearance, choosing:

  • The perfect midi polka dot dress with medium or small print for the holidays, everyday life,
  • A model with a black and white combination of a continuous circle of medium parameters (up to 2 cm), the concise design of which will appeal to even the most demanding ladies,
  • Stylish dresses are white in peas of large sizes and midi length, to emphasize the beauty of the bottom - a magnificent multi-tiered skirt,
  • If the dress is in the boho style, then the pattern will be with small peas in combination with abstract motifs of the inserts.


Polka dots on fashionable dresses are more common throughout the canvas. The drawing in the form of a circle can be represented by a coupon fabric, which is used in the decoration of the sleeves, collar, bottom of the skirt. Stylish outfits with a pattern on the skirt look organically, adding to the image of modern chic. Such clothes in dark blue with a collar adornment will appeal to everyone who prefers classic or casual style.

Designers like to combine outfits partially decorated with peas (for example, on the bottom of the skirt), as well as apply asymmetry. At photoshoots in a dress with peas, accessories will look appropriate if the model is fully zaprintovannaya. If these are Belarusian dress models, then the pattern is most often located throughout the product or as a sleeve, collar, front or back decoration. Do not think that knitted polka dot dresses 2018 with a fine print throughout the product is a dress code for the office only. Skirts decorated with green or black peas on dresses with a corset are perceived as ideal for relaxation, club entertainment.

When choosing a model in the ethno style, you should pay attention to the combined outfits in which the decoration goes along the bottom of the sleeves and skirts, combining the most different sizes of the picture. In 2018, it is fashionable to wear dresses in the style of the “city of masters”, presented with top decoration in circles and rings. Summer clothes look very unusual, in which peas are spread across the canvas, interwoven with floral and animal prints.

What colors are

You will like outfits in pastel colors of middle-aged ladies who prefer moderation in everything. Made on the basis of a natural muted palette, clothing ensembles, decorated with rings, circles, will attract the attention of elegant ladies, will suit women over 40. Although stylish dresses with polka dots with frills, models without a fold, can really be found in all kinds of colors. It is enough to know what kind of clothes suits exactly your type of appearance in order to:

  • Pick up a white outfit with peas for a special occasion, graduation party, corporate New Year's party, costume show, masquerade,
  • Wear a long dress with red peas and beige accents that will highlight the beauty of a natural brunette,
  • Choose a thematic picture of a polka dot midi dress for eclecticism or avant-garde style,
  • Knitwear from a knitted fabric emphasized the harmony of a sports figure,
  • A mid-size super-fashionable dress in blue polka dots should be purchased for everyday wardrobe.

Denim is suitable for leading an active lifestyle - a denim dress with red peas will fit into modern street fashion. It will be indispensable for picnics, weekends.

What to wear

To emphasize the original retro style of clothing, a short dress with red polka dots should be combined with:

  • Wedge Sandals, Pumps,
  • Elegant clutches that bring a special chic, emphasize the owner’s wonderful taste,
  • The minimum number of massive jewelry
  • Status accessories, refraining from rhinestones, excessive shine. This will help to declare itself as a real lady with impeccable taste,
  • Fashionable things decorated in ethnic style.

If this is a silk polka dot polka-dot dress or wraparound robe model, it is important to use a belt or imitation of ties on the side for the kit. Solving the problem - what do people wear a polka dot dress, remember the colors of fashion accessories. Additions to the image are best chosen by playing on the contrasts of the color palette and texture of materials. The image will only benefit from this, especially when the light pea material of a blue dress is combined with white, red or black accessories in the form of a belt or with fashionable knitwear accessories.

Romantic dresses with a grid of polka dots in a straight or semi-fitted cut look spectacular when equipped:

  • Fashionable high-heeled shoes that visually lengthens the silhouette of a female figure, making the image slim, fit,
  • Jewelry made of genuine leather, textile, stone,
  • A clothing ensemble with a translucent cape (stole), if this is a festive option or a lace bolero for romantic car trips and meetings,
  • A bag of small sizes (the shape and dimensions of the book), decorated with a metal chain, which will give the image a special chic, will emphasize the elegance of the clothing ensemble.

A dark brown dress with peas is recommended to be complemented with shoes matching the color of outerwear, with a belt of the same color as shoes or a decoration on the head. Regardless of the time of year, the situation, small burgundy polka dots on a denim dress always look appropriate, emphasize the elegance of the image. Especially when the outfit is not so colorful, which is very popular among lovers of classics, elegant style. Preference should be given to a simple cut, as frills on polka dot midi dresses, flounces add an undesirable volume for crumpets. Things with inserts of mesh or stretch guipure, organza, in harmony with shoes with elegant heels. Slender, thin girls should definitely pay attention to models decorated with frills. It is better to supplement the outfit with a bolero, a short blazer or a fitted jacket.

A bit of history

The name of the man who came up with the idea of ​​applying a pea-shaped pattern to the fabric did not survive. The exact date of the appearance of such fabric on sale is also unknown. You can only call an approximate date - the middle of the XVIII century.

The "homeland" of the polka dot pattern is Switzerland. It was there that the fabric first appeared decorated with this simple print. Initially, it was a cambric - a thin fabric made of cotton or linen threads.

The pattern on the fabric was applied by hand printing, so the fabrics were expensive. Over time, new manufacturing technologies appeared, both printed and woven patterns, and then fabrics in peas gained incredible popularity.

Towards the middle of the 19th century, women and girls of various classes wore polka dot dresses. Young ladies sewed lightweight Empire-style dresses with a high waistline and a flying skirt. Girls of simple classes walked in simple skirts and blouses. But all the outfits were united by a common sign - polka dot pattern.

By the way, this pattern of fabric did not leave indifferent men. The mods of the century before last used polka dot fabrics for sewing ties.

But the real boom in polka dot outfits occurred in the 50-60 years of the last century. We owe this to Christian Dior, who actively used fabrics with this pattern to create his collections.

Modern designers are also happy to use polka dot fabrics to create their own patterns. Photos from fashion shows make sure of this.

TOP IDEA dresses polka dot 2020-2021. How the polka dot print is implemented in fashionable innovations of dresses

Undoubtedly, fashionable polka dot dresses are quite demanding on their owners, because they can both transform and distort the perception of the silhouette.

That is why, when buying polka dot dresses, be careful what size peas adorn the outfit.

Dresses with small peas will suit almost all young ladies, but voluminous peas can distort the trepidation of your forms, increasing visually volumes.

But the designers even managed to use this moment by combining large peas with additional fabric, or by adding small inserts of a contrasting color, which made it possible to create stunning two-tone examples of polka-dot dresses in one way or another.

In addition to the size of the ornament, polka dot dresses can be characterized by variations in the colors of the background and polka dot itself.

So coquettish dresses with polka dots, decorated with traditional color peas and multi-colored peas, will be irresistible on maxi-length models, as well as in the midi style - the most feminine and versatile style.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the beautiful fabrics - flowing and weightless, elegant and well stretched.

Polka dot dresses are made of linen, silk, satin, stretch, chiffon, software and other spring-summer fabrics.

Dress in peas in history

Several decades passed, the middle of the 19th century came, and peas literally conquered every social stratum of the population and any age category. Peas were worn by both laundresses and royal persons. The images were romantic, flirty, sometimes austere and very elegant.

“Pea” dresses were used by dancers, this was an attribute of joy and fun, and their partners embroidered ties with the same favorite ornament to create a full-fledged image.

TOP IDEAS and styles of romantic polka dot dress 2020-2021. Great tailoring and finishing solutions

When a woman looks into her closet, she wants to find there a bunch of interesting ideas about how to transform herself right now.

If you have model dresses of peas in your wardrobe, you will undoubtedly make them your favorites, because these lovely dresses will be able to satisfy all your needs in finding the right bow.

Looking at the fashionable polka dot dresses presented below, you can see what feminine and effective models will be in trend among the innovations of polka dot dresses.

Wonderful A-silhouette models that are appropriate for women of any age, beautiful and delicate polka dot dresses with ruffles on the top and bottom, beloved by fragile young ladies, gorgeous polka dot dresses with maxi lengths in a shirt style - these and other styles will become hits not only of the catwalks, but also many wardrobes of practical and sophisticated ladies.

Also in the trend are polka dot dresses in an asymmetric style, non-trivial models with a smell and bare shoulders, attractive evening models of crop top polka dot dresses.

Separately, we will dwell on a polka-dot dress in a shirt style. This trend has become a must-have in the coming season in various length variations.

Note that such polka dot dresses in pink, blue, black, white, red are the most popular, although fashion designers have long begun to pamper us with other color combinations.

If you like polka dot dresses, we offer you a very successful top excursion, from which you will learn how and with what to wear a polka dot dress in a beautiful spring-summer season.

Styles of dresses in peas

In numerous shopping centers you will find a unique variety of patterns for dresses in peas. Light sundresses, cocktail dresses for publication, office dresses, sheaths and several hundred different variations. Such a diverse range of patterns has arisen due to the fact that polka dots are perfect for any life situation, women of all ages and classes. It’s hard to talk about limitations; the main thing is your own taste and sense of style.

A few principles when choosing a pea dress:

  • with large peas, choose dresses with a simple silhouette, a pattern of large peas is beautiful in itself, and a complex dress cut only “breaks” the overall impression,
  • to increase the volume of your figure, take large peas, and to hide the curvaceous, small ones are suitable. If you want to emphasize individual elements, for example, a bodice, or the back of the hips, you can combine small and large peas in one dress,
  • if the pattern is composed of elongated, longitudinal peas, the figure will appear slimmer and more graceful,
  • pea fabrics are perfectly combined with fabrics of any texture and colors.

Length and color of polka dot dresses

The classic combination is white polka dots and a black background. Slender figure, hiding flaws, for example, a small tummy. Leading fashion designers believe that this combination refreshes your face and adds brightness. You can complement the black and white dress with peas with juicy red elements. They can be classic shoes, a bag, a strap, gloves or an elegant hat. Red accents will be the highlight of your look.

The styles of dresses in peas are able to convey both the mood and your style. Let's say you put on a red dress in white peas - this indicates your romantic mood. With a white dress in black peas, on the contrary, you will show enthusiasm and cheerfulness. These are popular examples of dresses that are suitable for workdays and romantic evenings.

How to wear amazing polka dot dresses 2020-2021: ideas for the best looks for true ladies

Do not forget that this touching outfit, as a rule, is very romantic, therefore this image needs to be supported and supplemented.

But why ... Of course, first of all, you need to pick up trendy small bags, for example, round, oval, square, triangular, trapezoidal on a chain or handle.
We also select the best novelties of beautiful shoes, sandals, slip-ons and other options that emphasize the beauty of your dress.

Undoubtedly, you can complement a printed polka-dot dress with a stylish jacket in a contrasting color, or with a knitted cardigan, which is also universal in terms of creating magnificent sets.

Beautiful styles and models of dresses with polka dots 2019-2020

In 2019-2020, designers offer the following fashionable and beautiful styles of dresses in peas:

  • case - emphasizes the silhouette, suitable as an office option,
  • with a flared skirt - adjusts the figure, giving the shape of an hourglass, this is the most feminine and romantic image,
  • with a deep neckline or bare shoulders - the model adds sexuality and tenderness, ideal for walking and cocktail parties,
  • with or without sleeves - moreover, the sleeves can be flared, straight, tight or loose,
  • with Basques - perfectly emphasizes the waist and hides a small belly, the style is more business-like than for walking,
  • in a shirt style - the most relevant in 2019-2020, creates an trendy look.

Stylish Polka Dot Shirt Dress

One of the most practical and versatile styles - a shirt dress can now be not only plain. Along with the trendy strip and flowers, there is a trendy pea. Stylish polka-dot shirt dresses 2020-2021 have many variations of cut: short, long or completely sleeveless, short length and maxi, the free cut and buttons remain unchanged.

Button Polka Dot Sheath Dress

A polished dot model has become a trendy model of a dress with a polka dot print, with a beautiful neckline on wide straps with a button closure. Such a dress looks incredibly elegant, especially with a belt.

Lovely Polka Dot Dress with Ruffles

When choosing a romantic polka dot dress 2020-2021 with ruffles and ruffles, pay attention to the cut. Drooping shoulders with a wide shuttlecock is now not in trend. Dresses with cutouts on the sleeves, decorated with frills, will be fashionable. ruffles can also decorate the neckline and hem of the dress.

Asymmetric Polka Dot Dress

Beautiful polka dot dresses on one shoulder or models with one sleeve have a very original and unique appearance. This cut looks best in dark pea colors and with a dense fabric. Asymmetry is also popular in the hem of the outfit, so fashionable polka dot dresses with an oblique cut or extension remain relevant in the 2020-2021 season.

Wrap Pea Midi Dress

A beautiful model of the dress by the smell, more often found in the length of the midi, will look charming and relaxed with a fashionable polka dot print. The fitted and loose styles of the dress with the smell of polka dots of different colors will also be relevant. Short sleeved dressing gowns will become quite popular.

Chic Translucent Polka Dot Dresses

A transparent black polka dot chiffon dress is very impressive and feminine, of course it should be worn with a lining. The trend model of the season will be double dresses 2020-2021, which are unusually beautifully combined with a bright top with polka dots.

Casual wide pea print dresses

Since the trend is oversized, fashionable dresses of a baggy cut like a trapeze can be an ideal option for everyday outfit. Wide loose dresses with polka dots are very comfortable, especially on hot days, so a similar style is more common in the form of sundresses.

What could be the dress?

I must say that the styles of dresses in peas are very diverse. This can be a strict business dress, and an evening outfit, and a sundress for a summer vacation, and a cute children's dress. Such a variety appeared due to the universality of the picture.

Types of drawing

Peas can be very diverse:

  • large and small
  • spherical or elongated, more like an oval,
  • located on the main background densely or rarely.

Most often, polka dot fabrics are two-tone, with light or dark peas, respectively, located on a dark or light background. But there are also multi-color models when peas have different shades.

Minimalist classic pea dress

An ideal option for office and business meetings is a white polka-dot dress with a simple laconic cut. A straight midi dress with a long sleeve and a round neckline looks very elegant and sophisticated. Highlight your waist with a belt, add beautiful jewelry and accessories, and a gorgeous evening look is ready.

Fashionable Polka Dot Dress with Pleated

Increasingly, we see pleated decorative elements on dresses. These are not only popular dresses with a pleated skirt, but also original dresses decorated with pleated ribbons in the form of ruffles on the sleeves or the neckline. Such dress models look very harmoniously with a polka dot print, giving the outfits fervor and freshness.

Models of Polka Dot Dresses

As it turned out, the fashionable style of the dress, especially in pea-colored colors, received at least two more super-trendy models that have such an element as a basque in their cut. A polka-dot dress with a peplum at the waist or a funky dress with a peplum on the hem, reminiscent of the "fish" style, looks gorgeous.

Bright Summer Maxi Polka Dot

We are talking about fashionable long sundresses in the polka dot 2020-2021 print, which can use a very bright and rich color. As for the actual neon combinations, the maxi dress will look very acid yellow in shallow black polka dots.

Beige Silk Pea Dress

A beautiful dress in a beige shade with black peas has become one of the most trendy models of 2020-2021. A very tender and romantic similar outfit looks in silk and satin, making the dress a more sophisticated evening option.

Dress in peas for every day

The most universal are black and white classic dresses with pea patterns. Such dresses of medium length serve as the basis for any style and any appearance of the girl. There is an erroneous opinion that such dresses are suitable only for young women, but such an outfit with correctly selected accessories will tell others that you have an absolutely impeccable taste. Pearl beads, flesh or cream pumps and a retro look have reached their heights.

Pastel colors will prepare you for a romantic walk or a gentle dinner for two. We complement the version of A-silhouette chiffon material with high-heeled sandals and a small clutch in the background or pea color. Flesh-colored accessories will be completely win-win.

Separately, we note bright dresses for every day - shades of yellow, blue, green and red are elegantly combined with ethnic jewelry. Complete the look with beads, earrings and even a fringed bag.

Polka dot evening dress

On modern catwalks, there are more and more models facing the 50s. Evening dresses, animated with a pea print, were no exception. Standard black and white peas, beaten by the structure of the dress: neckline, belt, various variations of the sleeves, will become a classic for any evening. Increasingly, these “simple” models are supplemented with chiffon stripes and knitted overlays. Satin bows attached to the chest will become a bright decoration for any young lady.

The second fashionable accent for the evening is retro skirts with a puffy frame. The feminine silhouette is especially suitable for parties, discos and other entertaining evenings.

Dress in peas for overweight

Many do not recommend lush ladies to wear clothes with bright prints, as they visually increase the shape. Peas - a successful and versatile drawing for any figure. But, despite this, there are a number of rules that should be considered when choosing your perfect dress.

The ornament can be very different and combine peas:

  • randomly located
  • applied in strict geometric sequence,
  • have a different shape - round, oval, in the form of an ellipse,
  • be different in size - small, medium, large, huge,
  • applied with different densities.

Excessive completeness can be advantageously hidden by wearing a dress with a high waist and decorated with peas of different sizes. Large peas distract the attention of others from your problem areas, but with such an ornament, the style should be as simple as possible.

Accessories and shoes for a dress in peas

The dress is chosen, but with what to wear? Consider the most stylish options.

The main thing is the right shoes. Since we are bordering on the retro style, universal shoes and wedge sandals or very tight heels will become universal. The style can be very different, but an excessive amount of jewelry, stones and especially rhinestones is not recommended.

A standard summer pea dress will complement a bright rim with a chiffon bow in the style of South Korea. Allow a little childishness in your image.

And finally, for the most risky, an unexpected addition in the form of a leather jacket. The completely non-bordering genres will create an unexpectedly bold image, which in any case will attract a lot of views from the people around you.

Selection rules

When choosing models of dresses in peas, you should adhere to simple rules:

  • the larger the peas, the easier the cut should be. Models of a complex style, consisting of many small parts sewn from fabric to large peas, look ugly due to the fact that the pattern will be broken,

  • large peas visually add volume, while small peas, on the contrary, conceal

  • if you need to visually stretch the silhouette, you should choose a fabric with oval-shaped peas.

Polka dot fabrics are great for combining; they can be combined with plain dyed or printed materials. For example, models sewn from the fabric of the same color but with polka dots of different sizes look very interesting.

Using a combination of fabrics, you can visually adjust the figure. For example, for full women with a “heavy” hem and narrow shoulders, a dress is perfect, the bodice of which is sewn from fabric to large peas, and the skirt is made of fabric of the same color, but with small peas. Such a decision will balance the figure.

Classic combinations are white and black or red and white. Such colors have become very popular for good reason; they are perfectly slim and refreshing. In addition, dresses of this color look elegant.

But today, not only classic combinations are fashionable. Options for combinations of colors can be very diverse. Especially fashionable this season are combinations of emerald green with white, navy blue with silver, and black with gold.


As already mentioned, polka dot pattern is universal. It can be used for sewing clothes for various purposes.

Everyday looks

A universal option is a black and white dress in small peas of medium length. This outfit is suitable not only for young girls, but also for ladies of elegant age. To create an image in retro style based on it, you should choose beige classic boats, a black narrow strap and pearl beads.

Business dresses made of pea fabric look great too. Sew them from fabric to small peas, and choose classic styles. You can sew a dress from companion fabrics. For example, a bodice can be white with black polka dots, and a straight skirt can be black.

A romantic summer dress with peas can be sewn from fabrics of pastel colors. For example, a chiffon light dress of an A-shaped silhouette is a great option for a date. To complement it is a thin strap and accessories in the color of peas.

A knitted dress made of polka-dot fabric is perfect for everyday wear. It can be of medium length or long, burying ankles. This outfit with a collar in the color of peas or the main tone looks very cute and feminine.

For summer walks, you can sew dresses with polka dots in bright colors, and models of calm colors can be supplemented with bright accessories. For example, a comfortable shirtless dress with white fabric in black peas with a belt can be combined with a bright yellow or orange cardigan and ballet flats in the color of old bronze.

Another elegant look for city walks can be created using a black dress in large peas of white color. Sleeveless dress fitted with a slightly flared skirt above the knees. Shoes with a beige membrane on a comfortable wedge heel, a black handbag on a long handle and an elegant beige hat with small margins will complement the image of an urban fashionista.

A denim dress with peas also looks original. It can have a classic indigo color or have a lighter shade. The dress may have a straight or fitted silhouette. It can be sewn with sleeves - long or above the elbow. The dress is complemented by a belt of white or bright red color.

Evening looks

Pea evening dresses look no less attractive. Particularly relevant today are models sewn in the style of the 60s. These are fitted models with a fluffy skirt. The skirt can be made on the frame, the use of petticoats with lace along the lower edge is also mandatory. Moreover, the lace should peek out from under the dress.

The bodice of the dress can be made in the form of a corset with bare shoulders or with a shoulder strap. The classic color of this dress is black or red in white peas. If the outfit is black, then it can be decorated with a bright red sash belt, tied with a lush bow at the waist.

Such a dress in the style of dudes requires bright accessories. Stylish jewelry will complement the look: large beads or a bracelet in the color of a sash belt. Bright should be the color of the lips. It is advisable to make a hairstyle in the appropriate style, in those days the styling of “babette” was very fashionable.

You can sew an evening dress in pea floor length. As a rule, light flowing fabrics are well suited for models of this style. Do not use too elaborate styles, as the dress pattern is self-sufficient.

An interesting option for a polka dot evening dress with a peplum. The dress has a fitted silhouette with a one-year-old skirt and three-quarter sleeves. Waist should be emphasized with a belt of contrasting color.

What to wear?

It is very important to learn how to choose the right accessories for dresses in peas. We will figure out what to wear such outfits with.

It must be remembered that the main violin in the ensemble should be played by the dress, and all other details should complement the image, and not try to compete with it.

The color of accessories can be selected to the shade of peas or the main tone of the dress. But it’s better to try to break the monotony of the picture. For example, pick a red handbag for a black and white dress. You can use other bright colors to complement the black and white pattern, for example, yellow, green, blue.

Dresses should be complemented with plain belts or belts, this helps to dilute the outfit pattern.

Another important rule: the larger the peas on the dress, the larger the accessories should be. But at the same time, there should not be a lot of them, so as not to overload the image.

When choosing jewelry for dresses in peas, it is best to adhere to the principle of minimalism. And in no case do not succumb to the temptation to choose accessories with polka dots as a set for the dress, this will be a bust.

Polka dot dresses combine the most trendy colors:

White and black,

Red and black,

Brown and white

Red and white

Green and white

Blue and white

Pink and white

Multi-colored polka dots and any background.

In addition to the fact that dresses with polka dots 2020-2021 are so diverse in color spectrum, they differ in the texture of the pea itself, its size, shape, and partiality.

It is also worth noting that the dresses of polka dots 2020-2021 will please the fair sex with a large number of styles, which we will consider in more detail below.

Polka dot dresses 2020-2021 with ruffles and flounces: trends

The trends of spring and summer were reflected in the models of polka-dot dresses, which the designers decorated with cute airy ruffles and frills, so beautifully emphasizing the femininity of girls.

The hit was polka dot dresses with half-sleeves with ruffles and frills, as well as multi-tiered polka dot dresses with this airy decor.

Polka dot dresses 2020-2021 in a shirt style: trends

You can choose dresses of a shirt with small and large peas when you need a concise, and at the same time very sensual and easy way.

Polka dot dresses in a shirt style are represented by short, midi and long options, which you can emphasize with a belt of the same fabric, leather or patent.

Polka dot dresses 2020-2021 with an unusual asymmetric cut

Undoubtedly, the highlight of our collection will be models of polka dot dresses with asymmetry - unusual and extraordinary, decorated with voluminous frills, ruffles in tandem with a skirt in the sun, in the style of a case, etc.

Long and airy models of polka dot dresses can also have a bodice asymmetry, complemented by a cut of the skirt.

Original dresses with polka dots 2020-2021: features

Beautiful chiffon, satin, silk, satin, linen fabric covered with peas is an amazing variation of materials for creating wonderful novelties of a pea dress for every taste.

That is why the designers proposed original polka dot dresses 2020-2021 in stylish styles that will appeal to both elegant and the most desperate fashionistas.

In the new collections, the creators of the beautiful showed ready-made sets with handbags, stylish shoes and other accessories, well, and, of course, dresses with large and small peas in such interpretations as

With a spectacular neckline,

Different types of gloves

A combination with other contrasting tissues, for example, tulle.

So that you can understand how and with what to wear polka-dot dresses 2020-2021, we offer you fabulously beautiful looks for every taste, in different shades, styles, ideas. Enjoy and be inspired by new solutions.

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